Thursday, July 5, 2012

BlogPaws Swag!!!

As many of you know, my Mom was heartbroken because at the last minute, literally halfway to the airport, Mom became ill from a kidney stone and couldn't attend BlogPaws 2012.

She was beside herself. She had been looking forward to the event of the year for the ENTIRE year! She had "Newbie" tables to tend to Friday morning, Paws On Patrol responsibilities to fulfill, friends to see, fun to be had,  seminars to attend. How could this happen!?

Mom looked forward to and read every blog post she could find from her buddies attending the conference. She live streamed every event that was available. She tweeted, Facebooked  yeah in our world that IS a word grammar geeks!! and followed everyone she could think of who was attending the conference.

Once it was over, Mom started thinking about NEXT YEAR! BlogPaws 2013 is going to return to Tysons Corner in Vienna, VA (start saving your green papers NOW, it's never to early to start saving!!) 

Then....look what came in the mail!!!

Mom couldn't believe it!!! This is the MOST catabulous bag! 

I couldn't believe my eyes! Somebody sent Mom a BlogPaws bag! I had to move closer and sniff out the situation. I smelled some good things inside!

Lots and lots of SWAG!

Mom couldn't believe her eyes! Neither could I! Some of the stuff that was in the bag was from Temptations, Bissell, Nutrish (which just happens to be Dakota's favorite food and the only food he will eat!),  a super cool T-shirt which was designed by Glogirly and more!

There were

Well, I just want to HUGELY THANK the peeps behind the BlogPaws Swag! You made my Mom smile and you gave me something to swat around instead of Dakota!!


Love, Cody


  1. That's awesome, Cody! We know that made your mom very happy!!

  2. Oh my gosh I didn't know that you were unable to attend!!! I hope you are all better now. That bag of swag looks great!!!

    I'm glad Blogpaws is returning to the east next year, I'm hoping to go :-)

  3. Woohoo! Hey Cody...this is wayyyy betterr than the 4th of July celebrations. Hope the package brings a smile to your momma. purrrr....meow!

  4. I'm so glad your mom got swag! I know how excited she was to go and we felt so sad that she couldn't make it. Here's hoping next year goes much better!


  5. How awesome you got the swag bag, Cody, even if your human had to cancel at the last minute! I know she will be there next year, and I bet my human will be too!

  6. That's really PAWESOME that you gotted the swag, which is what all conventions are REALLY about anyway. The Human says that she and your Mom are Stone Sisters, ha ha ha!

  7. @Spitty...."STONE SISTERS!!!" OMG I LOVE IT!!! See???? YOU can understand!!! xoxoxo

    @Sparkle yep it was pretty darned pawsome!!! YAY!!! Hoping to FINALLY meet you!

    @Bunny yes!! from YOUR mouth to the Cat God's ears!!

    @Benny & Lily, as it should be :)

    @Cat from Sydney it made Mom sooooooo happy!!

    @Cat I have another litho scheduled for July 11, can hardly wait!!! lol. Maybe this time if I am lucky I can wake up during it again!! Woooo hooo what fun!!! lol. Hoping you go next year, would love to finally meet you!

    @The Island Cats thank you!! It made Mom super happy!

  8. That's SO great that you got your swag!!! if only that fabulous tee shirt was black. heh heh
    ; )

    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  9. How Pawsome that they sent that to you!

  10. That is one amazing BlogPaws Swag! How cool that everyone got something. The best part was probably that it was so unexpected. :)

  11. What a lovely surprise! Enjoy you Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. What a brilliant surprise for mum, lovely Cody!! Yay for BlogPaws!! We're so happy mum is now planning for next year!! Yay for her! Take care

  13. That is fantastic that somebody took great thought to send a swag bag to you Caren after you was so makes you suddenly think that maybe there is hope for us all,thats enough to put a smile on all our face's

  14. Hope you are now feeling better Caren. My husband tells me kidney stones are more painful than childbirth...LOL (like he would know about childbirth)

  15. I'm so glad you got a swag bag! We missed you so much, and I can't wait to see you next year!

  16. Oh that is great. We know you were really disappointed in not being able to go so that bag sure was a super nice thing to do. We are so excited for you. Take care.

