Monday, January 7, 2013

SuperCat™ Catnip Package For YOUR "SuperCat!"

Everyone knows how cats react to catnip. Most cats are in complete euphoria when presented with a catnip toy! My Angel Bobo used to be a catnip connoisseur of the first order. Cody? That's another story. I am convinced that Cody has to be the LAZIEST cat on the planet. He exerts little to no energy on any activity, unless said activity involves EATING. Hmmm...maybe I should come out with a line of FOOD scented toys for cats? Any one with plans to steal that idea, be sure to give ME part of your earnings because you heard that idea HERE...FIRST! But I digress...

Regardless of Cody's less than enthused reaction to catnip, I BELIEVE in the products that I am showing you today. My goal is to ALWAYS give an honest review, and you will get just that. Cody didn't react to the products that I am going to show you in the way that I expected, but I think that his low key reaction is just HIM.

The SuperCat™ catnip toys are a new, patented innovation that is being presented by  Quaker Pet Group.

SuperCat™ uses the same technology as Scratch N Sniff stickers. The stickers are "printed" with small bubbles of "microencapsulated"  catnip oil that bursts when cats rub or scratch the material.  SuperCat's "Nano-Burst Technology" constantly releases the enticing scent of catnip as the bubbles are broken, each lasting approximately six weeks.

I was excited to have been contacted to have Cody test these innovative and NEW products.  I am confident that when it is late at night and I am NOT present in the room with a video camera, that Cody IS going to play with all of these items in a more enthused manner!

Here are the items that I received and that YOU are going to be able to enter to win as well!

Catnip Crumples

Catnip Crumples come in 40 per REGULAR pack, (there are 5 per trial pack)
They continuously release a scent whenever the paper is folded or scratched.

Catnip Markers
They come in 2 per pack
They are non-staining and non-toxic and are purrfect for "writing" on toys, paper, floors, walls, scratching posts, and bedding. **Writing is in quotes because when you "write" with the pens whatever you have "written" shows up rather lightly. It is mostly used to distribute the scent.

Catnip Spray
(1 per pack) is clear, non-staining and non-toxic. Can be used to re-vitalize "dead" catnip mouse toys or to entice cats to enter a carrier.

Scratch N Sniff Catnip Stickers
(60 per pack) are great to stick on just about any surface that you actually WANT the cat to scratch!

My personal favorite, and one that all of you cat people out there are going to just bunny-kick yourselves about, because YOU didn't think to market/patent this,  is made out of an object that CATS LOVE...A PAPER BAG!

Catnip Caves

of everything that Cody and I received this had to be my favorite (and Cody's as well). It's so basic and simple, and is so well-suited to cats and their likes, that I happen to think that this is PURR GENIUS!

You get 4 caves per pack. The "caves" are catnip scented and are great for pouncing and hiding!

Want to win? Our friends at SuperCat™  are offering 3 WINNERS their own SuperCat™  Package! GIVE-AWAY IS OPEN TO U.S. AND CANADA. ****CANADIAN WINNER(s) must provide phone number if they are chosen. WINNERS IN EITHER U.S. OR CANADA MAY NOT USE A P.O. BOX as their address.


Enter using Rafflecopter below.

Good Luck!!

In Full Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was given the same prize package that you will receive. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Katie would LOVE these catnip wonders.
    Waffles Too on the other hand...I don't even want to THINK about the mayhem that would ensue.
    ; )

  2. What a great idea! Cody seems to like his catnip cave. Yous knows me likes catnip, but me is not the connoisseur that hissy old Licorice was or Kozmo is!
    We is not entering as wes just has PO Boxes.

  3. Oh! Oh! I want to enter! That looks like LOADS of fun!

  4. Pawsome Reviews Caren & Cody !!!
    Just read I think I already get the effects..tee..heh...heh
    Good Luck for all enter : )

  5. Cindi Lou doesn't react to catnip either, it's like she doesn't even know it's there. The Kitty Krew however loves anything with catnip. The caves are a great idea.

