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Book Revew: "Cat and Crow: An amazing friendship" By Lisa Fleming, Illustrations by Anne Marie Dominik-Harris. ENTER TO WIN A COPY!

One of my favorite parts of blogging, (if not THE most favorite part), is the books that are sent to me to review either directly from the publisher, the authors themselves, or those that were sent to me via recommendations from dear friends.

 I am delighted to share with you:

Cat and Crow An Amazing Friendship  (published by Collage Books Inc.), was written by Lisa Fleming. One of my dear cat blogging friends, (Layla Morgan Wilde of the Pettie nominated Cat Wisdom 101 and her other inspirational blog, The Boomer Muse), referred Lisa to me knowing that I would be greatly touched by this inspirational gem, and that I would enjoy featuring it. She couldn't have been more correct.
This black cat was the FIRST
cat to give a "4-paw" review!
We couldn't agree more!
Photo courtesy of Lisa Fleming

Cat and Crow is based on the true story of a cat, (Cassie), and a crow, (Moses), who, in spite of  their obvious differences, became the best of friends.

When compiling a list of "must read" Children's books, be SURE that this one is on your list!

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Fleming's Facebook Page
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The story originates at the home of Ann and Wally Collito who witnessed this phenomenon take place and watched in joy and wonder as  they first noticed the crow (Moses), feeding a worm to the black and white kitten (Cassie). It is believed that the crow saved the kitten's life and decided to designate itself as the kitten's mother, playmate, guardian angel and best buddy.

Every day for four years the Collito's watched the amazing display of friendship with complete awe.

Look carefully!
If you look at the door you will see
Moses' head peeking in
looking for Cassie!!
He would tap at with his beak every morning
until the Collito's would let Cassie out!
Photo Courtesy of Lisa Fleming

How could two animals who were not in the least connected genetically, and who were supposed to be mortal enemies,  become the best of friends?

Moses and Cassie "hug"
Photo Courtesy of Lisa Fleming

When Lisa Fleming first saw the cat and crow friendship on  YouTube she knew she had to share this inspirational and awe-inspiring story with the world.

From Lisa: "I knew in my heart that I wanted to share this true story with the world. When I contacted the Collitos, they welcomed me into their home and encouraged me to write the story of these two incredible animals. I have since formed a special connection with this family and their beloved cat, Cassie."

Lisa Fleming, Wally Collito and "Cassie"
The book is also dedicated in remembrance of
Ann Collito
Photo compliments of Lisa's Facebook page
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Lisa wrote this enlightening  Children's book (which is charmingly illustrated by Anne Marie Dominik-Harris),  in an attempt to "help educate future generations on being part of the solution for helping feral and stray cats."

If a crow can adopt, care for, love and protect a feral kitten, without "seeing" physical and genetic differences, why can't some of us do the same for feral kittens as well as for each other?

I couldn't help but be reminded of the Paul McCartney song "Ebony and Ivory" when reading this book.  How ironic that Moses the crow is black and Cassie the cat is black and white? Something to think about.

In addition to the heartwarming story as written by Lisa,  the back of the Cat and Crow has an update about Moses and Cassie, charming photographs from the Collito's, various newspaper clippings, a section called  Feathers (Fun Facts About Crows) with information provided by Bernd Heinrich, Ph.D (professor emeritus in the biology department at the University of Vermont), and a section entitled Fur (Fun Facts about cats) with information provided by Nancy Peterson, Cat Programs Manager for the Humane Society of the United States.

The story of the Cat and Crow is a story of complete trust, acceptance, loyalty, protection, devotion, having the capability of being able to love and nuture  another completely,  in spite of  obvious  differences.

Wally Collito believes that if it hadn't been for the loving care of Moses, Cassie, who was a feral kitten (before she was taken in by the Collito's) would have died.  Lisa informed me that Cassie just turned 13 this past June!!! 

Wally Collito also states in the video on YouTube:

 "One important lesson is that two strangers need to get along with each other."

To that I offer a resounding Amen.

Photo Courtesy of Lisa Fleming's Facebook Page
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lisa Fleming, a former newspaper columnist and freelance writer, is passionate about animals and wildlife. She is dedicated to helping those in need, by creating ideas that inspire charitable endeavors in her Southwest Florida community. She does many elementary school visits, helping to educate future generations about feral and stray cats.

