Monday, April 9, 2012

We Won A Brawny Cat, Big Baby's Comfy Lounge From The Conscious Cat!!!

I am one lucky cat! Back in February, Mom, along with 855 other people, entered a give-away on one of our favorite blogs, (The Conscious Cat) and one of the prizes was a Big Baby's Comfy Lounge from Brawny Cat!

It arrived a week or so before my birthday, so Mom put it away to save to give me on my special day. She knew this would be the BEST gift ever so she wanted to make it my main birthday present!

That's not me in the photo
but doesn't he look like me???
Isn't this just the best place to lounge? Now when I ask the girls to come over to my "pad" I really have one! It is the Ferrari of cat scratcher/loungers I'll tell ya!


Brawny Cat is aware that cats come in "all different sizes and flavors."  Brawny Cat knows that if our physical, emotional and instinctual needs aren't fully satisfied then we aren't happy cats!
I couldn't believe my eyes
after Mom put it together
which by the way she said was "easy-peasy!!"
(even for her!!!)
Do you see my name?
My name is on it!

Kitties, you know we love to scratch and it can be frustrating for our humans when we scratch inappropriate surfaces. Also, sometimes we just wanna scratch and snooze...the Big Baby's Comfy Lounge fills the bill!

Andrew from Brawny Cat was so nice he even included a bag of  Brawny Cat Delight Organic Catnip!!

Love smelling NIP!!

See those nice, fluffy "pillows" on either end? Well, they are called "Comfy Bolsters" which are made from soft anti-pill Nordic Fleece. Can you see how comfy I am?

Cleaning the "Comfy Bolsters" is a snap! Your human can remove kitty fur with Scotch type lint remover or just the sticky side of some tape.

To wash, you just tell your human to remove the inner fill. Then, you  have your human wash fleece in lukewarm water being careful to avoid bleach and fabric softener. You can even put it in the warm spinning box dryer for a short time!

Big Baby's Comfy Lounge is handcrafted with love and purrfection in the USA in Port Ludlow, Washington. It is designed to last for many years. It is  made from their own stock of gorgeous American Black Walnut, I told ya kitties, this is first class all the way!

Other Outstanding Features Include:

  • Paw Pokes and Look Thru's
  • Long Spine and Back Supports
  • Bottom, Foot, and Paw Rests and Resistance Supports
  • Handcrafted, Regal Platform Base
  • Every Lounge comes with Brawny Cat Delight Organic Catnip!
Mom was just tickled with the quality and how it is actually a piece of furniture, only this piece of furniture is for ME, not HER!  Brawny Cat designed these loungers to fit cats of all sizes, even large cats, NOT gigantic humans like HER!! She sure wishes she could fit on it though!

Kitties I bet you want one too right? Well, you can check out the Big Baby Comfy Lounge right here 

 Now if you will excuse me,

I got some scratchin' and snoozin' to do!! Thank you Ingrid for hosting this great give-away and thank you Andrew at Brawny Cat for designing such a first class product! This is the best prize and birthday present EVER!!!

Love, Cody


  1. I think you are right, that IS the best prize and birthday present ever!!! Way to go.

  2. Whoa! Cody, you're one lucky classy kitty!!!! Errr...can you ask Andrew if they export to my neck of the woods??? Also, can six squabbling felines fit into it? purrrr....meow!

  3. Wow! Congrats on such a cool prize! And you look adorable on it.

  4. That lounger looks SO awesome! We have the older models and are very happy with those too.

  5. Wow! I bet Cody is a very happy cat!!!

  6. Looks awesome are one super lucky kitty!

  7. Oh Cody! Beautiful Cody! What a brilliant brilliant present! Awwww yay for you! And look at those fab comfy bolsters! Wowza! Enjoy your gorgeous plush bed lovely Cody and happy birthday!! Yay! Take care

  8. Awesome birthday gift. Happy Birthday Cody! Purrs!

  9. Congratulations on the your win and happy birthday! You are one lucky cat.

  10. Cody, isn't it nice when humans get the birthday present just right!! Such a rare occurrence lol xox

  11. I love the photos of Cody with his Big Baby Comfy Lounge, especially the one of him snoozing on it. I'm so glad it was such a hit!

