Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodbye Amelia Earhart Middle School, Hello To New Beginnings

Hi all, Cody here. Happy Summer and all that stuff. It is gonna be a good summer. Not just a good summer but a good new beginning, yep I feel it, I feel it in my paws.

Don't know if any of you know but my Dad is a teacher. Or he was a teacher, well he could still be a teacher but for now he won't be teaching, he did that for a very long time. 35 yrs in fact. Barely missed a day. Dedicated guy my Dad is. Makes a kitty proud. I wasn't around for all of those years since I am only 3 but my Mom told me stories about it so that is how I know. Never doubt what I know. I know a lot you know.

My Mom told me my Dad was happy but also a little sad. For the 35 yrs he was teaching he taught in Detroit. He taught at  Amelia Earhart Middle School  for 26 of those years. He taught Special Ed. Not sure what that is but I think he taught pre-teen cats and kits  so I guess that is what makes it so "special" huh?

Well, Mom and Dad heard on the news that the Detroit Schools are in a financial crisis. To us cats it means they had no more money for tuna, mice and cool stuff like that. So the top cats decided that 40 schools have to be torn down. Just like that, they are gonna tear down my Dad's school. In just a matter of weeks it will be gone. That is sad. Teachers and staff abandoned and forced to be strays. I bet a lot of you kitties can relate to that. Many of the teacher cats and staff aren't sure where they are going to go and that is scary. I know. They are hoping they will be adopted by a new school that will appreciate all of their hard work and treat them nice and give them lots of money to buy catnip and cool stuff like that.

My Dad decided to retire and a few other cats at the school decided to retire as well. I didn't know what that meant so I asked my Mom. She said that means that my Dad will be home every day. (I thought it meant that when you "retire" you just get tired again and take a cat nap). Guess I don't know everything after all.

My Mom and Dad went to a party last week to say goodbye to all of the cool cats that my Dad played with all day at school. My Dad even emceed the party (ya know he's cool like that my Dad is). They had a good time but my Mom said it was bittersweet, (kinda like milk that spoiled I guess, kinda upsets your tummy).

My Mom told me they will still keep in touch with all of those hardworking cats. She is obsessed with Facebook and Twitter so she will keep a close paw on all of the teacher and staff cats to make sure they are doing well. She and my Dad are happy about that. But it is still sad that my Dad won't see them every day. He will miss them. He will miss his Linda Harper Cat the most because she kept a watchful eye on my Dad to make sure his school cage was neat and clean. She was very good to him and my Mom. She and my Mom are kind of like sisters. That is nice.

I think my Dad will be happier and I know my Mom and brother Dakota will be too. We get to have our Dad home every day. He will play with us and pet us and keep my Mom from going crazy having only a cat and dog to talk to all day. (She gets a little frustrated if we don't answer, you know how Moms are)

When my Dad came home from school last Friday I saw a slight tear in his eye. I saw it cause I ran to greet him when he got home. He was sad to say goodbye to those cats. He is excited though for a new beginning. 
I told him not to be sad. All of the great cats from Amelia Earhart Middle School that are not retiring are gonna get new homes and be just fine. The retiring ones are gonna have more time for lots of kitty fun.  My Dad will be fine too. I know it. I feel it in my paws. I know a lot you know.


  1. We wish your Dad a very happy retirement. It's great having your humans at home all day!

    Whicky Wuudler

  2. @Whicky Wuudler, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Yep Cody read your comment and he agrees!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your dad's story to us, Cody. I think your dad is a great dad and a great cat teacher. Working and teaching hard at school for the past 35 years is definitely not easy for a cat teacher. Your dad is a true dedicated cat teacher. I'm sure he's a treasure that the cat school had too.

    We wish your dad a happy retirement. It's really great to have your dad and mom at home with you all too.

  4. Hi Priscilla! It is Cody! My Mom let me come on to thank you personally. (I told her sometimes you let Eva type a thank you as well so she let me do it)
    Thanks for the kind words about my Dad, I agree!!
    I also want to thank you for reading my Mom's blog all of the time, she appreciates it.
    We enjoy reading everything about Eva as well and love seeing her pretty Sheltie face. (shhhhh, I think my Sheltie brother Dakota has a crush on her but don't tell!!!)

  5. Aren't you a lucky kitty, Cody, to have your dad home with you all day. My mom is home most days, and even though she spends a lot of time on the computer when she should be playing with me, I still like having her around.

    Your friend,

  6. Hi Allegra! I am so lucky! My Mom is letting me reply to everyone who comments directly to ME! I feel soooo special!
    Yeah I am lucky that I will have my Dad home all day for sure!
    I know what you mean about your Mom being on the computer a lot of the time. It is the same with my Mom. Your Mom has work to do and so does mine and we are very patient and loving kitties because we understand! My Mom works on the laptop in the kitchen which makes me happy cause she is in close proximity to my "noms"
    Thanks for writing to me Allegra! I am happy and proud to have you as my friend!

  7. Stopping by to say hello with Welcome Wednesday. Hope you are having an amazing week! Would love to have you visit my blogs.



    Felissa (Davinia & Indiana too)

  8. Hi Felissa!
    Thanks for stopping by, I hope you follow as well on Welcome Wednesday!

    I am already following Two Little Cavaliers

  9. Mom says dad is a House Husband and he stays home too - does that mean he is retired?

  10. lol Caesar....I don't think so. I think it means he does all of the work at home!!! If he were retired he wouldn't do anything! lol

  11. oh and Caesar thanks for stopping by and for commenting! Nice to meet you!

  12. what a lovely post, and a lovely daddy and mommy you have :)

  13. "T" thanks so much! I will tell them! My Mom will be happy that you stopped by and commented. Thanks!

  14. Such a sad story about the school being closed and OMG, torn down! But it is kinda nice to have Dad around full time, I bet. My mom just retired from teaching too. It's a shame she doesn't have a cat at home to keep her company. Maybe I'll find her a nice siamese friend. That's her favorite kind of cat.

    Congrats on the retirement! Here's to many happy years of laid back days. (My mom gets her 'teaching fix' by substituting when she can.)


  15. Hi Anastasia, What did your Mom teach? Yes you should get your Mom a cat! Where are you located? There are so many cats that need homes, I bet she would love it.
    Thanks for the congrats wishes and the same to your Mom!!

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  17. I remember Mr. Gittleman! He was my teacher in the 80s! He was a kind and patient man! We had a poetry contest in his class and he was the subject of my poem!

    1. OMG!! I just showed this to him, what is your name? I want to tell him! So nice of you to comment!