Monday, September 1, 2014

Enter to Win! Book:Bailey Boat Cat, Adventures Of A Feline Afloat by Louise Kennedy. World-Wide Give-Away!

Ahoy Kitties!!
It's Cody and I have some exciting news for you!!!  One of our kitty furiends has pawed a book! Oh YES he has!  My furiend is Bailey Boat Cat,  a Seal Point Siamese, and the "self-proclaimed admiral of the sailing vessel Nocturne." Mom and I have been following his blog since it first began in October of 2012.

Mom and I were first intrigued by the incredible photos, and of course who WOULDN'T be intrigued by a kitty who has been cruising the Mediterranean since 2011 with Captain "Dad" and his First Mate "Mum?" His blog is so unique!
His book is unique as well!
The world has known its share of famous nautical cats, but few have the personality, purrsonality, sailing know-how, and the take-charge attitude of Bailey! When you read the book you will see why!

We are deeply honored to be one of a clowder of kitties who were offered the oppawtunity of reading Bailey's book before it hits the bookstores in the U.S. on September 2nd! (It is already available in Australia and the U.K.)

 Kitties, Mom and I just finished reading Bailey's book,  and I gotta tell ya, the photographs are equally as stunning as the ones on Bailey's blog (maybe more so!). There is sooo much information packed into this 96 page hardcover about life at sea that it will have you shivering your timbers!!!

You will learn about:

  • Sailing Skills
  • Safety at Sea
  • Galley Grub
  • Boat Maintenance
  • Playtime on board
  • and MORE!!!

Before I tell ya about one of my favorite parts of this book, take a peek at Bailey's famous book trailer!

From Bailey Boat Cat: Whether it be describing life on a bot, sending Meowday messages, scrubbing the decks, or calculating clouds, this irresistible First Cat look at sailing is a must read for anyone who is cat-crazy, loves sailing, or lives a life at sea!

Also, sprinkled like catnip throughout the book are some of Bailey's Whisker Wisdom:

"There is no better place on a hot day than the shade of a sail"
"To be curious on a boat is to have the world at your paws."

Ready for my favorite part?

We all know that cats LOVE string and rope right?
Well, that is true for boat cats as well!
Bailey tells us about:

Five knots
every boat cat should know
They are the:


See? I told ya you can learn a lot about sailing and the life of a boat cat by reading this book! I give it FOUR PAWS UP!!

Now I have some exciting news for you my furiends! If you would like to learn why cats are far more qualified to sail than dogs, and if you want to experience first-hand Whisker Wisdom from a cat who knows his boats from buoys, there are TWO things that you can do!!!!

1) Visit the Bloomsbury/Bailey Boat Cat SUPER PAGE and you can receive 50% OFF by entering the code "CarenCody"  (The book retails for $15.95. This code is for the U.S. only, and you MUST purchase the book DIRECTLY from the publisher's website).  You can also find a list of retailers where the book can be purchased on the same page  NOTE! The discount code is not applicable for those sites.

2) Enter our world-wide give-away!!!!
The publisher has generously offered to mail a copy of Bailey Boat Cat to THREE LUCKY WINNERS LOCATED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!!! All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below!  (There is one mandatory entry and 2 where you can earn extra chances to win!) GOOD LUCK!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Official U.S. Publication Date:September 2, 2014
ISBN: 9781472906502 Hardcover, 96 pages
eBook: 9781472906526

In full disclosure: I was not compensated for this review or give-away. I was sent a copy of Bailey Boat Cat, Adventures Of A Feline Afloat by Louise Kennedy in exchange for my honest review.


  1. We love Bailey's book lots and highly recommend it!

  2. Looks like a great book!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. Looks great. Have a marvellous Monday and Labour Day Caren & Cody.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Bailey's book is absolutely PAWTASTIC! We loved it and recommend it to everyone who either sails, has a kitty cat, or just loves a fun and informative read about the life of a sailing cat named Bailey and his lucky humans aboard their beautiful sailboat. Great review!!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Thanks so much Sammy! We couldn't agree more about Bailey!! Have a great day! Love, Cody

  5. What a fun idea for a book. Love the book trailer and Bailey is adorable. Sending everyone best wishes for a wonderful day this Labor Day.

  6. Bailey is SUCH a cutie!!!
    Happy Labor Day from all of us at the Townhouse : )
    ~Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

  7. We love Bailey! Hope you're having a pawesome Labor Day, Caren and Cody!

  8. Bailey sure has the sweet life Cody :) and always some great news and exciting adventures...galley grub sounds great! and as for ropes and knots ..well Fozziedad is learning this at the moment as he is learning for his volunteer work with an emergency services group:) have a great Labor day ours was back in march...:) hugs and loves Fozziemum xx

  9. That sounds like a fabulous book.
    We cannot believe Bailey was swimming :o
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Oh my Gosh I didn't know Bailey could Swim Pawsome!xx Speedy

  11. Seeing Bailey swim threw me for a loop! My Seal Point (Ting Ting) absolutely HATES water! When she's on the table or counter tops, just a squirt of water sends her running. I'm hoping to win the book so it can be shared with Ting and Jax.

  12. We love Bailey! Mom wants his book for Christmas.

  13. Bailey looks soooo cute on that cover!!!! :)

    Time to enter! :D

  14. We didn't know Bailey, thank you for introducing him ! He's pawsome ! Amazing ! A sailor cat ! We would love to read his adventures ! Purrs

  15. Sounds like a really great book! Thanks for sharing this post with us! Happy Labor Day, sweetie! :-) xx Roxy & Tigerlino <3

  16. This sounds like a lovely book. Bailey is such a good swimmer.

  17. Hmmm--well, we think Bailey lives and eggsiting life all right . . . but too much water for me! ;-)

  18. That does sound like a fun book, so we'll enter the contest. Thanks for offering us the opporunity.

  19. Sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  20. OMC! I was dying that Bailey was gonna fall in the ocean, balancing on those ledges.

  21. We know of Bailey, so this is an exciting giveaway! The book is great! And we hope you are kicking back and relaxing for Labor Day, Caren. We aren't too worried about Cody over doing it. MOL

  22. Dat's almost as pawsum as Bailey.

    Luv ya'


  23. Wow, sounds like a wonderful book...what great adventures they are having!

  24. We love Bailey and would love to read his book!!

  25. This looks like a fabulous book, what a very cool cat indeed!!

  26. I hope to get my hands on it soon! ;) It looks like a great book!