Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"The Way We Were"-Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Today we are joining the blog Kizzie Cat and their blogging event:
where you post a photo of yourself when you were a kitten!

Here is our contribution!

This is the size that Cody was when he was adopted. He might have been around 12 weeks old. The soccer ball is a little cat toy soccer ball which gives you an idea of how small he was!

Please visit Kizzie's blog and say hi!


  1. What a cutie!!!
    And those EARS!

    xo Katie & Glogirly

  2. It's hard to believe that Cody was once so tiny!

  3. cute, Cody! hee hee! we noticed the ears too :D you had frootbats, Cody!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  4. aww.. he had those white bits around his eyes even as a kitty!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so cute. I was the size of the sky remote when i came to live here :)xx

  6. Very Smart Cody !
    Put your kitten's photo on ....Now my mom is melting with Tabby like YOU ! Sweet post, Cody : )

  7. @Katie and Glogirly THANK YOU!! My Mom used to call me "Yoda" lol!

    @Mr Puddy awwww thank you!!! Tell your Mom I send her tons of kisses!!!! Love you my friend! xoxoxo

    @Faith Shen thank you!!

    @Princess Jasmine thank you! You were a teeny tiny thing!

    @Alittlesprite, yes he did! :) He wears eye makeup lol

    @Rumblepurr lol!!!!! thank you!!

    @Cara N Crew I know!! lol. My Mom thought I would never grow into them!

    @Sparkle I know! lol. You know what is funny? In bone structure Cody is a smaller actual body, he is chubby lol

  8. So cute. I had ears like that too! Gonna get my mum to post some pics of me when I was little on my blog. Check back later if you wanna see!

  9. Oh my goodness, how cute! It's always hard to believe looking at baby picture of our cats that they were ever that tiny!

  10. Oh cody, you were such a peanut.. How I wish I knew Alex when he was a baby... But, Marc adopted him when he was about 1

  11. Hi there Cody. What a cute little kid you were for sure. Love that picture. Have a great day.

  12. Awwww were a cutie then and have grown into a handsome dude for sure. I might have been about the same age as you when I was adopted - not sure - but Mom says I was adorable too! Takes us a while to "grow into our ears" though doesn't it?!?!?!

    Your Pal Sammy

  13. I know there were pix of me as a tot, but with so many moves, divorces and all sorts of other upheavals, lord only knows what happened to them! Dad has to contact the ex some day to see if she has them. They'd make for some great posts here!!

  14. Adorable portraits!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  15. OMG Cody was such a tiny adorable!!!!! We've posted kitten pics today too :-)

  16. OMIKITTENS!!! WOW whatta CUTIE PIE..then and now!! TOTAL sweetness!!!

  17. You'd big ears when you were a kitty, Cody! How cute!!!

  18. Cody you are almost making me wish Austin was a tabby .... almost! You were a little stunner for sure xox :)

  19. Oh my. Gotta love a kitten. Melt!

  20. That itty bitty Cody is just way too cute!

  21. Get out! That is NOT Cody! Hey Cody, what happened???!! HAH! Just funning you.

  22. awwwww..... what a beautiful baby you were!

  23. Awww...kinda has a 'pointy' face like us Cornies! And we woulda been fooled by that soccer ball ifn you hadn't told us it was a kitty toy! Oh, our Cat Mom said to tell you that she doesn't Twit much and you came up on her list to follow and she was surprised that she wasn't already...after all, it's been a year hahameow!

  24. @Athena thank you!! I have to try and get over there!! If I forget or get too busy, please bug me!

    @Repositorio thank you!

    @Teri that is ok! My Mom is the same! she is so bad about visiting twitter often. Yep when I was little my face was a little pointier but it is nice and fat now MOL!!!

    @rumpydog thank you! Since you are a woofie that is nice of you to say that!

    @Nerissa THANK YOU!! You ain't too bad yourself! MOL!

    @CK Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! What happened was that I grew out of my cuteness and became HANDSOME :)

    @Brian thanks so much pal!

    @Sharon yep! that is why I adopted him! Plus he was a major snuggle bug when I adopted him, he STILL is!

    @Carolyn awww thank you!!! Noooo Austin is one super handsome dude and I know you wouldn't trade him in for the world!

    @Priscilla, yep!! I could almost FLY!! MOL!

    @catspoiler awww thanks so much Rosie my girl!

    @Cat will be over to see them for sure!!

    @Cezar and Leia thank you!

    @orbit we sure hope that your Dad is able to get them. That should have been in your divorce agreement! When my Mom was divorced first time she said she gets the cat (my grandpa Bobo)

    @Sammy I have seen photos of you too and you were super adorable but you still are! Yep, it does take some time for us to grow into our ears, but eventually we do!

    @Marg awww thank you! You have a good day too!!

    @Hilary thank you!!! Alex is still your "baby" doesn't matter how old he was when Marc got him. Mom used to say that about Grandpa Bobo cause she found him when he was about 6 months old and she always wondered what he looked like when he was a kitten.

    @Ingrid thank you! I know! They grow so fast! I remember bringing Cody home to show Lenny and when he came out of his carrier he strutted his bad-self around the apartment as if he owned the place! No fear whatsoever! He had this tiny pot belly too...he was just too cute!

  25. Oh, they grow up too fast. Even at 12 weeks, Cody's personality shines!

  26. Awwww sweet Cody!! Look how tiny you were! Me and Charlie love your kitty ears! Yay! take care

  27. Aww - he is so appealing. Thank you for joining in, Kizzie and I enjoying seeing all these kitten photos.

  28. @Jewel thank you! Thanks for organizing this fun event! Also, thank you for stopping by. We have enjoyed looking at everyone's too!

    @Old kitty my "YODA" ears! MOL. xoxoxo to you and Charlie!

    @Layla don't they? I wish they could always stay kitten-sized! He always did have a lot of personality! lol. You are right!

  29. Such a tiny sweetie. Mom was too lazy to dig out out kitten pics!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  30. OMC--You was just 'dorable! I don't have any baby pictures because the Human didn't even HAVE a flashy box back then! (Ah, the good old days....)

  31. Cody was so tiny and cute. It is hard to remember how small they once were.

  32. Oh Cody, that is such an adorable photo of you!

  33. Awwww...simply adorable!!!


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