Monday, November 8, 2010

The World Is STILL Your Litter Box! By Quasi (Typed By Steve Fisher), Book Review By Cody

Hey guys! Did you buy your copy of "The World Is Your Litter Box" that I told you to buy a week ago? The answer had better not be "No!!" If it is, I am already two paws ahead of all of you in my quest to "make my life even MORE pleasant, entertaining and enjoyable!" Why? Because I have read "The World Is STILL Your Litter Box" the sequel to Quasi's pawtacular first book "The World Is Your Litter Box".

That Quasi is a real hoot! He is one intelligent cat (aren't we all?) His writing is sarcastic (kinda like me!) and he is so hilarious he had me on my back, belleh in the wind, my paws just kicking in the air from laughing so much! I got a better high from this book than I get when I get a nose full of catnip, and THAT is saying A LOT!

Quasi has the insight that all of our elderstatescats have. It is as if he is peeking through all of our windows and cat doors and knows exactly what is going on in our cathouses. Hmmmm...maybe he IS peeking in?

"If cats could drive, text and launch missiles,
they would rule the world" ....Quasi, 2010

After Quasi's success on his first book some kitties around the world wrote to him and asked him to answer some very impawtant questions such as:

"How can I tell if my human is a true cat nut or merely an affected POSER?"

"How can I be a more effective kitty fighting machine so I don't become "dog meat" when I go up against a larger foe?"

"How can i make my human say "Awwww" no matter what act of unacceptable kitty  behavior I may have committed?"

"How can I have even MORE fun when I'm high on catnip without attracting the attention of the police or federal narcotics agents?"

"How can I make sure my human keeps my litterbox as clean as the men's room at a Shell station?"

Pretty cool questions huh?

There is one HUGE change in Quasi's life that he sagely discusses in "The World Is STILL Your Litter Box", and I gotta say I felt super bad for Quasi on this one. He now has to share his home with not one, but TWO new kitties!! Pawish the thought!!

You gotta read about the lessons he has taught them cause you will be rolling with laughter! No worries though, Quasi is still the "Demander In Chief"

One of my favorite parts of the book was the chapter called "What To Do If Your Human Puts You On A Diet" Ohhhh how I could relate to THAT! Quasi was put on a "Duck & Green Pea" diet! You regular readers of Cat Chat know that I suffered a similar fate when my Mom had to put me on a Rabbit diet!

Quasi's solution to this dilemma was pure genius! Made me wish I was an indoor/outdoor kitty just so I could try the same plan. But indoor kitties, have no fear! Quasi thought of us too!! I'm not gonna share his tips with ya though, you will have to purchase "The World Is STILL Your Litter Box" to find out!!

You can find it on or and even your local book store! Quasi says I gotta go and "kick some kitty butt!!" (or in MY house it is doggie butt!)


PS:To Steve. Thanks for typing this masterpiece for my pal Quasi. Gotta tell ya though, if we cats ever get compawters that we don't need opposable thumbs to use, you're gonna be out of a job my friend!

Ok..I'm REALLY outta here!!


  1. Oh no Cody! I couldn't find this book at all over here! I guess the books are still somewhere but not here at all. I've checked it with the local bookstores few days ago and they gave me a very innocent, puzzled look like I was telling them something about aliens!!! You know how these people always like to act like they know what they have in their shelves and you can't mess around with them.

    So I told them about this book and gave them the author's name too. Well, they promised they'd order the books ASAP so I crossed my fingers that they did keep their promise. I'll give them a ring for a follow up tomorrow morning.

    Can't wait to read the book, it sounds so interesting and full of fun things in it. I love sarcastic writing too : )

  2. Hi Auntie Priscilla!
    Did you check Will they ship to Malaysia? I know you can get the books there!
    You are such a good Auntie that you are trying sooooo hard to buy both books!! You are the BEST! Especially since you don't have any kitties!
    Hey, maybe now you can get one...or two....or three....or....ok I will shut up now!
    Much Love, Cody

  3. We'll make our mom put the book on her to-buy or borrow list! :-)

    Thanks for visiting, and now following, us at Fuzzy Tales!

  4. Hi Kea!
    Good idea! You will love the book(s)!!! (there are 2!!)
    You are welcome! thanks for visiting our blog as well! Caren and Cody

  5. Shhhhhh, it's on our Dad's Christmas list...

  6. (whispering to Brian) I will be verrry, verrry, quiet! Oh goodie!!!!
    You and your Dad will love the books!
    Love, Cody

  7. I know what we are getting our MOM&DAD for Christmas and Hanukkah :)

  8. We will definitely have to check that book out

  9. rotflol here but my belleh is not in the wind (yet!)

    I can download this one to my kindle, but the first book is not available. Shipping a hard copy from costs about twice as much as the actual book :((

    Maybe Quasi or Cody have some influence? lol x

  10. Thank you Caren for tell us more about the book, My mom want these for her Christmas's present : )
    She told me to tell my dad for her

  11. @Biblio and Paw relations, YAY!!! I know you will not regret it and you are gonna make some kitties super happy!

