Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cat Chat Reviews The Book:Hannukatz Saves Hannukah (Well, at least for the Moskowitz Family) by Terry Abrahamson

It's that time of year again. Actually it has been "that time of year" since about August....when holiday decorations started to adorn retailer's shelves...and by "holidays" I am not talking about Halloween or Thanksgiving....I am talking about the December holidays of Hannukah and Christmas.

Community pools had yet to be drained for Labor Day, Halloween candy hadn't even been handed out, Thanksgiving menus weren't even a glimmer in our eye and yet "when what did my wondering eyes did appear? " holiday decorations! The retail blitz had begun. It is the official kick-off of  "Gimme Time!!"

The first of the holidays that will appear this December is Hannukah (the first night of Hannukah 2010 is December 1st, got your shopping done yet? No? Better get crackin')

One thing I strongly urge you to add to your "eight crazy nights" is "Hannukatz Saves Hannukah, (Well, at least for the Moskowitz Family)" the zany, off-beat and hilarious book which was written and hysterically illustrated by  the equally zany, off-beat, hilarious (and brilliant in an avant garde kinda way) Terry Abrahamson. This book addresses the problem of commercialism and greed in our kids  in a wry, witty and fun way.

Meet The Moskowitz's:

Mom "Sylvia" "Syl" to all who know her well who "sold obsolete Roll-O-Files where people used to store phone numbers before cell phones and computers" ('nuff said)

Dad "Gilbert" "Gil" to all of us "who dreamed of creating a new Kosher food called Chish (1/2 chicken and 1/2 fish) which would enable him to make a fortune.

The Kids "Emily" and "Josh" who "you always knew what holiday was coming when Josh and Emily put on their "I Hate Hannukah Shirts" which they wore because their parents couldn't afford the really, really "cool" gifts that they really wanted. I think we all know a few "Emily's" and "Josh's" (evil snicker)

"Josh" illustrations by Terry Abrahamson
In my opinion they both needed a good "potch on their tuchas" that is until the arrival of the main character...

Hannukatz! (a cat wearing sunglasses and as he calls it a "Meowmulkah", that possesses the wisdom of the ages and is one cool cat!) Read how he teaches Emily and Josh (in his own inimitable style), that "Hannukah is not the Jewish Christmas" and that the true meaning of Hannukah is not evidenced by how expensive and hip the gifts they  receive are.

You will also learn in this wonderfully wacky book:
  • the story of Hannukah as only Hannukatz can tell it
  • how the miracle of the "eternal light" inspired the Beatles song "Eight Days A Wick" 'er "Week"
  • and....if Emily and Josh will let go of their greed and if they will REALLY learn the true meaning of Hannuka.
  So, after you have enjoyed your latkes and  after the candles from your Menorah have burned out (which nowadays due to the cheap candles that are made it takes about 30 seconds), and the kiddies are tucked into bed...enjoy a laugh from Hannukatz!

From our house to yours as Hannukatz says "Happy Hannukah to all and to all, a good light. Well...eight lights, actually"

As Terry Abrahamson says "Rock on, kids. Thanks for reading."

To purchase "Hannukatz Saves Hannukah" visit or write to ISBN 978-0-578-06664-6

Terry Abrahamson Author/Illustrator of Hannukatz Saves Hannukah
About Terry Abrahamson:
he won a Grammy writing with Muddy Waters, wrote the Boston Celtics fight song recorded by George Thorogood, wrote for Oprah Winfrey, has a book of his Blues photography "In The Belly Of The Blues", in the permanent collection of the library of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, created Chicago's adult musical comedy review KAMA SUTRA...and many, many other accomplishments too numerous to mention!


  1. This is too funny! My husband is Jewish, so we celebrate both holidays (downscaled version).

    Caren...My 12.5 lbs have been lost at WW as well, since the 3rd week of September. You are doing really well. I like the program, and am anxious to see what the changes are for Nov 28th.

  2. Diane that is too funny! I hope your husband checks the book out :)

    Also waaaay too funny that we are both at WW...with almost the exact same weight loss in the same period of time! You are doing really well too!
    I am doing the filling foods program....not the straight points program.
    I have to say I am a little nervous about what the changes are that they will announce Nov 28th. If it is strictly points I am screwed!
    I live right down the street from the headquarters!
    You should be my WW buddy!!

  3. I have several Jewish friends at work...I may have to get this to pass around. Thanks for a great find!

  4. @Katnip Lounge, you are most welcome! If you get it let me know what they think!

  5. Interesting book ! My mom said " Thank you " for me the illustation look crazy, must be really fun book : )

  6. @Mr.Puddy, lmao, thankyou for your honest comment!! lol!! In reference to the illustrations, think "The Simpsons meet Hannukah".....they are really, really good because they suit the is definitely a one of a kind, off-beat, crazy book but it DOES have a message and a great message!