  6. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. What a clever way to "distribute" catnip! Most cats love crinkly pieces of paper to bat around - releasing a catnip scent is a purrrrfect combination......and that bag? Genius!

    Pam and Sam

  8. Skeeter is a weirdo and never has cared for catnip...

  9. Cody, it looks like you liked that bag. Your Mom spoke too soon. Those all look like great products. We would have such a good time with all of that.

  10. Mmmmmmmm....catnip....mmmmmm....this would be fun at our house.

  11. What creative products! I love the idea of the crumbles and the caves! Our cat Sweet Pea used to love crumbled up little pieces of paper - he passed away in 2011, but I bet he would have loved these products!!

  12. This is such a great, super new toy my kitties would flip to have it.

  13. Very cool. Our kitty friend would love those things
    Benny & Lily

  14. Very neat idea!

    cats of wildcat woods

  15. best fishes ta everee one that enters... N cody...eye am knot inta catnip either but am SEW with ya at de foodz dish !!!

    tuna of moon = ^..^=

  16. Thank you for the Crazzzy Catnip giveaway! My cats will go bonkers over this! Hope I am one of the winners for them.

  17. What a fun giveaway! Maggie P., Grizelda, & Chloe Jo would love this!

  18. It seems like once you bought the spray, you can make the rest of the products yourself. It just pains us that someone would actually spend $$ on a paper bag when they can make one themselves from a bag from the supermarket. Like Cody, I'm not a nipaholic but will enter anyway and give the leftovers to my shelter.

  19. BTW, a L-O-N-G time ago, TW bought catnip-scented wrapping paper for one of her cats. She crumpled it up and the cat just stared at it. Epic fail. Idea looks good on paper but not so good in reality.

  20. Ooo, some of those look intriquing! Catnip Caves and Crumples in particular. While we don't always play with bags, there have been occasions when we can't get enough of them. Purrs from your friends at

  21. my poor deprived kitties who have nothing and get nothing would really appreciate if you could just send them a little something..

  22. Ooooh, I would love one of these cool toys. I think sisfur Little Bit would like the paper bag, she loves all paper bags! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  23. Ohhhh! The kitties taste buds are watering purrrr..

  24. That's an interesting sounding product. Tommie, Gracie and Mickey Mouser would love to try it out.

  25. I'm not entering (we're not huge catnip fans)
    but wanted to say it looks like an interesting product. Good luck to everyone who entered!

  26. We love nips and we loves caves and we would love to win! Cody, you get to try put the bestest things. How lucky you are!

    Our mom hopes your mom can make it to Blogpaws. Growls at the job situation. Its been bad for so long, but we hope your mom has a job soon. We'll be purring for her!

  27. Wow... we didn't know they made so many catnip products. We're gonna have to clue HH in about those. We need to have one of ever kind.

    Have a great day.

    hugs, Max, Bugsy, and Knuckles

  28. Pawesome!

    I shared on my blog fur mew!!!


    Basil xoxo

  29. My Winston kitty would destroy that catnip cave =) The hooligan!
    (But he would so love doing it!)

  30. Well those bags really looked like fun! What a great idea catnip cave. Hope I win.
    Timmy Tomcat

  31. Hi Caren and Cody,

    I just saw one of your paintings you are very, very talented...beautiful. That prize looks cool too.

    1. Hi Casey!! thank you but I didn't paint that. "HH" from Max The Quilt Cat did. It will be on the blog tomorrow and you can read all about it! Thanks so much though, I LOVE that painting!

  32. Thought I'd nip over from my site. Yes, my site I so kindly allow my human to do a bit of 'pawsting'. Oops, catnip. And even though I seem to be surrounded by cats, because I'm such a typically wonderful dog, I shall forward this pawsting to all the various social sites.

    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! xx

  33. Brulee tends to ignore catnip, but Truffle loves it. She's helping Mom Paula type this in hopes of winning it.

  34. OMC! OMC! OMC!
    As the Catnip Guru, I will HAVE to try those!
    A catnip cave... OMC!

    As an aside, Cory and Milou might be related (regarding laziness and eating, although Milou does react to catnip toys - and steals mine!)