  12. Wow I think you are right and tha is the best present ever.. Congratulations and enjoy... Hugs GJ xx

  13. OMC, that lounger is the best we've ever seen. Wow! Concats on winning it!

  14. Thanks for the great demo. That sure looks like a neat piece of furniture,.

  15. OMHappyPawz, Cody... dat looks FANTASTICATZ!! Wat a cool prezzie... bet it'z gonna be ur most-used wun, eber! Hmm... fhink I may hafta show mai mommy dis, too... :D
    (Erm... Cody? CODY? Dun tell me... u'z asleeps agin on ur Comfy Lounge, izn't u? ;D) xoxo

  16. Hi Cody, thanks so much for this article, the cat sofa looks fantastic!
    Lovely pics!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  17. That looks a great place to entertain your ladies Cody!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Wowwie! Zowwie! Yous is oner lucky cat Cody! Can me come over and try it out?

  19. Wow Cody!!!!! We've seen that lounge online before and thought it was beautiful!!! But we've never seen it with one of our friends! Such a COOL prize! It's fun to see how much you love it already.

    ....good thing they put your name on it. Now there's NO question that your mom needs to keep her mitts off.

    : ) Katie

  20. one cool bed for one cool cat!congratulations on the prize,really fab!

  21. what a great prize!! But for kitty kats? We would love that thing
    Benny & Lily

  22. @Benny and Lily I bet you could use it too! :)

    @speedyrabbit thank you! I bet a bunny would like it also! :)

    @Katie Mom and I really liked your comment lol!! Yep, with my name on it there is no way Mom can put her rotund butt on it! It is really of such wonderful quality, Mom is just ecstatic, and me? I like the "comfy" factor!

    @Brian thank you! I love it!

    @Nellie you sure can! Come on over!!! Bring Bob and cinnamon too, they can play with Dakota and heck, bring Kozmo! We can all lay on it! xoxoxo

    @hannah and lucy you are more than welcome to fly over from the UK and try it out too! xoxoxo

    @Luna you are most welcome! I am so happy with it and so is Mom!

    @GlamKitty I sleep on it all the time! I love it!

    @mario it is super well made and Mom and I love it!

    @Fuzzy Tales we agree! Thank you! It is the BEST we have ever seen too! It is like a human couch only BETTER! (we can't scratch the couch MOL)

    @GJ thank you! It sure is! xoxoxo

    @Ingrid THANK YOU for having such a wonderful give-away and Cody and I are STILL tickled that we won! This was just the best surprise and the quality is superb! We couldn't be happier! xoxoxo

    @Carolyn, don't kid yourself. mom only got it right cause she won it!!! lol. She was smart to save it for my birthday gift cause she would never have come up with something THIS good! MOL! xoxo

    @fisher and staff, THANK YOU! I am one lucky cat that is for sure!

    @The Chair Speaks thank you! My birthday was April 1, which reminds me...the winners of my HUGE birthday give-away will be announced this Wednesday! If you haven't entered hurry up and enter! The deadline is 11pm EASTERN TIME TONIGHT!

    @Old kitty awww thank you! Isn't it just amazing!! Those bolsters are sooooooo comfy!! xoxoxo Tell Charlie he can fly over from the UK too and share it with me!

    @A little sprite, I sure am! Thank you!

    @Denise I most certainly am!

    @Sparkle I am sure you are because these will last forever! You know for yourself what wonderful quality they are!

    @Rumblepurr/Diego thank you! I am!

    @ChrissyKat awwww thank you! That was sweet! I am quite happy!

    @Cat-from-Sydney I wonder if they would send one that far. Knowing your mail (as intimately as I do, MOL, it would take forever to receive it!)

    @Julia thank you!!! Yes it was the best present EVER!

  23. That sure looks like such a nice piece of furniture. You are one lucky kitty to have won that. We are very jealous but we sure are glad that you got it. Have a terrific day.

  24. OMC!!!!! That bed looks amazing..and you look very content!

    your furiends,

    Chloe, Cecil and Winston

  25. Concats. Did you have to keep rubbing it in by listing ALL the features. MOL! We'd have to get rid of another piece of the peeps' furniture to fit it in our teeny place. Uh, did I mention I'm on the cover of my local paper??

  26. Wow you are so luck to win this amazing prize!! I love the fact that it comes with scratcher.
    And it's so cool to have your name on it! Congratulations and enjoy!!

  27. Wow! How cool is that! Congratulations!

  28. Wow, that's the nicest gift ever! A perfect place to relax after all the fun and other prezzies.

  29. Congratulations, Cody! Use your comfy-schmumfy lounger in good health!

  30. Cody--you got a COOL prize!! Comfy and everything. Hmm. You kinda look like my brother Earl Gray--except you have a purr-fect thing to lounge on!