Monday, January 21, 2013

Mark Poulin Jewelry! Purrfect for Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I cannot think of a BETTER gift to drop hints about to your significant other, or to purchase for yourself, than a  gift from the VAST assortment of the most stylish, artsy, quality jewelry, pins, magnets, etc. made by the extraordinary Mark Poulin.

Here are Mark's specialties as stated on his main website,,  which you can visit by clicking on the categories below:

Charms - affordable sterling silver treasures
Glass - sketches of your favorite creatures
PureModern - simple, bold color combinations
MarmarSuperstar - magnetic necklaces, magnets, buttons, prints, and cards

While preparing this blog post I was wracking my brain trying to remember WHERE I had FIRST read about Mark Poulin and his jewelry, because I own a few pieces of his that I actually BOUGHT! (Imagine that!)

The first piece that I had bought was for the BlogPaws Conference that I had attended back in 2011, so I had to have first learned about his fabulous jewelry on another blog prior to that. Whomever you are, I apologize for not crediting you, because I can't remember! You can view my  first purchase  by visiting Mark's main website right here.

Then,  a few weeks ago I was reading one of Dakota's doggy friend's blogs, Come Wag Along, and they were having a give-away and guess who won! You got it! For my prize, I was able to select an item ($36 or less) from either of Mark's Etsy shops:
Click here to visit this shop on Etsy!
This shop is where Mark goes to have "fun" From Marmar Superstar:

 "This is the place I get to use every day materials like paper and magnets to make art projects that become necklaces or key chains or greeting cards."

Part of the "Kitty Love" necklace set
click here to visit

Click here to visit his shop on Etsy


Marmar is my first etsy store.

This is the core of my metalsmithing style, it is where I mix my charm designs and my enamel cartoon line. Years ago I took some metal classes at the local Recreation center here in Oakland called Studio One. I learned how to make a wax carving from a drawing and how to cast it in to sterling silver. It still a process that fills me with excitement and fuels my creativity. The only thing I love more than metal work is drawing and the marmar collection allows me to keep doing both. My biggest challenge is editing my drawings down to their simplest essence so they will still pack in the personality but can still be worn as jewelry. If you love animals like me this is the place to be.
Stick Kitty Enamel and Sterling Silver earrings
Click here to visit

Are you ready to see the necklace
 that I chose as the winner of Come Wag Along's give-away?

Here it is!!

Tiny Angel Kitty necklace
Click here for details

This piece is going to be one that I will cherish forever. I already have pieces to represent Cody and Dakota but none to honor my beloved and dearly missed "Soul Kitty", Bobo. I chose this necklace to have him near me always. The only difference is I chose an 18" silver chain. It is now one of the favorite pieces that I own.

The BEST news? One of our lucky readers (we apologize but due to the cost of shipping this give-away is limited to U.S. ONLY) can choose an item priced at $36 or less from either of Mark's Etsy Shops. Enter using the Rafflecopter below and good luck!
IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are just leaving a comment and NOT entering by using the Rafflecopter form below, your entry WILL NOT COUNT.

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  1. Mom love Mark Poulin's video : )
    she said from start to finnish piece for Valentine..Just like how love is.
    It takes time, put some love and lots of commitment on it. And the finish is beautiful : )

  2. Awwwww we love your beautiful necklace in honour of sweet angel Bobo! Take care

  3. That Tiny Kitty Angel necklace is really pretty!

  4. Fabulous Caren. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Just visited Mark Poulin's etsy shop and browsed the three pages of kitty jewelry - what a treat. He captures the heart and fun of kitties purrfectly in every single piece. I love the angel cat necklce you chose Caren to honor your love for Bobo. It's adorable. I like the "Stick Kitty" earrings that you have shown on the blog - it was hard to choose just one thing though - I love his work!!


  6. Oh, these are all lovely. I am off to visit his etsy shops now. Thanks for introducing his work to us.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. That is a bunch of classy things fur sure!

