Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Pet Adoption:2018 Is Record Year for Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit with 1,984 Animal Adoptions, Opening of New Shelter

During a busy 25th anniversary year when Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit (FAMD) opened the MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption & Education Center, the organization also saw a record number of dog and cat adoptions: 1,984. This is 69 more than last year’s record high of 1,915.

The last adoption of 2018 was a cat named Bubly on New Year’s Eve.  He was extremely shy so the family that adopted him spent all day making him comfortable with the idea of going home with them.  Once settled, he made the move to his new home in Dearborn with owner Kyle Polidori.

"Bubly" Photo Courtesy of FAMD

To start 2019, the first adoption of the New Year was Mr. Fuzzy Britches, a cat.  He went home with Mary Ann Lawler and her daughter, Laura Manrique, a FAMD youth volunteer.

"Mr.Britches" Photo Courtesy of FAMD

“2018 was an amazing year,” said Elaine Greene, executive director, FAMD.  “The new MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption & Education Center is the culmination of more than 10 years of fundraising and is so beautiful.  I give a lot of credit to all the staff and volunteers for their hard work and devotion to animals every day.”

The MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption & Education Center is located at the former Amtrak station in Dearborn at 16121 Reckinger Road, just off Michigan Avenue near the Henry Ford Centennial Library.  The land was donated to FAMD by the City of Dearborn.

Photo Courtesy of FAMD

FAMD is using the current shelter at 2661 Greenfield Road as an intake center for dogs and cats. Animals are housed there while they are prepared for adoption; often that means spay/neutering, microchipping and other medical services.

Plans are underway for Phase Two of the new shelter which will house animal services and bring everyone together at one location on the Reckinger campus. Cost for the expansion is anticipated to be $3.5 million. To donate to the capital campaign for the animal services building, visit

About FAMD

After 25 years of nurturing more than 50,000 animals, the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit has launched their “More Love than Humanly Possible” capital campaign to construct Phase Two of their complex, adjacent to the MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption & Education Center.  For more information about FAMD, a 501 (c) 3 organization, visit


  1. Wow, these folks have got it going ON! YAY for all the adoptions, and the future looks bright!

  2. Oh so wonderful for all concerned ~ Wishing for all fur babies to find forever loving homes ~

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  3. Paws up for them ! That's great ! Purrs

  4. Your area does such good for our four legged family members. Excellent.

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    1. They try!! I think they do as well. You have a fabulous rest of your week too!! xoxo

  5. Mr. Fuzzy Britches...that made me giggle...wonder if he kept that name?
    Yay for finding 4 ever homes
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  6. It's so nice to see those smiling faces with their new family members!! ♥

  7. That's totally wonderful and hooray for so many terrific new homes!

  8. Hooray! That is a lot of furry ones in new forever homes:)
    Our new member, Benji comes from the Humane Society too...HS of South Central Michigan...(HSSCM)

  9. Bravo! That is such awesome news. We love that so many animals were saved - and that new center looks fab!

  10. That is wonderful news! And such adorable kitties. XO

  11. I am happy to hear it was a good year. Every adoption is a victory and I love the name Mr. Fuzzy Britches.

  12. Wow. What a blessing for pets in need of shelter and the people who come to love them!

  13. Wowee! That is an amazing number of adoptions. So happy for all of those who found their forever homes!

  14. I love reading about babies who get to go home! And by the way, my replacement chair arrived. So mom is safe while she sleeps tonight. XXX

  15. Amazing news! Such sweet kitties :)

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  16. FAMD and their MaryAnn Wright Animal Adoption & Education Center are doing a fabulous job for those that need forever homes. Thanks for telling us about it and sharing their initiatives and their success!

  17. Fantastic news about all those adoptions. Mr. Fuzzy Britches....I love the name, and the floofy kitty!