Thursday, September 16, 2010

Be The Change! Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable Pet Week, Sponsored By Petfinder, Is Sept. 19th-25th

As an early kickoff  of "Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable Pet Week", sponsored by Petfinder September 19th thru September 25th I am featuring a very special guest blog by a wonderful woman I met online, Sherry LeVeque. Sherry wrote a touching piece about her having adopted a "less adoptable pet" (in this case  a cat) named "Lucky."

I first learned about "Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable Pet Week" by reading the most popular website for pet bloggers EVER, ( BlogPaws,) this is part of their "Be The Change" campaign where all of us who love pets and blog about them because we love them, attempt to "give back."

 What is a pet that is less adoptable? That would include pets who are considered to be "seniors" (ages 7 and above), pets with medical concerns/conditions, feral cats and even pets that happen to be a less popular color. There are many such pets who are worthy of a "furever' home and would make a wonderful and heartwarming addition to someone's family.

Some information about Sherry LeVeque in her own words:

"I came across Caren's Cat Chat via Facebook when I found her heartwarming review of Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. As for me, my husband and I reside in Genesee County, Michigan with our four "fur kids". I am employed at OnStar as an Instructional Designer for the Emergency Services team. (OnStar can even unlock your vehicle if your pet is inside!) Additionally, I volunteer during adoption events for ARC, a non-profit pet rescue out of Laingsburg, Michigan "

" I really want to send a message about adopting older and/or special needs cats.  So many are in shelters and deserve good homes."

Now...I present to you in honor of so many kitties who deserve a loving kitty mama like Sherry, Sherry's story about Lucky:


In 2006, I went on a search for a companion for my eight year old cat, Snickers. Sure, she had lived with other cats before and was currently tolerating Aly, my husband’s dog, but I felt she needed a feline companion. (Thinking back, maybe it was I that needed another feline companion.) I rescued Snickers when she was about six months old after she was found wandering around my apartment complex. She became my loyal companion and helped me through the drama of my single years before I met my husband.

My journey for another cat began with an Internet search on where I stumbled upon a picture of a kitten at the Animal Resource Center (ARC) in Laingsburg, MI. I thought a kitten was perfect for our situation. During my visit to ARC, several cats ran by my legs, but one comical black and white cat instantly caught my eye. At a glance he appeared to be older and had a limp, but nevertheless thoroughly enjoying a game of tag with his fellow feline roomies. Megan, the ARC president, informed me he had been there for over a year because most felt he was too fragile to adopt because he was missing a rear leg. As a kitten, he lost his rear leg and mom when another animal attacked them outside. She said he may end up a ‘sanctuary’ cat due to his special needs. (Cats labeled as ‘sanctuary’ pets at ARC are taken care of for life due to their special needs and limited chance of adoption.) At the time, he also had a couple recurring medical issues yet to be resolved. I immediately felt this rambunctious cat would be the perfect fit for our family.

About a month later, this handsome fellow started his new life in our home with my husband, Snickers, Aly and I. We ironically named him Lucky (aka: Lucky Luciano or Looch). He and Snickers were slowly introduced to ensure a positive relationship, but Lucky was determined to speed up the process. We placed a fenced baby gate in the doorway of the room he was in and he immediately climbed over it to make friends with Snickers. Of course, Snickers wasn’t too thrilled, especially when he wanted to wrestle, but she later came to participate in his games of tag.

Lucky is minimally limited because of his missing leg, but don’t tell him. He can play and runs just as fast as any other cat. He also has a spunky personality and races up and down our hallway as if he were leading the Indy 500. Since he only has one rear leg, he cannot jump. It was agonizing to watch Lucky persistently attempt every possible way to get on our bed. The next day, my husband was kind enough add a small step attachment to the side of our bed so Lucky could enjoy lazy day naps on our bed.

It wasn’t long before Lucky began developing lumps on his chest and front legs. He went through two surgeries to remove the lumps before the receiving the cancer diagnosis. Lucky definitely wasn’t lucky (at that time). Fortunately, steroids have helped prevent the lumps from returning and also treat the arthritis developing in his only rear leg from excessive use. Throughout the vet visits and procedures, Lucky has remained an angel and is ever so appreciative of the care he receives. His determined will and life loving personality has taught me the importance and reward of determination. Where there’s a will, there is a way!


