Monday, November 17, 2014

ökocat Cat Litter from Healthy Pet!! Give-Away!! THREE Winners!

From Cat Chat With Caren and Cody:In Full Disclosure:This is a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

For the past few months Cody and I have been testing a number of different brands of cat litter on our continuing quest to see which litter is the best for OUR needs.

As we test different brands of cat litter, we are sharing our thoughts with you. It is important to know that when we share our thoughts it is based on OUR experience. YOUR experience with a cat litter might be totally different than ours. Cats are unique, in our opinion, there is not one litter that is "one size type fits all!" As a result, we have been sharing facts about each litter and are aware that our readers are capable of making their own decisions when deciding what litter is best for their cat(s).

Cody and I make it a point to ONLY feature products that we either WOULD use, or that we feel would be beneficial and of interest to our readers. Compensation for a post does NOT influence our opinions.

Today we are happy to present
various formulas of: 

ökocat Natural Cat Litter by Healthy Pet

 ökocat is a natural choice for cat lovers who seek the best in a high

 performance, eco-friendly litter for their furry family members.

 From Healthy Pet:Not all cat litters are created equal. When Healthy Pet set out to
 understand what makes the best cat litter, their studies revealed that it’s
 all in the material.

Healthy Pet discovered that  litter made from natural fibers offer the best of both performance and
eco-friendly properties. Cellulose fibers from wood and paper are naturally
 absorbent (up to 500% its weight in liquid), while wood also offers added
 antibacterial properties to aid in superior 7-day odor control. These
 materials also create little to no dust, making an ideal option for
 households with allergies or respiratory issues. Naturally lightweight,
 wood and paper litter is convenient to carry and pour.

 Cellulose fibers make up ökocat’s line of natural cat litters, further enhanced with unique
 performance innovations. 

Meet the ökocat family of litter:

 ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter 
Natural Wood Clumping Litter

 This best-in-class, fast and firm clumping litter in soft, ground pellets delivers high performance, 7-day odor control, and unsurpassed absorption, able to hold 500% its weight in liquid. Made from natural wood material, this litter offers the added benefits of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and convenient, flushable disposal. Natural Wood Clump Litter is available in 3 sizes: S (7.5 lb, $8.99), M (12 lb, SRP $13.99) and L (18 lb, SRP $19.99). 

The Natural Wood Clumping Litter is the litter that Cody and I tested. We would like to be completely candid and tell you that when we tested this litter, we had mixed it with another brand, therefore, our experience with this litter is possibly NOT an accurate assessment. We received one box of litter to test,  I always mix new litter with old, (which is ALWAYS recommended) before I switch completely over to a new litter. Since I only had one box,  I was not able to test this litter completely independent of any other litter mixed with it.

Yes the pellets delivered "high performance in 7 day odor control"
 It DID absorb extremely well.
It is completely dust-free.
No paw prints were left on the furniture

When scooping, the pellets felt heavy and stuck to the litter scooper.
 It was difficult to get the litter off of the scooper.
The litter left a trail on Cody's litter mat, and since the pellets are larger, they were far more noticeable than normal tracked litter
Long Hair Formula

 ökocat Natural Wood Long Hair Clumping Litter - Specially designed for long-haired cat breeds that tend to get cat litter stuck in their fur, ökocat's Natural Wood Long Hair Clumping Litter is made of dense, whole clumping pellets that won’t create messes in the house. This highly absorbent litter (holding up to 500% its weight in liquid) is ideal for finicky, long-haired cats who prefer the soft feel of the mini-pellets on their paws. Boasting 7-day odor control, this natural cat litter’s anti-bacterial properties also benefit delicate systems. Natural Wood Long Hair Clumping Litter is available in 3 sizes: S (8.4 lb, SRP $8.99), M (13.5 lb, SRP $13.99) and L (20.2 lb, SRP $19.99).

Natural Wood Pine litter

 ökocat Natural Wood Pine Litter - With the natural smell of fresh pine, ökocat's high performance Natural Wood Pine Litter features cracked wood pellets, harnessing the power of pine’s natural ability to destroy ammonia odors 7 days. Absorbing up to 500% of its weight in liquid, this non-clumping option has an appealing natural pine scent that leaves homes smelling fresher, longer…naturally. Natural Wood Pine Litter is available in 3 sizes: S (7.8 lb, SRP $5.99), M (12.4 lb, SRP $9.49) and L (18.6 lb, SRP $13.99).

Dust Free Formula

 ökocat Natural Paper Dust-Free Litter – Like paper pulp, this litter is lightweight, with a firm outside and soft inside. Ideal for cats with respiratory ailments, or people with allergies, okocat's Natural Paper Dust-Free Litter won’t track through the house like clay litters, or leave paw prints on the furniture. Absorbing 200% of its weight in liquid, this litter is also fortified with a proprietary Odor Shield™ technology for long-lasting 7-day odor control. Natural Paper Dust-Free Litter is available in 3 sizes: S (5.1 lb, SRP $5.99), M (8.2 lb, SRP $9.49) and L (12.3 lb, SRP $13.99).

About Healthy Pet
Healthy Pet®, founded as Absorption Corp over 25 years ago, is a multi-category pet products company dedicated to helping pets and their families stay active, happy and natural through a holistic approach to pet care where the pet’s physical, emotional and ecological well-being are all satisfied. Dedicated to making incredible products for incredible pets who deserve to live incredible lives, the company’s brand portfolio includes: ökocat™, Simply Pine™, carefresh®, Critter Care®, Puppy Go Potty™ and Healthy Pet® products as well as the Arm & Hammer® line of small pet bedding under license. 


