Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cool off with Christmas in July-Wordless Wednesday

For those of us experiencing 100+ degree temps....enjoy!


  1. It's a little chilly here. I think we should have a party so everyone can cool off. It's going to be 70 tomorrow!

  2. Thanks! We needed this. It's hot over here. Purrs!

  3. Furry cool! This is cat humour :-)

  4. MOL! Thankfully our weather has cooled quite a bit. And it's been raining every afternoon too. :D

  5. The video was funny, but you should have seen the boys. Knuckles had his nose pressed to the screen. He was trying to catch the notes flying out of the cats' mouths... MOL... never saw that reaction before.

    hugs, Max

  6. Have a lovely cool Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Awww Merry July Christmas! LOL! Take care

  8. No cooling down needed here. We can't get above low 50's here.

  9. That was terrific. It sure did help to cool us down. Thanks.

  10. we want some hot weather here please 4 months of rain is no fun

  11. @speedy we will send you our "hots" for sure!!!! Please send us some of your rain!

    @Marg YAY!! So glad it worked!! (wink, wink)

    @Eric and Flynn oh I would LOVE some of THAT!

    @Fisher and Staff thanks!

    @Old Kitty thinking of you!!

    @Molly it HAS cooled off a bit! YAY!!

    @Diane, that is how it was here yesterday. It was 101 yesterday! Hope it cools off for you soon!

    @Max MOL!!! Thank you for sharing what Knuckles was doing!! You sooo made me smile!
    ((((hugs)))) back

    @The Furries we are a little cooler today too but we sure need waaaay more rain!

    @Au and Target lol! Thank you!

    @Benny & Lily, you are ALWAYS "cool"

    @The Chair Speaks hope it cools down for you soon!

    @Chey a party!! Sounds like a plan! Please send some of your cool weather our way!

  12. FYI, our pool is inflatable, 12 feet across and 30 inches deep. You can afford it and it's totally worth it!

  13. We dont need to cool off here either as ourr temps just wont go up and the rain wont go away.. Keep cool there.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. Thanks for the cool cooling video! You guys got rain? Lucky ducks!

  15. Good idea! Thank you, because we're in a pretty wicked heatwave here. :)

  16. LOLOL well it ain’t hot here!! Ridiculous, but funny :)

  17. Two great minds! so cute, I got right in the mood to "Let It Snow."

  18. hahahaha
    we loved it.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  19. Oh, I just can't do winter right now, even in a cute video. Even with our hot weather!

    Nope, no rain here...Heard Toronto got quite the downpour the other day, but we've not had a drop. Everything in my little garden is frying to a crisp.

    On the plus side--there's no grass to cut, it's all dead. LOL.

  20. @Brian you are welcome and there is NEVER a need to thank me. We love you and your sisters sooooooooo much!! (((hugs))))

    @Kea you kill me!!! xoxo

    @Abby so glad you liked it!

    @Scrappy you got it!

    @CATachresis of COURSE it is ridiculous! Did you forget what blog you were visiting? MOL

    @meowmeowmans sending our "cool down" to the 80s your way!

    @Bassetmomma yes!! We got a little today, more coming tomorrow! Sending some your way!

    @GJ I sure could go for some cooling rain right about now! xoxo

    @Mark thank you for telling me that but I live in a condo on SECOND floor!! lol. Can't put a pool outside :)

  21. Nooooooooooooo! Noooooo! Not SNOW!!!

  22. Oh! If only! That was great, thanks! The grey cat looks and sounds like the mom's first cat, Leia.

  23. thank COD!!! we don't get snow, but we also don't get too hot for too long...whew...luvluvluv my SF bay area...and Mom totally DOES NOT drive in the snow! way, no how!!!

  24. thank COD!!! we don't get snow, but we also don't get too hot for too long...whew...luvluvluv my SF bay area...and Mom totally DOES NOT drive in the snow! way, no how!!!

  25. Savannah you are blessed! I would love to visit San Fran one day, have never been. With the hills I know they have there though you better hope it never snows there! lol

    @oui oui so glad you liked it! Ohhh I be Leia was a sweetie

    @Nellie don't worry! We were only kidding