  7. Guess dat's another book I'm going to have to consider. Thanks dear friend for the review.

  8. Ohhhh Mario I hope so!
    you are most welcome and thanks as always for reading! xoxo

  9. Hi Cody, thank you for visiting and following us. We shall follow you too.
    Since our blog title drew your mom, we recommend she read this post

    We have sent your mom an email and will check out the blog she recommended. :-)

  10. @The Chair Speaks, you are most welcome and thank YOU!

    My Mom is headed over to check the post you just referred her to...

    Thanks so much!

  11. Saw the post on Twitter. I'm a new follower, cat lover and Jewish.

  12. Thank you for visiting our blog, the Cat Street Boyz. We are happy that you enjoyed's been a sad day here because our senior brother, Cherokee's health has declined, Mommy has decided to let him cross the bridge to be with our past brothers and sisters.

  13. @Linda B. so glad to meet you!
    Thanks so much for following!
    I am going to head over to your blog right now.

  14. @Cat Street Boyz....oh nooo...I am so deeply, deeply sorry. There has been so much sad news pertaining to kitties lately that it is just breaking my heart.
    I am so sorry about your dear Cherokee....I am so very, very sorry.
    (((((hugs))))) to you...believe me I sooo understand.
    If there is anything I can do, please email me.

  15. Eight days a Wick! Ha ha ha ha ha! Although I work at a Catholic school, some of my colleagues are Jewish, including the person whose name I drew for our annual gift exchange....this book sounds purrrrfect!

  16. I feed the our gray cat with everything,But she loves to eat insects...

  17. Dear Friend ,Did You find The Chair Speaks in my blog...If it is so then I am very glad...
    The Chair speaks is a lover of the cats...
    There a lot of interesting posts about cats in that blog...

  18. @Spitty-The-Kitty OMC yes this would be PURRFECT for your Jewish friend for the gift exchange!

  19. @Hilary yes it is hysterical, very off-the-wall funny!

  20. @Amin, I am well how are you?
    Yes I found "The Chair Speaks" from your blog, she has a very interesting blogs.
    I have a number of friends who are Muslim and various other the U.S. Hannukah and Christmas are the two biggest holidays in December and that is why I post about them both.
    I have TONS of friends of all different sorts! That is what makes them all so special!

  21. Sounds like a real funny book, I will check it out when I'm at the bookstore.

    Thanks for introducing us the book, Caren.

  22. @Priscilla you are so welcome and it is funny! If you have questions about any Jewish words in it just let me know!

  23. We will have to meow to some of our friends about this book, especially Rabbi Troopee. Mom has a bunch of Christmas cat books but she said she thinks this is the first Hannukah cat book she's seen.

  24. @Clarissa, oh I hope you do "meow" to your friends about the book!!
    I love the Rabbi's name (Rabbi Troopee!!)
    I have to agree, this is the FIRST Hannukah cat book I have EVER seen! It is edgy and I mentioned above, think The Simpsons meet Hannukah! DOES have a is super, super zany!

  25. Hi Brian! It is more over the edge than cute...but over the edge in a good kind of way!
    If you have a zany/wacky side you will like it!
    I like things that are different and it is definitely one-of-a-kind different!

  26. That looks like a book I myself would enjoy mean my mommy would. Ahem.

  27. @Admiral Hestorb, I think your Mom is quite zany and would enjoy the book for sure!

  28. That book like a total hoot! I love the humor. I can always count on you to find something I will like, Caren :)

  29. lol @Angie! I thought you might like it! Thanks so much!!! :)

  30. That was a cool review :) Sounds like a really good book :) The illustrations are unique and quirky. Bet it makes the story that much more fun :)
    Thanks for stopping by House Panthers too!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  31. @Mickey, Georgia, Tillie-thanks so much! Glad you stopped by!
    Oh yes that is why I love the book, the entire book is unique/quirky!
    I am following you now so I will be by quite often!

  32. I love reading book reviews! Thanks for a good one. Looks like fun! p.s. Somehow winning the previous Clean and Green contest slipped by me. I'm sorry I missed your announcement!

  33. Hi Peggy! Thanks so much! Just answered your email!
    Thanks much and have a great holiday!

  34. Sounds like a good book! Good review.

  35. Kathy thanks! It is hilarious! But DOES have a message! Thanks so much for stopping by and for following!

  36. This looks really great! We're ashamed to admit, but our mom doesn't know much about Hannukah. We think we may force her to buy us this book so we can all learn! We're all about learning new things!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  37. @OKcats...nothing to be ashamed of! When I was young believe it or not we hung stockings at Christmas...I did not have a strong Jewish foundation at all growing up...and I am Jewish!
    My first husband was Catholic and we used to decorate for Christmas...
    I am Jewish and learned from this book and I continue to learn from my husband who was raised in a much more traditional Jewish manner than I don't feel bad or ashamed at all!
    I love learning about other people's customs as well and I think it is great to keep learning new things just like you said! xoxo