Monday, August 23, 2010

NOOTERS CLUB® Apparel And Gifts Says Neuter Your Pets!

Meowy Monday All! With shelters throughout Michigan and the country experiencing an incredibly high number of stray cats needing homes, the urgency and importance of spaying and neutering your cats (pets), always important, is even more important now.

NOOTERS CLUB is a Michigan company spreading  the word about pet population control; part of the proceeds from their adorable merchandise goes to nonprofit spay and neuter programs.

NOOTERS CLUB® has launched a line of t-shirts, sleep shirts, boxers, tote bags and other apparel and gift items featuring a series of cartoon characters promoting pet spay and neuter. The company’s trademarked sayings such as “My pet’s a member,” “My dog stops at heavy petting” and “Prevent littering” reach out to pet owners to do their part to reduce pet overpopulation. Each year millions of homeless dogs and cats are euthanized by shelters simply because they are unwanted.

“Our designs send a light-hearted message about a very serious issue,” says NOOTERS CLUB® creator Linda Wasche. “Our nation’s shelters are overcrowded with puppies and kittens that will never find homes. NOOTERS CLUB® attempts to draw attention to the importance of pet birth control in an entertaining way that we hope will get people’s attention.”

NOOTERS CLUB® is a brand of Nooterwear, Inc., of Sylvan Lake, Michigan. The company is donating a part of its proceeds to nonprofit spay and neuter programs.

NOOTERS CLUB® apparel and gifts have been featured at America's Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California; Twin Cities Pet Expo in Minneapolis; Everything Pets Expo in Cincinnati, Chicagoland Family Pet Expo in Arlington Heights, Illinois; Best Friends Animal Society Summer Adoption Festival in Westchester, California; Happy Paws Pet Expo in Las Vegas, Michigan Family Pet Expo in Novi, Michigan and other large pet lover events. The products can also be purchased at select Pet Supplies Plus stores in southeastern Michigan and through the company’s website at, which also features facts on pet sterilization and links to low cost spay and neuter programs around the U.S.

NOOTERS CLUB® apparel and gifts are available wholesale to rescue organizations, veterinarians, and pet supplies stores, along with marketing and fundraising ideas and programs for using the NOOTERS CLUB® brand.

Wasche, who owns LW Marketworks, Inc., a veterinary marketing firm in Michigan, is a long-time member of the animal rescue community. She is also a former public relations firm executive and college professor. She first came up with the idea for NOOTERS CLUB® as a joke for one of her veterinary clients. Because the designs got such a great response, she decided to begin featuring them on apparel and other items.

For more information on NOOTERS CLUB®, go to, or email Wasche at

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  1. These are GREAT! reposting to I HAVE CAT on FB now!

  2. "T" I am so happy you like them! Aren't they just too much? The T-shirt is my favorite with that heavy petting quote lol!
    Thanks much for stopping by and for commenting!!
    Love to your kitties! :)

  3. What a great idea to spread the word in the general public.

  4. thanks Mario!

    I have to order a T-shirt or something from them, they are so cute! Part of the money goes to spay/neuter, very good cause!

  5. Cool shirts and bags!!! A fantastic way to let more people to know about it : )

  6. Hee hee!! Oh so cute, and what a great way to raise cash!

  7. thanks Priscilla and Inigo I agree!!

    Too Cute!

  8. These are hilarious! Going to repost on my Catladyland FB page!

  9. Angie Hi!
    So glad you stopped by and commented! Thanks!
    I could tell from reading your blog that you would appreciate them and I am glad you did! lol
    I joined your FB page as well!
    I am looking forward to reading your posts, I know they will be hilarious!

  10. Hi Caren, I hope you had a great day today. As usual, I see that you are trying to help someone or something. How do I acquire that habit? I have a friend who is a veterinarian and I told him about your blog. He said he was going to check it out.Well, I need to look over blueprints, we are updating our kitchen. I'll check on you tomorrow. Have a good night

  11. Hi JDS! Thanks for the kind words,"I am not worthy!!" lol
    Thanks so much for referring your vet friend! That was so nice, see? You helped someone :)
    Good luck with the kitchen, I bet your wife will be thrilled to have it torn up but the end result will be worth it!
    You have a good night too!