Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How To Brush Your Cat's Teeth (A Video)

A few weeks back I had a guest blogger named "Mariodacat" stop by from to talk to us about how important keeping up with a cat's dental care is. At that time I decided as soon as I possibly could I would post a video about how to properly brush a cat's teeth. Today is the day!!
I was pleased to find an informative video on YouTube created by and narrated by "Dr.Mike"
So sit back, grab your dental floss for your own teeth (we kitty parents need to take care of our choppers too!), your fave feline (don't forget some poultry flavored toothpaste for your kitty!) and enjoy the video! Oh, not only will you love the video but you will find "Dr.Mike" to be pretty easy on the eyes too! "Purrrrrrr!!!"


  1. That's a very interesting and informative video!!! The starring kitty is pretty too.

    I brush Eva's teeth too and she loves it. Not that she loves the process of brushing, she loves the toothpaste!!! It's cinnamon and tea tree oil :)I don't use a brush but just a piece of wet cloth, put the toothpaste on it then I rub her teeth. She doesn't mind me doing it as long as the toothpaste is there . LOL!!!

  2. Hmm. We're not going to let Rumblemum see this video...

  3. Hi Priscilla!
    Yes the kitty is pretty too!
    Ohhhh Eva has cinnamon and tea tree oil toothpaste? Wow we only have poultry flavor, she is a lucky girl!
    My vet showed me how to do it with a piece of gauze (sort of like what you are talking about) but Dakota lets me use a brush. He actually puts his paws on the brush and tries to hold it while you are brushing. I have to admit I do not brush either my cat's or my dog's teeth nearly as often as I should!

  4. I'm going to have to try this. I tried when my cats were kittens and it was a nitemare, but I didn't know the progressive steps. They need their nails clipped anyway now.

  5. @crazykittykat1 I am shocked you had problems when your cats were kittens! That is when I started Cody off on having his teeth brushed (when he was a kitten). He isn't thrilled about it but he tolerates it. Remember the video said just do it for like 5 or 10 seconds. I NEVER do Cody's for more than like 10 seconds. I figure SOMETHING is better than nothing!
    Do you do their nails?
    If not...I have a video about that too in my blog archives....but...I take mine to the vet to have his clipped.
    Thanks so much for reading and for commenting!

  6. That is an excellent video & demonstrates it just like my dentist showed M. He also suggested associating it with lots of pets & talking softly. Also reward with a treat after. I was really a good boy. Forunately, you don't have to force the jaws open - just the lips. I'm going to promote seeing this video Caren via your blog.

  7. Mario I am happy that you like it and I know just how much it means to you to get the word out about proper dental care for cats.
    I do the reward with a treat after as really helps!
    Thanks so much Mario! Oh and I love your profile pic!

  8. good to know, have been using awashcloth for yrs but like the toothpaste idea too! Ms Z.