Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Torus Water Bowl – "Smart Thinking for Pet Drinking!" Enter to Win the NEW 1 Liter Size!

Back in April, I entered a contest on Love is being owned by a Husky for the revolutionary new water bowl from Heyrex, the Torus Water Bowl. At that time the bowl I won was meant for Dakota because it was a 2 liter. That didn't deter Cody. When Dakota's bowl arrived, Cody was the FIRST to use it! I wasn't completely surprised.  No matter what fountain or bowl  I bring into our home, Cody STILL prefers drinking out of Dakota's bowl.   I think it is because he hopes to find remnants of dog food, but that is another story entirely.

Why the Torus Water Bowl?

"Where conventional water bowls contain a limited water supply, which is further reduced by evaporation and spills, TORUS (Latin for ‘hollow circular ring’) stores water inside the walls to ensure an ample and automatically replenishing and self-dispensing supply – protected against dust and contaminates. The valve position, when locked, secures water inside the walls, making it completely portable. Its soft rubber feet and low profile geometry make it perfect for travel because it won’t move around in vehicles."

The Torus bowl provides pets with cool, clean and fresh, carbon-filtered water anytime the pet is thirsty.

How the Torus Water Bowl Works:

  I loved the bowl so much that I asked if there was a smaller size for Cody. At that time there was not, but I was assured that the smaller, 1 liter capacity Torus Water Bowl would be available in time for the 2015 holiday season, and it is here!
Photo courtesy of Heyrex.com
Available in four colors – charcoal, red, blue and pink.
  Each Torus bowl comes with one active carbon filter lasting one month.

The above photo is the exact bowl that Cody received 

I have STRANGE Pets!

I have had Cody's bowl for a little over a week, and while Cody drinks out of Dakota's 2L water bowl EVERY DAY,  he has yet to use HIS bowl.  But look and see who did!

The benefits of TORUS™

  • Auto-replenishes
  • Large water capacity
  • Travel friendly
  • Stored water protection
  • Sizes to suit all pets
  • Made from food-grade materials
  • Filters water
  • Water fill, flow and lock options
  • No mess, no spills
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple colors
  • 12 month warranty

My Experience:

Dakota has had his Torus 2L bowl for a number of months and I could not be happier with it which is the reason I had wanted to review the 1L size when it became available. As I had mentioned above, I have only had Cody's new 1L bowl approximately a week or so, and  as of this posting, Cody has not used it. He DOES use Dakota's 2L  Torus Water Bowl daily.

I love that when  you turn the dial to allow the water to flow into the bowl, it only fills maybe a half inch or so.  That feature is fabulous because it prevents stagnant water from accumulating in the bowl. As your pet drinks the water and the water level goes down, the water begins to fill again in the bowl from the water that is stored in the reservoir. I have to fill Dakota's bowl approximately every other day. If you have dogs you would have to re-fill the reservoir about the same depending on the number of dogs using the bowl, and the size of your dogs, and how much they drink. For the 1L bowl for smaller pets you might have to fill it less.

While  water fountains are great, I love the convenience of the Torus Water Bowl and could not be happier with this product!
The Torus bowl is easy to clean and is super easy to re-fill, and the filters are a CINCH to change!

Available in multiple colors, the prices are $59.95 (2 Liters), $54.95 (1 Liter), and $17.95 for a five-month  filter supply  TORUS is PBA-free, with a 12-month warranty, and no need for batteries or any power source.


we were given permission to have a give-away for the new 1L Torus Water Bowl that is meant to be used for cats and small pets!  (A $54.95 value!!) The give-away is open to those who are 18 and over and who reside in the U.S. (Our apologies to our international readers).  ONE READER WILL WIN the NEW 1L Torus Water Bowl! Entering is easy! Simply enter on the rafflecopter below! Good luck!!

In full disclosure: I was not compensated for this review/give-away. I was sent the new 1L Torus Water Bowl in exchange for my always honest review.


  1. This looks awesome! I wonder how it would do out here, with our extremely hard water. No matter how hard my human tries, things always get mineral deposits, and that might be hard to clean inside the reservoir.

