Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cat Horoscopes November 2014

The planets are in a state of excitement this month. That means good news for some signs, and not-so-good news for others. Once again, we were able to get our friends over at Hollywood Psychics to offers the insights of well-regarded pet psychics, helping decipher the planets and their mystical movements during the month of November.


Characteristic of Aries, your cat may have been somewhat headstrong in the past, and perhaps resistant to forming a connection with its owner or other animals. November will be a month of change for the Aries cat. Due to a new and more ordered alignment of Venus (which represents love), your cat will begin to become less reserved and let down its defenses. Let your cat feel comfortable in exploring its ability to trust, and you’ll develop a new feline friend.


Due to the slightly off-kilter positioning of Saturn, outside forces will interfere with the Taurus cat’s usual sense of security during November. Your cat will undergo a transition - most likely experiencing a different element in its environment, such as a change in place or a new person - and will need your support in order to overcome this irregularity in its routine.


Gemini cat owners beware: the energy and vivaciousness you’ve seen so strongly in your cat is beginning to wane due to Uranus being in retrograde during November. Your cat may be experiencing a period of discontent, so be sure to keep its spirits up! Buy a new toy or entertain it with a game every day to make sure it remains upbeat.


In November, Cancer cats will most likely be transferring feelings of family to their owners. As is common with the Cancer personality, “opening up” is gradual. Providing your cat with ample attention and care will facilitate this transference.


Your Leo cat’s need for attention and admiration will increase in November due to the intruding presence of the Sun. Inviting guests over to play with your cat will give them the chance they need to show off. If you have a younger cat, they may perform feats such as jumping across cabinets in order to impress others.


You might find your Virgo cat a little uncomfortable in November. Normally, they like to make sure their environment is secure and ordered, but there is a high likelihood an event will upset their sense of control. Does your cat have special places in which it likes to feel comfortable? Make sure they remain clean and organized in preparation for this.


In no other month this year will the laziness of the Libra cat become more evident than in November. You may be concerned when you find your cat sleeping for hours at a time, or eating more than usual, but don’t fret. Remember last month’s horoscope describing how much energy Libras had? Well now your cat is easing down from all the activity and gaining some rest.


The Scorpio kitty’s energetic state will take the form of mischief in November. Pluto will be positioned in such a way that will heighten your cat’s sense of playfulness. Don’t be surprised if you see him or her jumping up on your lap during dinner to snatch some food, or popping up suddenly in the cupboard.


Sagittarius cats will be following their love of adventure during the course of November, and even reveling in their predatory skills. If you have a mouse or insect problem in your house, you might notice it disappear fairly soon. In addition, if your cat is domesticated, be stringent about closing doors. Your cat will be waiting for the chance to slip out and take its hunting skills to the streets!


Capricorn kitties will become impatient this month. If you’ve found them trying to appeal for food or petting recently, expect to see their approach become more direct -- and even annoying. Their attitude will become one of incessant demand and perseverance until they get what they want.


Venus will be moving into a favorable position for Aquarian cats this month, as they continue to become closer with their owners and break down barriers that have previously created emotional distance.


Pisces cats will be particularly sensitive to their owner’s feelings this month. If you experience a bad day at work, or are feeling some early woes of the coming winter, your Pisces cat will pick up on this, hop up on your lap, and be there to comfort you (and it expects the same!)!

As you can see, there are a wide variety of behaviors predicted for cats in November. However, be prepared, the planetary movements of December may cause entirely new changes from what you’ve seen. Check back the beginning of next month to see how your cat’s moods and attitudes will reflect these upcoming astrological events. If you can’t wait until next month, visit Hollywood Psychics for an online reading!

From Cat Chat With Caren and Cody:This is a sponsored post. We received compensation to feature it. Cody and I LOVE Astrology/Psychics anyway and it is our pleasure to have this as a monthly feature!


  1. What fun! We just love the horoscopes! :-D xx Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  2. Fun indeed. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. MOL Granny is a Scorpio..I have to be attentioned :D Pawkisses :) <3

    1. my Mom is born on the cusp of Scorpio and Libra...maybe she should read that too! Love, Cody

  4. Angel and Chuck are littermates, and Leo's. However, they don't act alike at all! But recently, they've been switching napping spots; Angel sleeps in the areas that only Chucky used to sleep in, and vice versa. Can't tell why they are doing it...maybe only to confuse their humans! Or, to show off, like the horoscope says.

  5. Definitely an interesting month!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Very iterating. I am a Capricorn, I think, and that prediction is spot on for me already!

  7. Wow! Mes can't believe all that is going to happen to mes this month!!!

  8. .... Hisia is Leo and she needs more attention than usual. As she is an Aby it means that she needs LOTS of it.
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