Friday, August 13, 2010

Feline Pine Partners with Veterinarians Nationwide for 'National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week' August 16-22, 2010

When I heard about "National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week" being sponsored by
 Feline Pine I decided to go directly to the source and asked Manager, Dan Henderson if he had a press release that he could provide that could relay the information directly from the "cat's mouth" so to speak.  Dan graciously complied. Taking your cat to the vet is too important of an issue to be ignored. I present to you our Guest Blogger for today Feline Pine:

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite their reputation as low maintenance pets, cats require regular veterinary care to catch issues early and prevent pain and discomfort. Feline Pine, America's best selling all-natural cat litter, aims to raise awareness among cat owners about the importance of annual feline check ups through "National Take Your Cat to the Vet Week," which takes place August 16-22, 2010.

"We created this event because we care about cats and, along with making an all-natural chemical-free litter, we're dedicated to helping cats live long and healthy lives," says Dan Henderson, Feline Pine Brand Manager. The inaugural campaign launched in 2009, after research indicated many cat owners are not aware of the importance of regular vet visits for their cats. In a national survey Feline Pine conducted of cat owners, fewer than 50 percent take their cats for annual check ups. The company wants to help increase this number.

Feline Pine's in house veterinarian, Dr. Michele Gaspar, says, "Cats are often subtle in their signs of discomfort or illness. As a result, many owners miss early warning signs of a problem. When caught early enough, many diseases can be treated so that a cat enjoys a good quality of life. When left too long, many illnesses progress and so does the intensity – and cost – of treatment." Dr. Gaspar is one of 80 board certified Feline Veterinary Specialists in the world.

The event was extended from one day in 2009 to a week in 2010, due to the positive feedback from cat owners who agreed they didn't realize the importance of regular check ups.

This year, veterinary clinics across the United States will join Feline Pine in promoting the week long event. Cat specialists and local spokesvets will raise awareness about the week in 15 cities, including Miami; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; San Diego; San Francisco; Boston; New York City; Chicago; Seattle; Tampa, Fla.; Charlotte, N.C.; Philadelphia; Portland, Maine; Atlanta; Phoenix; and Little Rock, Ark.

Cat owners can visit and sign up for an email from Dr. Gaspar to remind them to schedule a check-up appointment with their vet. The reminder is for owners of both indoor and outdoor cats.

About Feline Pine

Feline Pine has been America's best-selling brand of all-natural cat litter for the past decade. Our mission is simple: We love cats and are devoted to improving their health and everyday lives. We make chemical-free products that are safer and healthier as well as provide information and support on issues impacting feline health. To learn more about Feline Pine products, visit

SOURCE Feline Pine


  1. Hey Caren, I see you have a new picture there. You look great!!!

    A regular vet visit is a must to all pet owners as it helps our beloved furkids prevent from having so many unnecessary problems in the future. I hope all pet lovers will take part in Take your "Pet" to the Vet Week : )

  2. Priscilla thank you!!! It is actually "old" but new to here! lol. It was taken back in April....I have to be more up-to-date I think and get a nice recent one taken.

    Yes the vet trips are sooo important! Unfortunately many "cat people" seem to be remiss about taking their cats to the vet until a problem arises. I think "dog people" seem to be more vigilant.

    Kitties need their health monitored as well!

  3. Great reminder, Caren! No matter how much we love (adore, cherish, worship, pamper ;D) our babies, and no matter how many books we have on the subject, few of us will ever be qualified to read the more subtle signs that something's wrong. And, it's always better and easier--not to mention cheaper--to deal with a problem in the early stages than to wait till it's more serious.

    Also, props to Feline Pine for creating the event! (BTW, we actually switched to this brand of "litter" a couple of months ago, out of concern for all the bad stuff our Ragdoll has to deal with, since furry toes are such litter magnets. It works well, smells nice and fresh, and is NATURAL. Good for the planet, good for our baby. Win-win!)

  4. GlamKitty, thanks for such a great comment, I agree with you completely.
    I must confess I have not tried Feline Pine yet but I think I am going to be heading out to find it SOON....I am due to run out of the litter I have been using and I think I am going to go and try Feline Pine. I appreciate your comment of letting me (and others) know how great it is! Thanks so much!

  5. This is such an important campaign. Even though cats are America's favorite pet, they are underserved when it comes to medical care. I applaud Feline Pine for sponsoring this campaign.

    Now if only Allegra would like their litter. I love the idea of it, and tried it, but she crossed her little legs and refused to use the box....

  6. So true, about regular vet visits, people need to factor that cost in when adopting a pet.
    I used to use the pine litter, but Koko is used to a mix of corn/wheat. After my recent rat problem I'm thinking of switching him to pine/recycled paper litter. (I always mix 2 to 3 together in case one company changes the product or goes out of business.) Always a pleasure to read your blog!

  7. M & d have, for years taken all their kitties & 1 dog to the vet once a year for a check up. After all my dental problems, & Misty's kidney problems, they would not miss an annual check up no matter what came up. It's so important to catch things early before the problem gets too advanced. I'll do a post in my blog referring people to this link. We need to spread the word.