ABOUT THE ILLUSTRATOR: Anne Marie Dominik-Harris, a University of the Arts graduate and Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholarship recipient, is a high school art teacher in Southern New Jersey, who also enjoys a freelance career in illustration.

ISBN 978-0-938728-23-8

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  1. I absolutely love this story! What a wonderful friendship!

    I had no idea there was a picture book out about it. So excited to see it! xo


    Also following Cat and Crow on FB.

  2. Ann Hi!! So good to see you! YAY! Glad you are entering!!

  3. I love stories about true friendship.

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  5. Such an amazing friendship! We won't be entering the giveaway as our children do not read. :D Good luck to everyone participating!

  6. What an amazing pair. Have a great Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. What a lovely heart warming story, thank you for sharing.

    Us humans can learn so much from animals if we give ourselves the chance.

    I would love to read that book. I love reading about the bond animals can develop between each other, even when they're not the same species.

    Facebook page liked.


  8. I've read this book and it truly is one of the most magical stories of friendship I've ever read. Loved it so much and the illustrations are precious too. Whoever wins a copy of this will treasure it always - I promise!

    Pam (and Sam - who loved the story too!)

  9. Hay, it's Mollie :) I luv's reading.I don't has facebook or twit!! I likes it when yooo's see two different kind of critters being pals. I saw a dear thingy and a Lion on the telly, they was pals :)
    Mollie x

  10. @Sheba thank you for your kind comment and for taking the time to read the review. I also love reading about the bonds that animals can share even if they are not from the same species and I thank you! Good luck!

    @Mollie oh I bet the deer and the lion were so cute! I may have to look for that! xoxo Good luck!

    @Pam and Sam thank you for confirming that this is truly ONE SPECIAL book!!

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  11. That is just an amazing story! I can't get over how the two of them actually played together too! Just wonderful! This book would be awesome for my grandkids! :)

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  13. @Kim it was super delightful! I loved it!

    @Bassetmomma Oh I know they would love it!

  14. We saw that video a while back and we did not know there is a book. It is such a wonderful story, I would love to have the book. It is so amazing that the bird and the cat were such good friends. You just never know.

  15. I remember seeing the video of these two incredible animals, and being both touched and amazed. What a beautiful story of friendship. Judging from the cover, the illustrations are beautiful!

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  18. what a lovely story. We may have to read it even though we are not kids, we are still young at heart MOL

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    Count us as entered :) xoxoxox and thanks!

  20. thought I left a comment??? Anyway, very nice story. Wish I had some child to give it to. Hmmm..maybe my friend in England with twins..they are only 7 mos but heck, they can read it later!! thanks Cody

  21. I saw the video a while back but it was lovely to watch it again. It is an amazing and beautiful story.

  22. What a delightful surprise to see my friend's book reviewed. Thanks Caren. You did a brilliant review of a very special book!

  23. How cool is this! We had heard about the book but didn't know specifics about the story. VERY sweet - with a great message.

  24. @Rykers it truly is!

    @Layla I am deeply flattered, I thank you and I THANK YOU for sending Lisa my way! The book was as complete and total joy to read!

    @Eric and flynn it truly is!

    @savannah you did! Your comment is above lmao!!

    @CATachresis no worries! We all have those days! So glad you came back! xoxoxo


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  28. I remember the video from YouTube and am SO excited it's a book! I would love to win a copy because the story is such a special one, I just have to read it. Even if I don't win, I have to have this book. Your review is wonderful, Caren...I can just sense all of the compassion that went into her book and I love the story even more.
    Paws crossed!

  29. I liked them on Facebook too!

  30. @Katie and Glogirly thank you for your heartfelt comment, thank you! Crossing paws for you! Good luck! xoxo

  31. Cats and crows - two of my absolute favourite animals. What a lovely story, and the illustrations look fantastic too. My young nieces and nephews would love this book (and so would their auntie!)

  32. @coolcats more than happy to enter you! Good luck!!

  33. I never knew about this story until you shared it, Caren, so thank you for making my day! How lovely that a crow (who very well could've gotten eaten by the cat) decided to be the kitten's mom by feeding it! I think children will enjoy reading it as well as the adults!