Saturday, November 14, 2009

Curiosity Nearly Killed This Cat Lover/Blogger

I'm baaaack and sooo happy to be back and all in one piece!

Monday evening I was on the balcony enjoying the unseasonably warm weather when "what to my wondering ears", I heard the sound of a cat crying. Uh-oh for me that is a dangerous sound. It is one I cannot ignore. I probed the darkness with my eyes  trying to catch a glimpse of the wailing kitty. Kitty Rescue 911 had been called, I was on alert! I went off to proceed with my rescue! Didn't get the memo that I would be the one crying and in need of rescuing!

In my rush to find the soon to be feline felon I flew out the back door of our condo, eyes riveted on the courtyard ahead so as not to miss my poor victim. Too bad I forgot there were stairs. Big Stairs. Big raggedly edged concrete stairs just waiting to attack.

CRASH, BOOM, WHACK, THUD I rolled and smashed my way to the ground. I bashed my knee, smashed my arm, hand and finger and whammed the side of my face onto the concrete. Thank G-d for baseball hats with brims! If I hadn't been wearing one I am certain I would have cracked my skull.
I rolled onto my back, legs in the air, like a water bug, (not a pretty site to see this kind of girth laying in that most unbecoming manner). I was afraid I couldn't move. I lay there looking at the lights of our condo on the 2nd floor wondering why my Sheltie who barks at every sound (even those unable to be heard by man) did not run to the window to alert my husband that I was in danger and needed help! Lassie he is not, (but we'll keep him).

Thankfully after Xrays I am fine. Still can't bend my finger, I am bruised like an over ripe banana on my chest and arm, ("no doc my husband didn't beat me, I had an altercation with 2 giant steps over a cat!!") but I am fine!!

I laugh when I think of what a dear friend said to me when I told her of the mishap. She said she hoped the cat hadn't filmed the entire escapade and posted it on Youtube.

I never did find that cat, but I WILL be checking Youtube.

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  1. The worst part of these scenarios is that even if the cat stuck around, it wouldn't be to make sure you were o.k.,-I'd expect him/her to sniff indignantly and demand vittles :) -Ms Z.