Monday, July 8, 2024

Dog/Pet Book Feature: Peace, Love, Paws; A Memoir By Elizabeth Parker


I have had the pleasure of reading a number of books by Elizabeth Parker. Sadly, ALL of those books were featured on Dakota's blog which no longer exists. You can find information about the MANY books Elizabeth has written by clicking here.

In honor of the fourth anniversary of our beloved Dakota's passing, (July 9th, 2020), when Elizabeth approached me about reading Peace, Love, Paws: A Memoir, I thought featuring it by the anniversary  of his crossing the bridge would be a wonderful way to honor him.

From Elizabeth Parker:

"Grieving a pet is just like grieving a person, except there's no ceremony celebrating their life. That doesn't mean you can't celebrate their life on your own or with loved ones.
Pets are a part of the family. And sometimes the pain of loss is overbearing. You have been their caregiver and they have been a loyal companion. Chances are you had a daily routine involving your pet, and now that routine has disappeared. At times, it's heartbreaking. But there will be a point when you can look back and smile, grateful that you had experienced the precious moments with your pet.
Peace, Love, Paws chronicles my time with Lola. My furry soulmate who taught me so much about life and how to keep enough love in my heart for other pups who need a home."

While Peace, Love, Paws: A Memoir is a book written exclusively about dogs, it is a book that ALL pet lovers can relate to.

When an individual brings a pet into their family whether through adoption/rescue or yes, even acquiring their pet from a breeder, they are signing on to hopefully many, many years of  creating happy memories. Sadly, with good also comes bad. Life happens. When one loves they also are setting themselves up for great hurt which is sadly what we all experience when we lose a pet. Sometimes the loss happens after many, many years together, sometimes, as unfair as it is to experience, the loss can happen in months, or just a short number of years.

"The heart loves in many ways :people, places, creatures of all kinds. The soul knows when it meets its mate. That kind of meeting is never forgotten or taken for granted."

When author Elizabeth Parker adopted her "heart dog" Lola, while she experienced more love with Lola than she could ever have hoped for, it all ended much too soon. This book shares her two years spent with Lola. It also conveys "who Lola was, what she could have been, and all she could have done."


"They never truly leave us. The memories are tattooed in our minds and our hearts."

"You don't realize just how much your dog is smiling until they are no longer smiling."

"Grief is not a one size fits all emotion. It's more than ok to grieve a pet in whatever way you see fit., and there's no time limit. However you deem appropriate to mourn them, is what you must do. What works for one person might not work for another."

"Time doesn't wait for us. If you have a pet, love it with all of your heart. Where there are paws, there is always peace and love."

Peace, Love, Paws: A Memoir by Elizabeth Parker is a worthwhile read for all who have ever given their heart and soul to their pet. To get your paws on a copy, see below:


FTC Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for featuring this book. I received a copy to read and feature on the blog.


  1. Oh. I sure can relate to that book, and I know you do too. Sending hugs...books like that can make the rivers flow down our cheeks..🥰

  2. That sounds like a great book to read.

  3. That sounds nice but too many sad thoughts for me.

    1. I have to be honest, parts were hard for me too. I totally get it. That's mostly why I had chosen not to review books anymore, it's still way too hard. (((hugs)))

  4. Beautiful post. You made me tear up and smile too. I always try to think of the great times, not the loss.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Caren. Scritches to the precious boys. ♥

  5. That sounds like a meaningful book, Caren!

  6. Sounds like a great read though it would also be sad. So hard to lose a pet!

  7. Sounds like a beautiful book, but I think it would make me cry. I try to avoid tears. XO

  8. It's so hard to lose one. I'm very sorry you lost Dakota, although we know it has to come sometimes, we always hope it's "not today."