Sunday, November 21, 2021

Happy FIRST Gotcha Day to our Crazy Levi! (Rowdy)

 A year ago today a LARGE 9 and a half week old bundle of FUR joined our family!!! Suffice it to say our life as we knew it, would NEVER be the same!

Today I am sharing three collages that show Levi then and now, hoping you enjoy them!!

That serious puppy face hasn't changed!! Levi STILL has that serious face!! 





The photo on the top left was one of the first we took of Levi.  (He would give Gene Simmons a run for his money with that tongue!!) The two photos at the bottom of the above collage crack me up. It's hard to believe that at one point Roary and Levi were much closer to being the same size. By the looks of Roary's face on the photo on the right, Roary CLEARLY is laughing off Levi's "top of the charts" Sheltie size.

Levi is one of the most confident, bold, boisterous, clumsy (and at the same time agile, if that makes any sense!) dogs that I have ever known.

He often gets a bad rap. He has the bark of a Doberman, but loves to cuddle like a baby on the couch. Because he is much larger than the average Sheltie, some people think that Levi is older than his 14 months, thus they have much higher  behavior expectations.

Levi LOVES to make noise. He can't play with a toy without climbing on top of a crate or the couch where he  watches with joy as he flings the toy to the ground with just enough force to make the crashing toy sound loud and abrasive. Speaking of toys, he HAS to play with whatever he has right in front of our faces, Levi LOVES having an audience.

His other current LOVES are Dad and Mom, his beloved bully sticks, (we ALWAYS have to keep some extras around), his brother Roary (although Levi has a strange way of showing his love for him), his Aunt Judy and Uncle Bill,

His Aunt Nancy

And, one of his ALL TIME FAVORITES, who he loves with all of his wild and crazy Sheltie-self, his trainer......Dylan.

Levi is a super quick learner (when he wants to be) and is extremely intelligent. He is brave, fearless and if he greats you in a wild and crazy way, it is more likely than not, that it is his way of showing you that he is happy to see you and he is CERTAIN that you are happy to see him as well.

Happy Happy First Gotcha Day to our loving, wild and crazy Levi (Rowdy) definitely march to your own drummer, we often feel as if you actually came to us from another planet, (but he actually came from Ohio where his amazing breeder, Sue, of Greyfyre Shelties, has become a dear friend, Sheltie advisor and confidante!).......but when we get those famous cuddles and Sheltie kisses, we wouldn't have it ANY other way!! We LOVE YOU LEVI!!!!!


  1. Levi's so cute when young and grew to be such a good-looker! Purrs and hugs!

  2. What a special and awesome guy Levi is! Happy gotcha day to him!

  3. Happy Gotcha Day Levi! These are all lovely photos. You have certainly grown over the past year.

  4. Hi Levi, I'm sure my Border Sheltie Liam would love to meet you. Liam is a little over 18" at the shoulder, so about two inches over the breed standard. He's awkward but agile too. Levi and Liam, now that sounds like a troublesome duo. 😉😁

    1. I love it!!!! I sooo wish they could meet! "Levi and Liam" love their names together! Liam would give Levi a run for his money which he desperately needs!!!

  5. Levi is totally adorable - I thought that when I first saw his baby pictures and I still feel that way - he has a precious expression, there's a little bit of devil in there! It's wonderful that he and Roary get along so well and are best buddies. Happy GOTCHA DAY Levi - you sure did pick a super family!

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy)

  6. We love seeing all of those photos! Happy Gotcha Day Levi, you're a special one!!!

  7. ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day to you,♪♫
    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day to you,♪♫
    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day Dear Levi,♪♫
    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day to you!♪♫

    Scritches to the boys and a hug to your mom. ♥

  8. Wow, Levi! Look at how you have grown! We loved learning more about you, and that you are doing so great. And that you are SOOOOO happy and loved by your family. Happy Gotcha Day! XO

  9. Happy Gotcha Day, Levi! You sure landed in a great home.

  10. Happy Gotcha Day! You are one lucky guy to have a great home. Sorry you have to live with a feline, but you seem to like him at least.

  11. Happy Gotcha Day, Levi! We hope you have many, many happy and healthy years ahead in your forever home. :-)

  12. Happy Gotcha Day Levi! Really great pictures!

  13. Happy Gotcha Day, Levi! You sure have grown into a handsome dog.

  14. Happy Gotcha Day sweet Levi!! XO

  15. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet boy. He's such a just want to leave lipstick marks all over his head! 💋

  16. Hello, Levi! Us pups from down the road from about a three hour drive...well we wish you a (bit of a Belated) Happy Gotcha Day!

    You have become a handsome man-dog! Petcretary says your largeness means there is more of you to love and to give love in return.

    We add pour woofs to the noise you love and our wiggles and wags and doggy smoochies!

    May you have a wonderful year ahead, and tons more Gotcha Days, too!

  17. Congratulations to the whole family. It looks like Levi has rocked your world in a wonderful way!

  18. Happy FirstGootcha Day Levi ! And many more !

  19. Happy first Gotcha Day, Levi. You're one beautiful boy😻
    We also want to Thank you for your Birthday wishes for Me and My Granny, they warmed our heart and brightened up our day💗 Extra Pawkisses for all of you🐾😽💞

  20. Levi, you were adorable as a pup and now you are a handsome young man dog. You seem to have a personality that brings joy and happiness to those around you. Happy Birthday handsome!

  21. Oh my DOG, the year flew by! What an amazing journey it’s been and many more adventures ahead, dear Levi!

  22. I hope you had a Happy Gotcha Day Levi!

  23. Happy belated Gotcha to Levi! He's so grown up Caren! Your house must be in party mode all the time with Levi and his brother Roary! The photos really show you are a VERY HAPPY and beautiful family!

  24. Happy belated Gotcha day to Levi! He has grown so much! You house must be a party all the time with Levi and his brother Roary. The pictures show you are a VERY HAPPY family!

  25. Happy First Gotcha Day Levi! You have done a lot of growing up in that time!