  17. Wow, how wonderful! What a generous thing to do! The bag itself really is awesome, never mind all the goodies that came with it!

  18. @Marg thank you!! I sure was! The bag was a huge and most welcome surprise! Have a great weekend!

    @Ingrid me too!!! It was unexpected and I was thrilled! I missed you guys beyond belief and am hoping to see all of you next year!

    @Diane lol!!! I don't know about childbirth either since I don't have biological children. I HAVE "birthed" SEVEN stones through the years at home (large ones) so I do have a clue. I have 100s of stones all the time due to a condition that I have. Yes they are pretty darned painful but hey I have a super high pain tolerance as a result!

    @speedyrabbit those BlogPaws folks are pretty special peeps! It made me smile and I am most grateful!

    @Old Kitty it WAS brilliant and DOUBLE YAY for BLOGPAWS!!

    @Molly it was and thank you! Enjoy your day as well!

    @The Furries yep! Had I been there I would have been thrilled and I never expected t o receive this, I was ecstatic!

    @Chey yep it was!

    @Katie YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! What's with only WHITE T-shirts (even if the design was incredibly PAWSOME)......I want BLACK, BLACK I SAY!!!! xoxoxoxo

  19. @Fuzzy Tales I couldn't agree more! This bag zips, it is too cool!!!

  20. yeah - how nice!! can't wait for 2013 - mom swears she is going to make a better effort to go...

  21. Awesome! I shipped our swag home, and it just arrived yesterday. Toby is beyond thrilled to see all the toys!

  22. WOWZERS MEOWZERS! What a great bag of swag from BlogPaws....and I'm happy your Mom received it becuase we know she worked SO HARD and was SO EXCITED to go then couldn't. It made us sad - but now we can be happy again because you all have lots of fun stuff to play with and eat and wear and enjoy! YAY!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  23. That is so cool that they sent the bag to your mom. Our mom is going to try to go to Blogpaws next year because it's close enough, she could drive it in a day.

  24. OMC! That is SO cool that they sent your mom a bag o' BlogPaws swag! :)

    We are thinking about attending BlogPaws next year, too ... Tyson's Corner is a train ride away!

    Big hugs, and have a great weekend!

  25. Wow, that was a nice surprise and what a lot of cool swag! I know it probably doesn't make up for the disappointment of not being able to go, but that sure was nice of them. Enjoy!

  26. Oh I'm so glad you got your swag bag, I absolutely LOVE the bag too! Been bringing it to work with me daily :)

    I'm super sad we didn't get to meet at BlogPaws though and definitely hope I get the opportunity to go next year so that we can meet!

  27. Now that's what I'm talkin' about when I say 'swag'!! Nice haul Mom Caren!!

  28. That is so cool! Your Mom rates! I think TW would kill for one of those shirts! I didn't think she had it in her either.

  29. Cody
    We are super duper happy with big kitty smiles that you got such a great package of goodies from those kind people at BlogPaws. We know your Mom was live tweeting a lot of information (cuz we saw it!!) so we are over the moon happy that you got a BIG piece of BP of your very own.


  30. That was so very nice! Keep that bird happy Cody!

  31. Hi Caren & Cody!

    You know I thought of you Caren every day I sat at the Newbie table. But I met many wonderful people that we're connecting and guest posting on each other's blogs...

    I really hope you're feeling better. My friend suffers from kidney stones and he has to be rushed to emergency room everytime. Take good care of yourself. Don't too many treats from swag!
    Christine from Riverfront Cats

  32. WOOT! Isn't it PAWEsome?!?!?! Amy brought ours to us - we LOVE Glogirly's t-shirt design!

  33. Very cool! And that is a great bag! Will see you next year!

  34. True to your generous spirit, you never mentioned any of this to me! I am so disappointed for you that you missed BlogPaws and crushed that you were ill. Great SWAG... that you deserve!

  35. That is so kind of someone at Blogpaws!!! What a lot of swag!! I hope it made up a little bit for having to miss it xox

  36. Awww Cody!! It sure is nice to be so loved, huh?!!


    Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang!