  1. Lucky is an adorable cat who was truly lucky to find a forever home with someone like Sherry.

    My "less-adoptable" Cindi Lou had two strikes against her. First she is a black kitty which seems to be a non-popular color and she also has a "funny eye". One of her eye lids was damaged in a fight with another cat when she was a kitten (this is the theory of our vet) and it makes one of her eyes look bigger than the other. The vet assures me her vision is fine. She is the sweetest little girl but she probably would have been passed over for adoption by most people.

  2. Sherry sounds like an angel and Lucky is well-named! And he makes for any challenges with extra spunk. :) It's amazing how pets can affect us and teach us in so many ways... I loved reading this. Thank you for sharing, Caren :)

  3. @SquirrelQueen, you are truly an angel for adopting Cindi Lou. I am sure she knows this! I think pets that are adopted always feel a sense of gratitude towards their "hoomans". Kisses to Cindi Lou!
    I know black cats are sometimes abused because people feel black cats are bad luck which couldn't be further from the truth.
    Thanks so much for reading and for commenting!

  4. Angie thank you!
    Yes Sherry is truly special and an angel. "Lucky" isn't her only special needs pet. I admire people who have adopted pets that others might have passed by.
    Thanks so much for reading and for commenting Angie!

  5. Lucky is truly lucky to find Sherry and I'm so glad that he has a lovely home with someone who cares and loves him. He deserves to have a better life. It's so true we learn a lot through our pets, their love towards us is always true and sincere.

    Since we adopted Eva's mom, Hana who came with heart enlarged problem last year, our life has been changed tremendously especially when Eva was born. We were showered with happiness since then but sadly, Hana passed away due to kidney failure (it could be due to the complication of her pregnancy as it's not safe for her to breed because of her health condition) three months later.

  6. Priscilla I never realized Hana was adopted, you did a wonderful thing for her. She had a wonderful life and don't blame yourself for having her have a litter. I really think it was the heart condition that caused kidney failure. My Bobo (who was found as a stray) passed of kidney failure as a result of a heart condition too. I am so very, very sorry.

  7. Thank you for sharing the story of Lucky. I hope people read and share this post so more people can understand that we are the ones who are lucky to be loved by such wonderful animals. Please adopt a "less-adoptable" pet!

  8. Bunny Jean Cook, you are most welcome and thank you for leaving such a nice comment! I couldn't agree more!
    Thanks for reading/commenting!

  9. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!

  10. @catsparella, you are welcome! Thank YOU for taking the time to read it!

  11. That is a wonderful story and it made my heart smile. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  12. Brian thank you! I am hoping Sherry reads these comments so she can see how much everyone loved her story about "Lucky"...YOUR comment was "wonderful" and made "my heart smile!"
    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Hi Caren, just want to let you know that Hana came to us with Eva still in her tummy. We didn't know about her pregnancy as her ex-owner mated her but she didn't know it was a successful mating. She didn't even tell us about the mating when we adopted Hana so it was a shock for us one evening when we came back from a short grocery shopping and found a little puppy beside Hana in our garden at night. We're so glad that we didn't hang out late that evening as it had been raining heavily and it was cold and the garden was wet and soggy. We didn't even dare to imagine what would have happened to Eva if we didn't come home in time. Anyway, it was really a long story!

  14. My furrend Herbie_cat's peeps just adopted a handsome kitten with 3 legs. Tiny Tim, as they call him, gets on great w/Herbie's 8 other cat brothers and sisters. I don't even notice his lack of limb in pictures b/c he's so cute. Tim's brother was also born w/3 legs and has a wonderful home. The v-e-t was going to put them down b/c he presumed they were unadoptable. Shows what they know. Anyway, thanx for Lucky's story. I hope his cancer stays in remission.

  15. Priscilla how did I not know this? I never knew! That makes Eva all the more special, it is like God sent her to you! It just makes me want to cry, as if Hana left you such a beautiful, beautiful gift!
    BTW...I haven't forgotten you! MORE computer issues last night (and ALL week) was on the phone with DELL from 9pm til 2am...ridiculous!
    Will email you soon!