  12. Hi Carolyn (you smarty pants!! lol)
    Here is a direct quote from Steve about where you can purchase both books "The World Is STILL Your Litter Box is also unlikely to be in stores, although it is available for Kindle, Nook, iPad, and all other types of e-readers. As you have suggested to your readers, the best place to get the books (in the U.S. and overseas) is from Amazon."
    Unfortunately Cody has zero, zip, nada influence, if I did I wouldn't be writing a blog!!! (lol, that was a joke!!) But if Steve reads these comments (He said he will probably check in for Quasi later to read them) maybe he can offer some valuable input.
    You are the best to be trying to order the books....they are fabulous and definitely are "must reads"

  13. Oh Mr.Puddy you are a good kitty to tell your Dad to get these books for your Mom! YOU are the one who has to read them too!!
    Love, Cody

  14. Cody,
    My Mama hasn't been to the bookstores yet. But I've threatened her I'll stop giving her my special massage if she doesn't do so FAST. My Mama says this is emotional blackmail. Is it? Am I that mean? MUAHHAHAHA.... purrr....meow!

  15. @Cat-In-Sydney, you won't find either book in the bookstores (I am fairly certain of that)...
    Please see my earlier response to a comment (and it is also in the blog) as to where you can purchase the books!
    Oh and yes that is emotional blackmail! lol

  16. Quasi is a wise Cat...he's like a Kitty Guru!

  17. Thanks to Cody (& Caren) for their very nice reviews of The World Is Your Litter Box (last week) and The World Is STILL Your Litter Box... and thanks to all the readers of Cat Chat who left comments.

    The best place to get both books is I don't have any pull in regard to shipping, but both books are rather small in size, so the shipping cost shouldn't be too bad. In fact, I think you can save a little on the cost of the books and the shipping if you order them both together. The World Is STILL Your Litter Box is available for downloading to all types of e-readers; unfortunately, The World Is Your Litter Box is not.

    Regardless, I hope you purchase the books without too much trouble or shipping expense, and that you enjoy them!

    Your Friends,
    Quasi & Steve

  18. @Katnip Lounge "Quasi is like a kitty guru" I LOVE IT! That is sooooo true!

  19. Quasi and Steve, thanks so much! Cody and I really appreciated being given the opportunity of having Cody read/review both books which we enjoyed IMMENSELY!!
    We felt like Quasi was peeking in our door (and our heads!!)
    Thanks for giving all of us more information as to where the books may be purchased.
    Yes the books are quite small so I don't think shipping should be a problem...I forgot to mention that but they are quite small.
    Thanks again!
    Your pals!
    Cody and Caren

  20. I have GOT to read this! I want to see how to enslave my mommy even MORE!

  21. @Admiral Hestorb you have to read BOTH of them! :)

    Trust me, you will LOVE THEM!

    Love, Cody

  22. A great review of a wonderful book. I love the photo of Quasi with Steve. Quasi looks exhausted - being an author, and having to dictate one's brilliant thoughts to a mere human, must be very challenging.

  23. Ingrid thanks much! I love that photo too...Quasi's expression is priceless and the love that is reflected in his body language (the way he is holding on to Steve's leg) speaks volumes. He has character written all over his kitty face. I just LOVE that cat!
    He earned the right to be tired after having written 2 such hysterically funny books!

  24. This Quasi almost sounds like his writing is as funny as mine. Wonder why I"M not making all that $$ on books.

  25. Thanks for the great book review, I always love suggestions of good books to read. And since my shelves are heavy with doggy books, it's great to get one starring a cat this time!

  26. WOW! What a beautiful kitty! Thankyou for your kind comment on my blog Caren. It was a very personal one for me at the moment, so your comment was very much appreciated :)

  27. This book looks hysterical! I must get it.... I love the title, but it makes me think of alex. In his world there is 5 litter boxes, soon to be 6. Spoiled much?

  28. OMC Cathy you had me laughing with your comment! Yes your writing is quite similar and I thought the same thing about how my Cody writes!! Where are the big bucks? lol!!
    Sorry I haven't had a chance to read your blog in a little while...we had a death in the family this weekend, I am going to try and catch up today!

  29. Hi Peggy! So good to see you here! We are just the opposite, I have to get more doggie books on my shelves so I like reading about the books you have and the NEW BOOK you have coming out! Congratulations again!

  30. @Alittlesprite, my pleasure! You are so sweet!! I love your blog!
    Yes isn't Quasi just a character? He is too cute/handsome!

  31. @Hilary, "6 litter boxes?????" hmmmm...either "spoiled much" or someone has bladder issues!!!! MOL!!! OMG how do you keep up on 6 litter boxes?
    BOTH books are hilarious! They are "laugh out loud" funny and I am NOT kidding!

  32. We think we will have to get these two books for our mum this Christmas - can we get them in the UK?
    Thank you for your nice message. Luv Lucy. xx

  33. Oh yes your Mum will LOVE these books! The purrfect idea for Christmas!
    The best place to order the books are (shipping should not be bad because the books are paperback and are SMALL!)
    Would love to hear your Mum's opinion once the books arrive!

  34. That looks like a hoot! We are adding it to our holiday shopping list! :)

  35. @meowmeowmans YAY!! I am so happy! It is DEFINITELY "a hoot!!"

  36. wow, 5 litter boxes, don't let this get out, mine are grumbling about 3!! Amazon's my fave place anyhow so happy shopping to us all!! Ms. Z.