Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-My Office Mate


  1. Ahh..the best type of office mate...ever!

  2. Awwww, you little office mate is so tiny. I bet you two have lots of fun together :)xx

  3. How nice to have such a cute office mate while you work!

  4. But... but... he's not staring you in the face and poking you! That's what I do here.

  5. Awww beautiful Cody! You are the bestest office mate ever! Yay! Take care

  6. Jen says she wishes her helper would help like that. Hers stays in her way.

  7. You are very lucky to have such a cute office mate - but the question is, does he help???

  8. Such a loyal companion. But you get a lot done with Cody helping out...LOL

  9. Cody, you've got a nice observation post there on your Mom's desk! It's always nice to have company while you work - or peek out a window! Miss Caren I'm glad you have "company" while you work - I bet Cody makes you smile!!

    Your Pal Sammy

  10. Great photo. I can't imagine an office without a feline office mate. How do people without cats in their office get any work done?

  11. Adorable picture! =^.^=
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  12. Get a Cody desk accessory to adorn your workplace lol Sweet x

  13. I sharez an offis too, Cody!! Best job EVERZ... 'n it comes wif pawsome purrks! :D xoxo

  14. Cody you are so helpful!!!!

  15. Cody, you make a terrific office mate. Looks like you are doing a good job too. Have a great day.

  16. Mum says could she exchange you with Lucy because she keeps walking about on the desk and standing in front of the screen!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. What a cute picture of you helping mom
    Benny & Lily

  18. So sweet, Cody!

    Can you please teach Eva and tell her not to just sleep in my office? Thanks!!!

  19. Faraday: well...SOMEONE has to snoopervise! MOL

  20. You sure have it good, Caren! We would LOVE to have that kind of office mate. :)

  21. OMC! Cody has a cat tree right on the desk. Pop, I want one too!

  22. Nice....but does he bring you your Starbuck's?
    : O Katie

  23. I am jealous! This is kind of office mate I'd love to have :-)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. We visited Kauai and we loved there very much!

  24. Its the furry kind of life You're both so lucky to have each other!

  25. Aww! Gotta love the desk kitty :)

  26. Cody
    You've got a great office!

  27. You have your cat tree positioned perfectly Cody, but we thought an office mate should lie across the keyboard so your mum has to try and type around you. That's what we do.

  28. Dear Caren and Cody!
    Me loves your office and that Cat tree--me is just so jealous...

  29. @The furries, for sure!

    @Eric and Flynn, trust me, he does that too! lol

    @Abby thank you! I love it!

    @Alley Cats and Angels, so nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by! He is the best office mate ever!

    @Stacy, yep, ya gotta!

    @repositorio, I agree!

    @speedyrabbit, so true...we are!

    @Tamago you are most welcome! Sorry i haven't visited lately (or anyone else) i am having HUGE computer trouble. Most of it was fixed but he didn't know I had dropped it before I gave it to him and now I think my keyboard is broken. Praying I can type my post for Friday :( need for Starbucks, I have coffee injected intravenously all day! lol

    @Mario awww thank you!

    @CK you are soooooooo cute!!! It is actually next to the desk, super close to the desk...sometimes that is NOT a good thing! lol

    @meowmeowmans, awww thank you! Cody is a great office mate!

    @Rykers you got that right!

    @Priscilla I can't do that because usually I am sleeping! MOL!

    @Benny & Lily thank you!

    @Hannah and Lucy, trust me, Cody does the SAME! lol xoxoxo

    @Marg thank you! I do my best!

    @Cat I try!

    @Glam Kitty it does!! I get brushed while I am in there! xoxoxo

    @Carolyn love that idea! Gotta market that lol

    @Luna thank you!

    @Ingrid I don't know, I pity those poor suckers! lol

    @Sammy he does most of the time, until he starts whining for food! lol

    @Diane I sure do! Cody is a good "snoopervisor!"

    @Hilary yes he actually does! He give me photo ops! lol

    @rumpydog tell Jen that Cody is often in the way too so don't feel bad!

    @Old Kitty thank you!!! Please tell charlie hi!

    @Sparkle trust me, Cody does a lot of THAT too! lol

    @Bassetmomma I'm lucky!

    @Princess Jasmine, actually he is kinda fat lol

  30. @Nellie, don't be jealous!! You get to have all sorts of adventures because you have a yard and all and I don't have that!

  31. aww, Cody you are not paying attention to your work! how fast can you type???
    well lets forget about the work, I need to wish you a belated Happy birthday & congrats on your remarkable posts! thats a big number esp for a kitty who pays more attention outside the work place ( can't blame you there may be birdies & critters to see!) Have a happy week!

  32. every office and worker should have one! Happy Easter, Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  33. I bet this is one office mate who doesn't indulge in office politics. har har har *evil laughs*

  34. Very nice. My mum's desk isn't big enough so there's not enough room for me to sit on it while she works. But I do sneak up on it when she's not in the room,