  16. Hi Cathy! Oh that is such a cute name for a 3-legged kitty ("Tiny Tim"). I think people who adopt these hard to adopt kitties are so special. They have immense dedication.
    More vets should read your comment and not be hasty in their decisions in reference to pets with special needs.
    I pray "Lucky's" cancer stays in remission as well.
    Thanks for reading and for commenting!

  17. What a beautiful, heartwarming story. I'm wond of those not desirable colored kitties cuz I'm black and white. I was at the shelter for 2 months before my peeps came along. Even M wanted a more desirable kitty - she had her eye on a snooty calico named Pincess. I won D over right away, but it took M 3 visits to the shelter to figure out I was the best kitty there cuz of my loveable nature. She will tell you herself, she's happy with the outcome. he he - it's a good thing too, cuz I brought enough toothie problems along with me. But, that's all history now and my peeps are happy with their choice.

  18. Mario I never have heard of black and white cats being undesirable! Actually if you watch Ellen DeGeneres she is ALWAYS featuring black and white cats and she has said many, many times how she thinks they are incredibly smart!!!
    Did you see the video (I believe it was on Your Daily Cute or I Can Has Cheezeburger now I don't remember where I saw it but I posted it on my Cat Chat page on Facebook) of the black and white kitty that knows how to flush a toilet?? That is pretty darned smart!
    I think black/white kitties are adorable, in your case "handsome!"
    Hey who needs "toothies?", they are just a nuisance! You get noms stuck in them! lol
    Thanks for stopping by and for making me smile!

  19. Bless you; such a sweet story. WHat handsome cats! My daughter adopted a 3-legged litten last week: meet Rae.......

  20. Bibliophile By the Sea, thanks so much for your kind words!
    I am on my way to check out the wordless wednesday that you posted

  21. What a sweet story!! Animals are truly amazing. They are so strong and so loving and so forgiving and they don't let their problems bother them so why should we? I do hope Lucky lives to a ripe old age...what a brave boy!! Thank you for sharing this story and, yes, all animals are adoptable, we just need to learn how to go beyond the outside and look at the inside of them! (Just like with humans!) Take care, Cat (Lautrec and Tiny)

  22. Thank you for sharing the story of Lucky.

  23. Wow, that is such a great story about Lucky and the other cats. I admire so much people that rescue cats. I am a big rescue person myself. I have 16 cats here that were all feral cats and they are very hard to find homes for so they are still all here. Luckily I have some good friends that help with the food. And I would like to do more but a little short on money. Thanks so much for visiting our blog. We are following you now and sure will be back to visit. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  24. @Cat, Lautrec and Tiny, I couldn't have said it better! Thanks so much for your comment and for reading!

  25. @AFSS you are most welcome and I thank you for reading!

  26. Marg my goodness you have 16 cats!!?? Talk about being an angel! You certainly are! I wish you lived in Michigan because it would be my pleasure to help you! Thank you for all of the good that you do for the kitties of the world!

  27. Following you back, love the blog. The pic of the cat sitting at the table made me giggle. Nothing better than a "less adoptable pet" I didn't adopt my Rockie, but I took him at 2 days old when his mom rejected him. He was born with a cleft lip and palette. I had to hand feed him, sleep with him under my hair for warmth and clean out his mouth after every meal so he wouldn't aspirate. the vet said there was no way he would make it, I proved them wrong. Not only did he make it, he thrived and I have to say my "special" boy was the best dog I ever had, so loving an loyal.If anyone has the chance to adopt a special pet, do it, you will never be sorry.

  28. @Pets and their people-trouble with blogger. Just commented back and it didn't "take". Thanks so much for your kind words and for your follow back!
    You are an amazing person to have done what you did with Rockie. They say those that are exceptional to animals have a "blue light" around them and you must have a giant one! Rocky thrived I am sure due to your love.
    Thanks for your wonderful comment and for taking the time to read my blog, it means a lot!

  29. Enjoyed reading about Lucky!
    All of my cats just happened in my life. Phone calls saying
    'Come get this cat or I'll take it to pound' or
    'There is a cat in a tree here, I don't want her'
    Well, I did.. and I love them all dearly!
    We'll be stoping by for more visits!

  30. @Cats-Goats-Quotes, I once read "cats find US we don't FIND them" so I completely understand how your cats just "happened" in your life.
    Those cats were in trees or on their way to the pound for a reason, so they could be with YOU!
    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!