  8. O.. M.. G.. I LOVE Mark Poulin Jewelry!! have for quite some time.. I just love the Stick Kitty and Love Kitty Reversible Enamel and Sterling SIlver Necklace.. (typo and all) :D

  9. Me would LOVES the The dog jumped over the moon for Mommy in honor of my hairy slobbery sister Sam.
    Me LOVES his work! It is beauteous!
    Me has sent Dady a link too

  10. OMC!!! I LOVE his designs!!!!! Win or not, I think some shopping might be in order!!!
    What a cool giveaway : )

  11. Looks like very lovely things are made there and mum is going over to look right now because she loves nice things.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. Oh, we were admiring his jewelry when another blog was giving some of his stuff away! We love the dog magnet sets, and there are a couple we'd have a hard time choosing between!


  13. Oh my catness!! Not enough words to describe how sweet, charming, and adorable his jewelry is!! Keeping my paws crossed to win - and for once it would be a prize for me, not my kitties!!!

  14. I love the lion necklace!

  15. DOH...I can never enter.. :( Slumping off to bed now, wiff head hung low..Night xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  16. I just about fell over when I saw these pieces. I am definitely going to bookmark this site and I suspect I will be making some purchases in the not to distant future!

  17. That jewelry is awesome. I feel a motivational purchase coming on. And by the way,there is an award waiting for you on Feline Funnies latest blog post "REALITY Rocks". :-)

  18. His jewellery is lovely. Our mum has one of his little kitty necklaces which she won in an auction some time ago. She didn't know it was Mark Poulin until she just looked at his site.

  19. oh my CAT, seriously?!?! How cool is this! You bet we're in!!

  20. Oh, and we think you chose our fave too - the angel kitty pendant.

  21. That is some great jewelry! Our mom really likes it!! Oh, and so do we, but she's the one that wears it. ;)

  22. I love the bees knees necklace set! Adorable!

  23. OMC, what great stuff! We love that angel kitty pendant, too. :)

  24. what cute stuff. love the necklace set
    Benny & Lily

  25. If we won we would pick the lamb "Farm Friends" necklace set. Just too cute! It was a really hard choice.

  26. That's some pretty cool stuff--the Human is going to go check out the Etsy store!

    Now, Caren, really! You gotta loves the Niners!!! I mean, how cool would it be to have the Series champs AND the Superbowl champs!?!?! Well, if you can't root for us, you can't. But seriously, the RAVENS? C'mon, Cody, they're big ugly BIRDS, Man!!!

  27. I read about this on Come Wag Along too. Congratulations on winning! You picked an awesome prize, I love it. And THANKS for giving us a chance to win one! It's so hard to pick just one... they are all so cute and unique! I love the cupcake necklace, cute cat glass necklace, turtle necklace, shooting star necklace, the punk kitty glass necklace... it will be a challenge to pick only one!

  28. I hope I entered right. Those thingies always confuse me. I'm going to go look at his sites right now. :)

  29. Congratulations on your new Etsy store. That jewelry is AMAZING! Don't enter me in the giveaway though because I'm from Europe :-(
    How much is the shipping of the angel kitty necklace to Belgium? I might save my pennies and place an order soon ;-)

  30. ok, I just found the answer on your Etsy page. So no need to get back to me :)

  31. Beautiful jewelry. Will have to check out that Etsy store. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  32. Pawesome jewellery!!! Shared fur mew on G+ - twitter and my blog.... all jewellery makers should stick together - my P.A. makes stuff too :)

    Bestest purrs

    Basil xoxox

  33. I learned how to make glass beads from glass rods (lampworked beads) at a local work shop (Iowa State Workspace) and really loved it. I need to get back into that sometime. It really was fun.

  34. That kitty love neckalce is so pretty!

  35. What fab stuff! I visited their Etsy shop to see more.

  36. Our human really likes the pocket cat earrings!

    Pudding & Parfait

  37. Such great creations!

    I really like the little wild fox, he seems to have such an adorable personality! This shop makes me smile :)