Friday, November 27, 2009

If Your Cat Has Fleas

Call the vet.

All situations are unique. Treatment options are decided upon based on your cats' age, disposition, health concerns, etc.

Call the vet.

Forget over-the-counter treatments, they are not strong enough.

Call the vet.

Once you discover your cat has fleas (which are small flat-bodied insects that are no bigger than a pinhead) you will need professional strength treatment and only a vet can provide that. Your vet can prescribe medication that can be given by mouth, applied directly to the skin or by a shot.

The longer you wait to call the vet the more fleas the cat will have. A vet can also give you shampoos, foams, dips, sprays etc that can help you fight the battle of the fleas both on your cat and in your home.

Many vets have on-site groomers who can also treat the cat.

Someone that commented on this site mentioned they were told they can bathe the cat in dishwashing liquid to get rid of the fleas. DO NOT DO THIS. Dishwashing liquid is too harsh for your cat's skin, they have shampoos specifically designed for cats.

Call the vet.

If a cat has a bad case of fleas it can possibly lose blood and become anemic.

Call the vet.

Your cat will be "itching" to see him.

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  1. Apple cider vinegar is a good natural flea repellent. It's safe for cats but it's just a preventive measure. If flea infestation is strong the only option is calling the vet.