Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MOZAYIC wants your feline films!!

Have you ever thought your cats are the cutest or funniest around? We ALL think that, right?  Well now you can prove it and earn some extra cash at the same time. MOZAIC, wants your kitty content for their new YouTube channel. Simply send in your cat videos and you could have the next prolific puss. The best 50 videos will each get $100 and be uploaded to a YouTube Cat Channel that already has 40,000 subscribers. From there you will have 90 days to see who gets the most views and likes. The Video with the most views and likes will get $1,000 in cash.

DO YOU THINK WE HAVE A CHANCE? LOL!!! (This video is from a year ago)
Actually I am  just kidding about entering this video. I just like to watch it because it makes me laugh, will leave the entering to all of you!!

Your video should be a minute or less in length and then there really are no further guidelines. If you have an existing video on your phone camera, you can dub the video or subtitle it, add music or voice over it. Or you can film original content. You can include humans or not and even humans dressed as cats or cat puppets. The only specification is that it has to be appealing to cat lovers.

You can enter or view further information about the contest here: http://mofilm.com/competitions/event/MOZAYIC-Cool-Cat-2014 



  1. That sounds like fun. We bet they get some really great entries!

  2. Maybe you can enter that one on the crazy but lovable cat dad channel.

  3. I think you should enter that. It made me smile! Hugs,Janet

    1. lol thanks! It wouldn't stand a chance but it makes me crack up every time I see it!


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