Cody and I, and the kind and generous people at Healthy Pet. would like to give YOU the chance to decide for yourself what YOU think of their litter! They are offering THREE WINNERS from the U.S. and/or Canada the chance to win TWO BOXES of their innovative litter. There are only TWO requirements on the Rafflecopter below and BOTH are mandatory. If BOTH steps are not completed and your name is chosen, you will be disqualified.

The lucky winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 26th! 

Good Luck!



  1. Great review, sweeties! Have a PAWSOME Monday! :) xx Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  2. We'd love to try the dust free formula. Although we prefer a clumping litter, we have both human and kitty respiratory issues in our household and I've yet to find a litter that is truly dust free. Thank you for all of the information and this chance.

  3. That is a good review. I know I am not in the US, but if I could enter and should win, can I donate it to Marg?

  4. The Dust Free, so changing our litter wouldn't make Mommy cough.

  5. Based on your trial, we would try the Long Hair Formula. Mom has a suspicion that it wouldn't be as "sticky" to scoop as the formula tried. Paw crossed!

  6. Barooo pals! Terrific review! We think that our kitties might like the "Natural Paper Dust Free" litter if we win.

  7. We are trying out some Oko cat litter, too. If we win, we would like to donate our litter to our local cat shelter.

    We are glad that Cody seemed to like the litter!

  8. Great review and it sounds interesting. Happy Monday to you. It seems our good buddy Flynn has put our name in the pot. Take care.

    1. thanks Marg and yes he did!!! Good luck! Happy Monday to all of YOU! xoxo

  9. WOW! This is something I have never heard of or seen!!! Very cool!
    I would probably choose the natural wood clumping one, and the pine :)
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. We had never heard of that one. It does look a little strange, but natural is good!

  11. We are always willing to try a new litter.

  12. We would love to try the Natural Wood Clumping Litter - the one that Cody tried.
    We are always looking for new litter to try!

  13. Mushu and Sneaky Pie would like to try the dust free litter.

  14. Funny video! Just for the record, anything with an umlaut is ok with me!! I'll also donate to Marg if I win! :)

  15. We would love to enter and if we won we'd love to gift it to someone special. Purrs.

  16. Great review ! Good luck to our US friends ! Purrs

  17. I like the idea of the smell of the wood pine! Thanks for the giveaway, Colleen Richman

  18. I've actually been thinking lately about the amount of clay litter going into landfills and the fact that it's not biodegradable. Think about the amount of cat litter sold in the US and then picture that going - used - into landfills. I read an article lately that Manatees off of the coast of Florida have been diagnosed with toxoplasmosis, likely to the runoff coming from used litter in landfills. It's rather scary. So, I really like the idea of using a litter that is biodegradable. Oh, and while my married name is Polish, I'm German by birth, so I'm loving the name! Anyway, I think I'd go with the ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter if I'm lucky enough to win.

    1. Linda thank you for sharing all of these facts, they are much appreciated! Wishing you good luck!!!

  19. Thank you for doing this.. I was looking for more information on this brand of litter

  20. Thank you for this blog post. I run a cat rescue and we are always looking for new litters to try. We have lots of willing test subjects when it comes to finding one they prefurrrr.... We would like to try the ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter. We will cross our paws that we might win a chance to do just that!

  21. Thanks for the review. We've never done well with these types of litters. Wally just doesn't like them. So if we win, we'll donate the litter to someone else. Thanks!

  22. You gave a very thorough review. I've tried many litters and always end up going back to unscented clumping clay. I've been seeing tv ads for lightweight litter again (don't know the brand) but the big negative to those is that a 12-pound kitty who steps on the edge of the box can tip the litterbox over! :-) I guess it works if you use a covered box. There are so many choices available everyone can find something that works for their kitties.

    1. Thank you my furiend! You make some super good points, never thought about that with light litter, good point!

  23. Wowzers! Wes not heard of this litter. Wes has tried pine litter before, but it was always so furry messy. Wes would LOVES to trys the ökocat Natural Paper Dust-Free Litter. Wes thinks it would be a good fir with 2 cats, 2 boxes and a tennie tiny condo!.
    And Caren, could yous give that handsome Cody a big kiss for mes and tell him mes misses him?

    1. I sure will!!! Cody wasn't online because I was in Ft.Lauderdale from Thursday til yesterday. We unplugged the entire time and LOVED IT! xoxoxo

  24. Never have we either seen this kind/brand of litter.

    We might like to try the one that you tried.

    Did you freeze when you got back from Florida? MOL! Welcome to an early winter surprise!
    UGH. The wind cuts right through meowmy's bones. At least her cold is clearing up. We hope your cold is not bothering you as much anymore either.

    Stay warm! Stay cozy!
    Stay safe!

    1. Good luck my furiend!! OMG freezing doesn't even BEGIN to cover it! This is a CRUEL, CRUEL joke!!
      Soooo glad meowmy is feeling better!! Since I just flew, I am praying my cold doesn't come back! I ALWAYS get sick after flying!
      Sending love and hugs and you stay warm and safe too!

  25. Dat looks purretty cool. Hope we win, and can twy this one. Mommy wuldn't leave it fur 7 days, but me purrawly wuldn't let her. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  26. We would líka the Dust Free Paper litter please, thx