  37. this is great. It was horrible when your mom couldn't continue on to Blogpaws, so we're glad she got the swag.

  38. thanks for the kind words on my blog! Uploading a video was new to me; it would be beneficial if I were told what kind of error it was...whether it was on my part or the site. Did you photoshop the glasses on Cody? I love them!

  39. Hi buddy! So Cody, I hope you is chillaxing and keeping cool back there. I heard some places got some cools today--hope you were one of them!!

  40. That is just totally pawsome! Me is so happy that your Mommy gots what she (and yous Cody and Dakota too) deserved!
    Me hopes your Mommy is feeling better!

  41. Wow! Such lovely gifts! Sending lots of purrs to your mom to feel better.

  42. WOW that bag is SO cool! Almost makes up for not being able to go... But not quite I'm sure... Next year!!!

  43. So glad you got a little pick me up!

  44. Dear Caren and Cody,
    Me has gived yous an award. Stop by my blog and pick it up!

  45. That was a very kind gesture! Thanks to the person who sent that to your mom!

  46. Tyson's Corner is not to far from us! So our mom is thinking of going! Thanks for all your kind words while we were without power. It made everything easier knowing there were folks commiserating out there. Its good to be able to visit & comment again!

  47. Hi Guys!! I am so sorry that I had to stop replying to everyone individually, busy weekend!!

    Oui Oui...if you live THAT close it is a NO MUST go!!

    @Deb Barnes, YES it is!! xoxo

    @Sue awww you are too sweet!! Thank you!!! I probably just forgot to mention it!!

    @rumpy yep the BlogPaws peeps are truly special peeps indeed!!

    @Nellie we got it!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!!!xoxoxoxo

    @Mrs tuna thank you! I am quite grateful!

    @The Purr Diaries I LOVE THAT bag! It is for sure going to be my new travel bag. Lovin' the zipper on it!

    @The Chair Speaks THANK YOU!! Mom has another litho coming up on Wednesday,...grrrrrrrr

    @Nellie awwww I just saw your other wonderful comment!!! thank you!!! xoxoxo

    @Spitty yeah...we are in the 80s now and since we were in the 100s I guess we can say we're "chillaxin" MOL. Who would think we would be EXCITED about the 80s!!????

    @Scrappy Grams I don't have Photoshop. I cheat and use the websites for dummies (sorry if I offended anyone!) such as, and them!!

    @jan thank you sooo much!

    @Cat it did! (but would have LOVED to have been there) I am quite grateful! Tell Austin hi!

    @Bocci you got it!

    @Rykers it sure is and we love the design too! (even if it IS white background lol)

    @Christine what an incredibly lovely and touching comment! Thank you! I cannot begin to tell you how heartbroken I was about the "Newbies" I was supposed to be helping all of you and I felt as if I let you all down and deserted you and I felt AWFUL!!!!! I am sure there will be something special for the newbies next year. Was just discussing it today, but then again, you will be a veteran next year!!! We WILL meet one day!

    @Brian lol!! I am! Love, Cody

    @Abby awwwww you sooooooo touched me too! Yep this is Mom and I was tweeting my BUTT off!!! Glad you saw it! xoxoxo

    @CK yeah...Mom DOES rate...but I don't tell her that often. She will get a big head lol

    @Savannah thank you!!

    @Stacy you better be there next year!

    @Julia it sure was nice of them. It touched me beyond belief!

    @meowmeowmans YOU HAD BETTER COME NEXT YEAR! there is something special for the newbies in the works!

    @Sweet Purrfections read above...the same goes for you!! Be sure you guys join the Newbie group (I will start a new one for 2013 hopefully soon!)

    @repositorio thank you!

    @Sammy and Pam awwwwwwwwwwww thank you!!!! Yes you know Mom did work soooooooooo hard!!! xoxoxoxo

    @Michelle smart to ship the swag home. Might have to do that next year!

    @Random Felines you MUST go!! sure to join the new "newbie" group. I will be creating it soon!

  48. Boy, when it's 80 hear, the Human and I are both screaming about how hot it is...but I guess everything's relative. Hope your trend continues!