Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Free Pet Rx Discount Card Offers Affordable Prescriptions to Pet Parents

Prescriptions for humans can be quite expensive, and we all know that for pets the same holds true.  I remember thinking through the years how GREAT it would be if I had a savings card for prescriptions for my pets...well, NOW we do! I was excited when I received this press release because I think it will save pet owners money. Saving money is ALWAYS good, right? You can get a separate card for cats and dogs.

 A New Jersey-based business is providing pet parents a free solution to eliminate the pocket-draining costs associated with pet prescriptions.

Free Pet Rx Discount Card, a company that specializes in finding discounts for pet medications, has announced the launch of their free discount card for animal prescriptions. Pet owners can save anywhere from 10 to 75 percent off their pet’s prescriptions, with an average of 30 percent off.

To participate, visit Free Pet Rx Discount Card’s website at www.freepetrxdiscountcard.com and print the discount card. To use, simply present your discount card with a written prescription from your veterinarian at a participating pharmacy. Free Pet Rx Discount Card is accepted in 56,000 pharmacies nationwide and there are no fees or surcharges.

Every card is immediately active and ready for use, completely free, requires no paperwork and has no restrictions or expiration date. If you don’t have the physical card in hand, you can simply show your pharmacist an image of the card to receive the discounts.

Allan Caan, Program Director of Free Pet Rx Discount Card, said he’s eager to help pet parents find affordable prescriptions.

“95 percent of all pet medications are the same as the drugs people use but in a different prescribed dosage,” Caan said. “The best part about our card is that any pet parent is eligible to participate and there are no sign-up costs or hidden fees. All you need to do in order to get these savings is select a participating pharmacy, give them the prescription that you received from your veterinarian and show your card.”

Pet parents alike are excited about the new Free Pet Rx Discount Card program.

“Trying to fill my pet’s prescriptions through online pharmacies has always proved challenging,” Terry Silbert of West Milford, N.J., who owns two cats and one dog, said. “I was shocked to see how easy it is to use the Free Pet Rx Discount Card program, and how much money I’m able to save on my pet's prescriptions!”

The company’s dedication to consumers stretches beyond individual pet caretakers. Pet non-profits and organizations, as well as businesses, can bring great savings to pet owners across America, by offering the Free Pet Rx Discount Card. This program is available at no cost to the organization or business and free for all their clients to use. Free Pet Rx Discount Card customizes cards with the organization's logo as well as provides the organization with an e-mail card, flier, and card downloader for their website, helping to get affordable prescriptions for more pets.

For more information, please visit Free Pet Rx Discount Card at www.freepetrxdiscountcard.com or at booth #27142 at SuperZoo, July 22-24, 2014 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

About Free Pet Rx Discount Card
Free Pet Rx Discount Card specializes in discount cards for pet medications. This card offers discounts that can save a pet owner an average of 30 percent off the pharmacy cost of a prescription. There is no cost and no information is collected to use the card. For more information, please visit FreePetRxDiscountCard.com or connect with us on TwitterFacebook or Google+.

 to find a participating pharmacy near you, click here.
I discovered that I  have a number of pharmacies in my area
 that honor the card, hope you do too!
To view the discounted list of meds for CATS click here
To view the discounted list of meds for DOGS click here


  1. We used to get ours from the vet and then bought Pip's meds on line as it was so much cheaper. Good idea. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh wow! Thank you for sharing! Yes of course saving money is always good!!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. good info, thanks for sharing! I tried the link to get the card but it not work for me. :( link is not working, I'll go sulk in the corner now...

    1. I am so sorry! Please try again, it should be working now!

  4. Any time you can save a bit helps. This sounds like a wonderful program. Thanks for sharing.

  5. MMM has a prescription card through our pharmacy and we think this is a great idea! Bon Voyage & see you soon!

    And, no, you weren't short. Thanks & we'll talk soon.

  6. This looks great. Thank you Caren!!

  7. Thank you so much. I am going to check this out.
    Sue B

  8. Thank you so much! We are going to check this out.

  9. We're definitely gonna check this out! Zoey gets her medicine compounded by the pharmacy and it's kinda expensive.

  10. This is pawesome!!!! Mom checked, and there are several participating pharmacies in our area! Thanks so much for sharing this, Caren and Cody. We will share too!

    1. you are most welcome!!!! I thought that people would find it to be useful!!

  11. should help a lot of people,xx Rachel