Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cat Horoscopes September 2014

Fall is in the air as September circles back around. With the change of seasons come some changes for your four-legged companions. Our friends at Hollywood Psychics have given us the inside scoop on what September will bring for your feline friends. Scope out your cat’s sign and read on to discover what’s in store for them this September.

Aries cats are ambitious and goal driven. If they want to play with the plant on top of the highest shelf, they will make it their mission to do so -- no matter what stands in their way. Aries kitties may have been sitting around the house in a rut all summer, but now they’re full of energy and eager to change things up a bit. (Cody started this in August!! Too funny!! He has a new game he has to play with me EVERY NIGHT!) Smart and intuitive, Aries felines will always figure out a way to get what they want. Even if it means waking you up in the middle of the night for playtime or a snack. (Got that right!!!)

The Taurus cat is a stubborn cat. They never give up once they put their mind to something. They’re also fiercely loyal and only form strong bonds with a handful of people. September may be a chaotic time for our Taurus friends, but we can make it easier by spending more quality time with them.

The Gemini cat will decide that September is the time to start taking risks. You may find your kitty exploring areas of the house she doesn’t normally explore or trying to get into places it shouldn’t. The good thing this is that September is a lucky month for cats born under the sign of Gemini. Their renewed sense of energy ushered in by the change in the weather allows them to adapt to all sorts of situations so you can always count on them to land on their paws.

September is a month of new opportunities for our Cancer cats. Maybe it’s a new kind of food or a shiny new toy? They may seem a bit temperamental and unpredictable, likely due to the instance of a third consecutive Super Moon this month. Give your friend a little extra love and patience this month and you’ll see a much happier cat as a result.

As always, our dear Leo kitties love being the center of attention. Regal and dignified, the Leo will always try to be the leader. This month, Leos may experience a fit of lethargy, so make sure to keep an eye on your cat’s behavior patterns and diet. With the changing of the seasons, you may find your kitty taking lots of naps in warm places.

Happy birthday, Virgo cats! These insightful cats will be enjoying themselves this month by contemplating cat life’s greatest mysteries. (Where is that light coming from? Why is the food bowl empty?) Always thinking and planning, our Virgo feline friends may look calm and collected, but they’re really planning their way into their favorite box. This is the perfect time to get your cat a new favorite toy – preferably one that will make them think. After all, it is their birth month! 

Libra cats are full of love this September. They are going to seem extra loving and empathetic. If you’re having a rough day, don’t be surprised if your kitty comes to give you a cuddle just to make you feel better. Make sure to indulge them in their affection!

Scorpio cats may be in for an interesting September. Cats born under this sign are naturally very deep and intense and likely to pander to their own wants and desires, regardless of the consequences. If they want to knock over the glass of water, they are going to. If they want food at 3am, they’re going to try and wake you up until you cave. Expect your Scorpio cat to be a restless, nocturnal creature during the first part of this month, wandering around your dwelling at all hours of the night.

Usually optimistic and friendly, Sagittarius cats may run into a rough patch this month. Your kitty may not seem like she wants to play very much. However, Sagittarius kitties will be running on their own schedules in September. If your cat wants to play it will let you know. It’s best to give your friend a little space this month. Maybe it’s the perfect time for you to start on a project that you’ve been putting off?

The Capricorn kitty may seem a bit stressed out this month. Maybe there are some changes going on in the household? Maybe your kitty misses having the kids around the house now that they’re back in school. This is the perfect month to pamper your feline. Extra treats and playtime will help transition your cat to new changes and keep their spirits high.

Aquarian kitties are all about comfort this month. You’ll probably find them in their favorite napping areas most of the time. September is a month of change and relaxing is the way Aquarius cats deal with change. Indulge your cat’s wishes by setting up an extra comfortable bedding area for them. They’d very much appreciate it!

September is a lucky month for the imaginative Piscean cat. If it seems like your kitty is planning something, it probably is. Pisces cats will find a balance in life, but it may not be apparent to you. They may pull away if you come close or come closer as you pull away. It may seem like there is a conflict within, but the Pisces cat is very much at peace.

Need some guidance on how to get through the full and new moons with your cat companion this month? An online or phone psychic from Hollywood Psychics can help you get a better understanding of your pet’s September horoscope.

From Cat Chat With Caren and Cody:This is a sponsored post. We received compensation to feature it. Cody and I LOVE Astrology/Psychics anyway and it is our pleasure to have this as a monthly feature!


  1. Luv da foto Cody.

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  2. Oh we wonder what Neytiri is planning...she is a Pisces!

  3. I'm a Pisces kitty! My human has never had one of me before. Sparkle was Cancer, and the cat before her was Gemini.

    1. very interesting! Dakota is a Pisces. Super sensitive and I bet you are going to become obsessed with water :)

  4. LOL Cody you are mystical indeed. Have a terrific Tuesday.
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  5. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I am Virgo. :-)

  6. thanks for the 411 - I know what to watch out for now :)

  7. Love these horoscopes!
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  8. I always wonder which sister is which sign.

  9. Mom truly wonders what sign each of us was truly born under.

  10. Ooh, we just love those horoscopes! They are so much fun! :-D Thanks for sharing! :-) xx Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  11. MomFOD screwed up my birthday. I am astrologically unidentifiable. Sigh. I guess that means I'm compatible with Cody because I could be whatever he wants me to be. ;) - Crepes.

  12. "astrologically unidentifiable" I am sorry but that is HILARIOUS!!!!! And Crepes, I am starting to think I have to protect Cody...lol......I am not sure if he understands role playing............ROFLMAO!!! xoxoxo

  13. I am Leo, and ... I am sure that my Nat à Chat is really happy to know that I will take a lot of nap !

  14. I am an Aries and mum says my horoscope is me to a T, or should that be an F? Mum says I only have 2 speeds which are asleep or flat out. If I want her to wake up I lie on her chest and keep headbutting her until she wakes up. If I get my aim straight, sometimes I can get my nose in her nostril.

  15. My libra kitteh is full of love ALL the time!

  16. It's always nice to know what to expect. Hey...Our Mom is a Libra too!!!

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    1. That's why she is so nice (wink)...my Mom is on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio (that is why she is evil) lol

  17. Great post - three of our kitties are born under the sign of Virgo and they definitely want to know why that food bowl is always empty. It's one of life's little mysteries.

  18. I LOVE your cat horoscopes. :) It's my favorite time of the month haha.

  19. We sure wish we knew when our cats were born. But we love reading your horoscopes, regardless! :)

  20. I'm Taurus and my mum says I am quite stubborn! Mum is a Cancerian and so she is moody and sensitive.

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  21. Love those Cat horoscopes too! :)