Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Thursday Thoughts And A Blog Hop

My 100th blog post is rapidly approaching and it has been making me feel rather thoughtful. Please indulge me with a one day digression away from cats (what??? Did I really say that?) Yes, because the feelings I am experiencing today are compelling me to write about more than just cats.

I can't believe I have almost hit the 100th blog mark (it would have come much, much sooner if I hadn't been so lazy back in the late Fall when I began this blog and in the dreary winter months).

Blogging has been an amazing adventure! I have made some wonderful friends both on Twitter and Facebook, I have signed up to follow some fabulous blogs on a variety of different topics, not just blogs about cats.

Make no mistake, blogging isn't easy. My fellow bloggers are well aware of this, those that read and don't blog, maybe not so much.

We all have our doubts as to whether our subject matter for that day is compelling enough, whether we as bloggers/writers are interesting enough and the dreaded "Oh no! What in the world am I going to write about today?" moments.

As a novice blogger I am thankful for my followers. Those who have been with me from day one, those who have newly made the decision to follow and to those followers yet to come. If I were to learn nothing more on this journey I have learned how important it is to show interest, compassion and support to my fellow bloggers. You want someone to follow you? Well then, click the button and follow them back! Comment on their posts! It makes them (and me!) feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So today I bring to you a Blog Hop that I saw while reading Mariodacat's blog. Take a moment fellow bloggers, casual blog readers, those that follow me and others and new followers-to-be. Peruse the list, pick out 3 blogs that you would like to follow, actually CLICK on follow and  leave them a COMMENT, let them know you found them on a Blog Hop. If you have a blog not on the list be sure to link your blog at the bottom. If someone follows you, follow them back! Karma will reward you! Trust me!

Thanks for reading Cat Chat!


  1. as a non-blogging troglodyte, still enjoying your posts! You've covered the silly, sad, and inanae, -keep up te good work! -Ms Z.

  2. "inane?" lol Ms.Z I am going to take that as a compliment.
    Ms.Z I know you were probably my FIRST and one of my most supportive followers. I am grateful for people like you and I thank you!! Now change the bunny slippers to CAT slippers please!

  3. Well said, Caren. You've voiced out what I feel about blogging. The blogland is indeed a wonderful place for us to make friends. Through it, I've made so many good friends who are very kind, helpful and supportive. There is no regret of coming to this cyber world and I'm glad that Rosie made me start it and here I am happily writing and reading since then.

    Yippee!!! Join the blog hop!!!

  4. We sure love your blog my friend, and we're super glad to have met you.

  5. Priscilla yes I soooo agree!

    I never would have met you if 1) I didn't start blogging 2) If I hadn't joined the Blog Hop!!

  6. Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr, awww thank you! I love yours as well! Sometimes I am remiss about not being able to read all of the blogs I follow all of the time but I try to get my rear in gear and do it as much as I can!

    I soooo love your blog as well and am thrilled to have met you too!

  7. Congrats on almost 100! Blogging definitely is work... but definitely worth it! What a great community of friends we have because of it. :)

  8. Hi Caren,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You moved into MI and I moved out. Grew up there. Daughter no. 1 lives in a Detroit suberb with my two oldest grandchildren. I hear you've had great summer weather. I'm sending your blog on to cat lovers I know!

  9. @Your Daily Cute, THANK YOU!! When this blog "grows up" it wants to be just like YOU! Thank YOU for the joy you bring to me and sooo many others each and every day!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Yes we DO have a great community of friends I sooo agree!

  10. Hi Tess!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!
    When did you move? I moved here in 2001.
    Yes we have had one heck of a hot summer!
    Maybe one day I can meet your daughters!
    Thanks for sending my blog on!
    Have a great day!

  11. You always have an interesting and informative blog dear friend. So happy you joined the blog hop cuz now you'll meet even more new friends. I sometimes go thru dat slump too of "what to write about." But den something always comes up. I'm not as faithful as you tho - mine is a haphazard blog written whenever I feel like it.

  12. Mario thanks so much!
    I was always doing the Blog Hop, just couldn't post it on my blog.
    Now I am in big trouble cause since I changed the look of my blog I accidentally disconnected myself from the newspapers "reader gauge"...they have to do something to re-connect me and I think the new format will go with it. Hope the follow button stays.
    I wasn't writing very much in the beginning myself, sometimes it is hard to do it even 3 days a week like I have been. That is when you bring guest bloggers in! (smile)
    I love your blog and I don't think it is haphazard at all! xoxo

  13. 100!

    *balloons fall from ceiling*

    *cats pop balloons*

    *sound of balloons popping scares cats*

    *just like any other day, but with balloons*

  14. @alonewithcats, as always love it and thank you!