Friday, June 11, 2010

Cody Gets His Say, His Rebuttal To "Celebrate Me Home" (Please!!)

Hey everyone! It's ME! Cody! Shhhh....don't tell my Mom I am here. I FINALLY got to the computer, not sure where Mom is, she's  probably somewhere tending to the incessant needs of good 'ol "Sheltie Boy".

A few weeks back my Mom wrote a blog about my not being upset when she leaves the house and not being overwhelmed with ecstasy upon her return. ("Celebrate Me Home" (Please!!) pub date May 21, 2010).  Well I am hear to tell ya there are 3 sides to every story, "his side, her side and the TRUTH!" I am hear to tell ya the TRUTH!

I was a tiny kit when my Mom adopted me, I was only 8 wks old. I came from a great foster home where I was greatly loved, my former name was "Prince" so sometimes my Mom calls me "Cody, the cat formerly known as Prince"....but my point is, with the name of "Prince" I was exalted and treated as royalty, as I SHOULD be!

Don't get me wrong. My Mom and Dad adore me, they give me toys, "noms" (don't know what a "nom" is? in "catspeak" a "nom" is a treat, got it?) food, kisses, playtime, hugs and cuddles but what I DIDN'T sign on for was a DOG.  Things were wonderful my first 2 and a half months in my new home, then what do they do? They bring in a DOG. They call him my "brother", get a clue Mom and Dad he is a DOG, "separated at birth?" I think not.

"Sheltie Boy" is a major attention hog, I think he takes his show dog lineage just a tad too seriously, he thinks he is a "star", get a clue, this is no show ring, you are in MY domain "Sheltie Boy"! I can barely get a meow in edge-wise! It all starts in the wee hours of the morning after I prance and dance around his crate and get him going, the whining, spinning (what's up with THAT??)  and barking for food begins, yep, they feed HIM first! Disgusting. Same thing happens at night, Dad comes home from work, "Sheltie Boy" starts his incessant barking and who gets fed first? HIM! Mom and Dad's favorite line is "Cody you're next"....who put "Sheltie Boy" at the top of the food chain? Geeze....I was here first!!

Mom and Dad think it is so cute that "Sheltie Boy" is hyperventilating, jumping like a Kangaroo on "Red Bull" and pitifully whining upon their return from ANYWHERE. Disgusting. Humiliating. Pitiful. They could have been in the bathroom and he will go through this ridiculous display of weakness upon their return. I am soooo far above that. I know they are home, am I happy? Yes! Am I gonna dance around them in an unrefined display of irritating exuberance? I think not. I am a cat, I repeat, a cat, cats are far more self-respecting than THAT.

On the bright side, "Sheltie Boy" DOES let me drink out of his water bowl (for some reason his water tastes sooo much better!, must be that slobber). Occasionally I catch a nip of the never-ending supply of beef knuckles that he has stashed all over the living room (until my Mom catches me and starts getting neurotic thinking that I am gonna get sick if I eat it.....geeze, get a life). He "kisses me" and sometimes tries to "groom" me (when he doesn't have his nose half-way up my butt, sick puppy) We "play", at least he THINKS it is play, one day when he least expects it he will be mine, all mine!! We keep each  other company when Mom and Dad leave. I love sitting and watching his neurotic self trying to chew up the door panel when the chihuahua across the hall charges for our door. Uh "Sheltie Boy" that is a CHIHUAHUA, do you hear me? A are over 3 times his size and you react like THAT?? Puhllllllleaaase!!

So, now you have a little better understanding of what I have been going through ever since "Sheltie Boy" aka "Dakota" came to live in MY territory. I tolerate a lot. I am a kind, fun-loving and patient kinda guy. Ok I'll confess, I love Dakota, I love my Mom and Dad more than all the "noms" on this planet (well maybe not THAT much), I'm happy when you come home, but I will show you in MY way...I am a CAT, kindly remember that, you need embarrassing displays of affection? That is why you got a DOG. Rest assured I will always find ways to remind you of that fact.


  1. MOL! Dis is ALL so true. I understand what you are dealing wid Cody. Remember goggies are just not as smart as we are and day need constant reassurance from da hoomans.

  2. Kokoro thank you! Thanks for reading and commenting! Thanks for laughing!! :)

    Ohhhh so true!! Da "hoomans" need reassurance too! :)

  3. Hysterical! My favorite comment - . . . "his side, her side and the TRUTH!" I love your blog!

  4. @Anonymous thank you!!! I can't take credit for the quote, I have heard it over and over but don't remember the source. I love it too!!!!
    Thanks so much and I hope you will continue to read and comment!

  5. Hi Caren, this is all so cool. I couldn't stop laughing even after reading your post. It's so funny. I have never thought of what a kitty thinks and feels towards their humans and yes, Cody is so right. CATs do have their own lofty ways to show their happiness and affections which are completely different from dogs.

    Your post really made my day, thanks.

  6. Awww Priscilla THANK YOU!!! It means a lot!!! I am so happy to make you laugh, I LOVE making people laugh!!
    As an owner of Shelties you know about the "Sheltie Spinning" too! lol
    Thanks so very much again!

  7. Caren, sooo true, -yes behavior troubles from the mix of feral and curmudgeon 16 yr old, now am snubbed equally except for da noms :( -Ms.Z.

  8. Awww Ms.Z!!!

    You took the ferals in????

    How many?

    Oh your poor 16 yr old must be sooo upset!

    Thanks for always reading and commenting!

  9. Sometimes I dance around in an unrefined display of irritating exuberance. Maybe I should be more cat-like. In any event, I really love your blog. I will definetly continue to follow and spread the good word.

  10. @John now THAT was funny!!!!!!!!!!!

    From much of what I have read in your blog you ARE quite cat-like (that is a compliment!)

    Thanks very, very much for the kind words!! I really appreciate it and thanks for reading!!! I am following yours as well!!

  11. Fun post. Email me? My blog is at and my book Katz Tales is at with sneak preview.

  12. thank you! I emailed you. So nice to meet you Au and Target. Sent you a friend request on Facebook. I already signed up to receive your blog postings via email, your blog is AMAZING!!! Maybe one day I will follow in your footsteps? I can only hope!
    Fabulous work!

  13. This is our first visit to our blog and it is really nice. We are a bunch of cats here and so we outnumber the two dogs that live here and we are all pretty much equal. Course you know that cats rule, so if there is something we need, the doggies just have to wait. You know us kitties have to eat every 56 seconds. There are 18 of us feral kitties here so that is a lot of feeding for the old woman that takes care of us.
    Cody, we understand purrfectly about the doggie getting things ahead of you. You need to assert yourself. You can jump on the counter you know.
    Anyway, have a wonderful day.

  14. Marg thanks so much for stopping by! I am hoping that this will be the first of MANY visits for you!
    Oh my!! 18 feral kittens??!! That is amazing! And 2 dogs? Wow those dogs must be having a field day with all of those kitties! lol.
    As for Cody jumping on the counter? Shhhhh....he isn't reading this right now and he for some reason hasn't figured that out and I don't want him to :)
    You have a wonderful day as well and thanks so much for your entertaining comment! Love to the 2 doggies and 18 ferals! You are a true angel Marg!

  15. Gotta agree Cody Dood! That is one good post. Sheltie... Lawdy...

    1. Timmy you are SOOOOOOO kind to have come over and read it!! THANK YOU! I think you are the ONLY one who did! lol. I agree, "Sheltie...Lawdy" MOL!
      Love, Cody