  2. We have hard water here, too...and full of iron too, yuck. R/O water helps a lot.

    We would love to have a nice water source like this bowl:)

    We can't do all the entries, cause we don't *do* twitter or pinterest...

    We MOL'd at Dakota:))

    1. And we think the doggie on the Torus label looks rather like out dog-guy! MOL!

    2. Hi my furiend! You don't have to do all of the entries, just the first one is mandatory. The rest are just extra entries to increase your odds :)

  3. We never saw one of those before now, that's interesting! It seems like a really good idea.In our very warm environment, everything gets slimy pretty fast, so we are curious whether this would be easy to keep clean.

  4. What a wonderful idea. We love our fountains, but we have several places where the cats and dogs like to drink water and there is no plug in available. This would be perfect for those spots, and to take with us when we are forced to evacuate due to Hurricanes.

    1. you made some excellent points! No cords, the tap "locks" so you can bring it in the car without mishap.......I think you would love it!

  5. What a great design! I have never thought that Sam would use any other water bowl/fountain but this MIGHT be just the one he would use....it's not big and overwhelming either and I bet it's not noisy like some. Cool!

    Hugs, sammy

    1. It IS a great design and guess what? Sammy just might like it because it is TOTALLY SILENT!!! (((hugs)))

  6. That does look like a great water source. I wonder if it is hard to clean. Great great review.

    1. Yes it is super easy to clean...and...I believe there is a video on their website (which I linked to numerous places above) that shows how to clean it. She also mentions it in the video where she discusses how to change the filter.

  7. Marg brings up a good point; is it easy to clean? I like the design, and Angel and Chuck need more water in their lives!

  8. So excited that they have the new size now!!! I was thrilled when I heard!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. me too! BTW, you have no idea how close I came to using your video again. I watched it again last night and it is STILL my favorite! xoxo

  9. What a great giveaway, but since we don't have our baby anymore we have no need.

    I love that they are drinking out of the others bowl. That is so cute.

    Have a purrfect and woof woof day you two. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥♥♥

  10. We like that water bowl and hope we win to give it a try
    Thanks fur a great review
    Timmy and Furs

  11. This is interesting, but expensive for a bowl. It's almost same price as a water fountain.
    Hisia prefers to drink from a tap. Or outside... the not so clean deer's water !
    I'm always surprised to see how many sophisticated things are available for cats and dogs in your country.
    Douce soirée
    Nat à Chat

    1. I think if you held it you would feel differently. It is super solid, quite substantial and to me, the convenience of not having to add fresh water without cords and confusing setups and difficult filter changes, makes it more than worth the price. But that is all just my opinion. I love fountains too and think they are wonderful. This is just another option, and I like to present other options to everyone :)

  12. The Staff hardly ever catches me drinking water, but this looks fun!!

  13. That's an interesting bowl and it's funny you two like each others bowl!!!

  14. What a good idea!! I have a bowl that goes in the freezer and then goes inside a holder and keeps water cold for hours but this is another great idea! Of course, Aimee has adored her fountain from Day One. Her bottom line is fresh water. This is pricey. I hope they will eventually be able to reduce the price for the rest of us.

  15. We are getting one of these soon. Can't wait to try it out!

  16. What a fabulous water bowl and pawsome giveaway!!! We would LOVE to win one of them.

    The Florida Furkids

  17. That's too cool! We would love, love, love one of those! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Yeahm that is super cool!

    Emma and Buster

  19. We are entering because we think this bowl is really ingenious and would suit a multi-pet household like ours where the potential for daily spillage of water is great! Thanks for telling up about it and for the giveaway.You can send it to our auntie's U.S. address if we win :), otherwise we will get the Mama to look these bowls up!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  20. What a cool bowl! It's nice to have fresh water all the time.

  21. That looks like a great bowl. Dakota is too funny :)

  22. Wow, that is a super cool fountain. How funny that Cody and Dakota use each others bowls, but not their own. :)

  23. Samantha drinks from the fountain we have, but the problem with that is that it has to be plugged in, so that limits the locations where I can put it. I'd love for her to have her own bowl in her own space. Right now everyone shares all the water bowls around here, no one has their own.


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