  8. I'm going to post in my blog today referring people back to your blog. M is a big believer in the importance of an annual check up cuz if she hadn't had me checked over, dey would not have discovered my toothie problems, nor Misty's kidney problems. We do need to spread the word on this one and I'll help.

  9. OMC Ingrid I am soooo laughing at the visual of Allegra "crossing her little legs" I am sorry but that is hysterical!
    What didn't she like about it? I am interested because I may try it.
    Thanks so much for reading/commenting!

  10. Kokoro thanks so very much for your comment and your kind words!
    I have never heard of "corn/wheat" for litter and "pine/recycled paper" Is it scoopable? I am so lazy I love the scoopable litter...please tell me more!

  11. Mario you are a super sweet kitty and I know that "M" is very, very proud of you! You are a smart kitty too!
    Thanks so very much for sharing my link and for helping to spread the word!
    My vet laughs because I tend to be a "Nervous Nellie"...I don't call a lot for our dog or our cat but if there is something going on that makes me nervous I don't hesitate to call.
    @Kokoro I forgot to mention I completely agree about how people have to factor in the cost of veterinary care when adopting a pet. So many people just think of the cuteness and not everything else that is involved. Thank you for mentioning that important point!

  12. As much as we don't like the vet, we think this is a brilliant idea. Our humans book us regular appointments for check-ups, but it's still helpful to have reminders!

  13. @Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr, yes Feline Pine is to be commended!
    I have been blessed. Both of my cats have always done really well at the vet...neither of them ever cried in the car. My first cat Bobo (who is no longer here) used to just hide in the corner of his carrier and then curl himself into a giant "ball" at the vet and try to hide under my arm, he looked like a giant water bug lol.
    Cody is wonderful at the vet.
    Our Sheltie is great at the vet too...we are very, very blessed! We don't have the headaches and stress that many people have taking their pets to the vet

  14. Do NOT let the woman see this post!! No how, no way! Pop is already planning on taking a day off in Sept cos that's when I'm due for my checkup. They will not take me alive. I'll kill them first!

  15. OMC Cathy that post was HYSTERICAL!! you had me cracking up laughing, I love it!!

    You poor baby!!!! xoxo

  16. Caren, for anyone thinking about trying a new "litter" (Feline Pine or other), this is what we did:

    Instead of following the instructions to start with a perfectly clean box, full of mostly the old brand, I started with a freshly-scooped (of course) but NOT freshly-cleaned/changed box... figuring that the more the box still smelled familiar to Boomer, the better it would be. :) Then I mixed in about 1/4 or so of the Feline Pine.

    He wasn't *at all* sure that first night; it smelled different, and it certainly looked different. In fact, he managed to have an "accident" (*eyeroll*) outside of each of his boxes. But, no big deal; litter mats are easily cleaned off. And, by the next morning, there were little (okay, large!) footprints in each box, proving that he had decided that maybe he really could get used to the new stuff. No more problems. ;)

    Since then, I've gradually increased the proportion of FP to the old litter, until I'm nearly using all FP. (I had enough of the old litter that it has taken awhile to go through it.) It takes a lot of patience with cats, but as long as you know that, when changing something, it's all good.

  17. GlamKitty thanks for the most helpful tip! Actually I am always changing litter and I always add the new litter to the old. I am embarrassed that I am using the same litter box that my old cat used to use. I really should get Cody a new litter box but he is fine. I scoop it twice a day, it is never all full of mess. I keep saying I will get a new litter box but I don't.
    Your tip was excellent thank you!

  18. Caren, I've tried to switch to Feline Pine and to World's Best Cat Litter. She wouldn't go near either of them. I think the Feline Pine might be too lightweight and not feel as satisfying to dig in. The WBC smells like corn, so maybe there's a food association with it? I really don't know.

    Maybe if I had hung in there longer, she would have eventually used them, but I wasn't about to take any chances and end up with an "out of the box" situation. Much as I'd like to use a more environmentally friendly litter, for now, it looks like Allegra has spoken and we're sticking with clay litter.

    GlamKitty's idea of changing more gradually is a good one. I had used the old litter in one box, and the new one in another. Maybe I'll go the gradual changeover route the next time I give this a try.

  19. Yep Ingrid that sounds like a good idea. As I mentioned I am always switching scoopable brands. I guess I am a bad Kitty Mama but I tend to buy what I have a coupon for and neither Cody or Bobo before him had a problem with my doing that. I always just "add" litter in with whatever was in the box to begin with.
    I appreciate the "lightweight" comment because I think cats enjoy the digging. I will have to check it out.....thanks for reading and for commenting.

  20. Woof! Woof! Great informational post. I'll pass it to my kitty friends family. Golden Thanks for your birthday wishes n kind recent comments. Looking forward to be bloggie friends. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    BTW: my mom makes all my bandanas ... we sell them. If you are interested send us an email.

  21. Hi Sugar!! Thanks so much for stopping by!
    You are most welcome for the early birthday wishes!
    I am glad to be blog friends too!!
    I am ready to tear my hair out though. Working on changing the look of my blog and I have no clue what I am doing!!
    Yes I will have to check out your bandanas! Remind me if I forget!