Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simon Cowell:One Caustic But Cool Cat!

Tonight is going to be a bittersweet night. "American Idol" will crown the winner of Season 9 (either Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox, I love 'em both but I am pulling for Lee) and Simon Cowell will bid farewell to his 9th life (um year) as one of America's most controversial and most beloved judges.

Simon in many ways reminds me of a cat. Aloof yet charming, his posture  in his catbird seat regal and proud, eyes penetrating the Idol wannabes either rapt and alert or  half-closed contemplating his next cat nap. Sing poorly and watch the hair on his neck virtually stand on end, claws are at the ready and the hissing begins! Below you will see proof positive of this fact, even cats weren't immune to Simon's biting tongue.

Simon Cowell IS "American Idol" and it is safe to assume that without him Season 10 will be "Idol's" last.

Thanks for your honesty Simon even if you ruffled some fur along the way!

Video courtesy of Youtube, photo courtesy of Blogspot.

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  1. I love your's all a blog should be. Full of interest on a variety of topics.

  2. thanks so much! You honestly made my day! Thanks for taking the time to read it and for commenting.....I sure hope I don't know you lol :)
    If I don't know you then I know you mean it!

  3. This is the second in the latest series of Piers Morgans compilation of interviews.

    His last audience with Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the 14th February is a hard act to follow as they say in the profession, but this difficulty was soon overcome by the direct manner in which Cowell replied to the most personal questions which were put to him in stark contrast to the performance which the Prime Minister had given in an attempt to unveil him as a normal person.

    Piers dialogue with the person he is interviewing has always impressed me. This interview with Simon Cowell who is famous both in England and America was potentially difficult as it was made quite clear that Piers was employed by Cowell.

    Piers technique is to question and prod until he reveals the different sides of the personality of the interviewee, some overtly welcome the questions others are clearly nervous.

    During the course of this interview it became apparent that Cowell was obviously determined to be utterly honest. He did not deny or evade questions which might have shown the sides of his character which illustrated his being a hard task master, being vain, competitive and the importance of his being a popular person.

    His answers to the leading questions on these unattractive criticisms were dealt with in a direct and sincere way. He revealed that he would like to lead the life of an average person although he is above average and has all the luxuries of a very successful person who is at the top of his profession. He works long hours and is consumed by his work. He does not like to be criticised, particularly, when it is justified.

    His experience of school life bored him and was virtually a total disaster. In contrast to this his family life was happy enjoying a loving relationship with his mother, father and brother.

    When Cowell was 30 his first business venture failed and he went back to live with his parents.

    His perseverance and strict attention to detail enabled him to recover from his setback and to achieve the success he now has in the entertainment world.

    His first great triumph arose in America when his company had its first hit record there and he showed restrained emotion|tears as he recalled his sadness on hearing of his father's death at the same time a he was trying to share with his parents the happy news.

    Having recently turned 50 he said that he looked after himself with the help of the use of botox but no other surgical enhancements.

    Cowell related the nature of his experiences with his ex-girl friends with whom he remained friendly after each relationship had ended and disclosed that Mezghan Hussainy who was in the audience was "the one". He gave the impression that he would like to slow down in both his business and private life to enjoy family life with "little Simons around".

    His success is a good example to those who are pursuing their own careers in the entertainment industry.
    On other Simon Cowell news Simon has also left American Idol after a 10 year spell it will be very hard to imagine a suitable replacement as Mr Cowell is certainly 1 in a million. Simon has reportedly moved on to other things and rumors have arisen that he is set to take his hit show 'The X FACTOR' to the USA - Surely the producers of American Idol will be quaking in their boots! If they arent already they should be, the X FACTOR is an amazing show. Other rumors have surfaced that Simon Cowell has also recently launched a social networking website which is tailored to the arts and entertainment industry called There's lots of auditions & opportunities etc on there so Its a cool site for Actors, Dancers, Singers, Models, Filmmakers & Talent in general! Like everything Mr Cowell touches I am sure his next ventures will turn to gold.

    Emma Weston - Not really a journalist (More of a gossip);)


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