Monday, August 2, 2010

Marvin The Cat From Haute Or Not Pets, Gives Two Paws Up To The FroliCat Bolt

I am proud to introduce to you today Marvin The Cat from Haute Or Not Pets . Haute or Not Pets is your premier online resource for information, opinions, and reviews on the latest pet products. They have assembled an expert panel of in-house product testers, along with special guests, if the product calls for it. Their product reviewers work their collective tails off, eating, chewing, wearing, or playing with all of the products featured in Haute or Not? so that you can benefit from their "first-paw" experience!

Soooo I now turn you over to the star of today's blog, Marvin The Cat!!

There Is No Way A Human Invented This Device
 It Must Have Come From Outer Space

...Meow. My name is Marvin the Cat. You can also call me Bitey McBitey, Scratches MacGee, or Claws Malone.

Every cat needs a few aliases, especially the black cat variety.

Being a cat isn’t all sunshine-filled naps in windows and curling up in cozy baskets. We need to work to keep our physiques so … cat-like and sleek, but sometimes humans are somewhat lacking in the personal trainer department.
I love chasing bright green string, shoelaces, random legs walking by, catnip-filled toy mice, my own tail (although that’s really not becoming in a black cat, so I prefer to do that in private!), and of course laser pointers!

Ask any feline and they’ll tell you, those little red dots that dance and dart around are pesky and oh-so chaseable. But those gosh darn humans I keep around sometimes get bored when I settle in for a good, long stalk and take the red dot away.

That’s why I was extra excited when I heard about the automatic laser released by FroliCat. Simply named Bolt, it’s a fantastic way for me to hone my stalking skills, get some exercise, and be entertained, all without the need of my human!

My human turned it on and it made a noise. I stared at it. Surely this thing was not going to work. Except … it did!

The light danced and teased and moved in patterns I did not expect (and as a cat, you do learn to predict your prey’s moves). For fifteen whole minutes I chased, pounced, stalked, and ran after that little red dot.

The cool thing is, you can get your human to turn it to manual and then they can wave it about and play with you for a little interaction.

I give the FroliCat Bolt a big, two paws way up, in the HAUTE department. And with the holiday season not nearly as far away as you might think it makes the purr-fect gift for your feline friends, or friends who work for a feline.

The FroliCat Bolt is fun, it’s addictive, and it’s one cat toy I can come back to again and again -- especially when my human is too busy, the FroliCat simply needs a moment of attention from my human to switch it on, and then I’m off, having fun, getting healthy and honing my skills. It is also affordable! It is only $19.95 and can be purchased at

Fancy gadgets … oh so HAUTE!  (Visit Haute Or Not Pets at )


  1. The Bolt looks like fun! My 2 kitties could sure use the exercise too! Happy Monday!

  2. looks like a really fun toy, for a lazy cat owner! I say haute too!

  3. Hi Jill! Happy Monday (or "Meowday!") to you too! thanks for stopping by and for commenting! The Bolt does look like fun!

  4. @Anonymous I like toys designed for "lazy" cat owners. I get tired of sitting forever with a stick with a rubber pom pom on the end while my cat plays with it. He would have me doing that for hours if I let him!
    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  5. That may very well qualify as one of the best inventions ever. Our cat would go berserk. :)

  6. @Life With Dogs I agree! except my kitty gets too worked up with lasers :)
    I used them all the time with my previous cat, he loved them! Most cats have no problem with them.
    I just LOVE the feature that enables a lazy cat owner (like myself) to just let the laser go on it's own.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  7. *Ridiculous question alert* ;) I've never tried a laser toy--despite being intrigued by them for years--out of a concern that the laser might possibly hurt my cat's eyes. Does anyone know if that's a remotely realistic worry, or should I feel a-ok about trying out a Bolt? (It really does sound like a neat toy!)

  8. We like blogs dat test products and give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down". It does look like fun. M said she'll think about getting one for me.

  9. We've been TOTALLY wanting one of those, but Rumblemum thinks we'd get 'too worked up'


  10. GlamKitty, that isn't a ridiculous question. Years ago when I bought a laser for my first kitty I was worried about the same thing. I was told by the vet an emphatic "No" unless you were to sit and shine the light directly in the cat's eyes. So no worries!
    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  11. Hi Mario! Thank you! If you like blogs that do reviews about products etc then I have more surprises in store for you! Keep a kitty eye open for them! Thanks for your comment I love having feedback as to what you kitties like and don't like!

  12. @Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr- I have to say I have the same problem with my Cody. (I didn't have it with my first cat Bobo) Cody gets much too worked up and starts panting. Some cats are completely unphased by lasers. You could always try it and if you both got to worked up your Mom and Dad could give the toy to another kitty or to rescue kitties at foster homes or something! :)
    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  13. Oh dear, I didn't know there is such a gadget like this at all. What a clever invention! But is this only for cats??? I think Eva will go crazy if she sees the lasers. No, I'd better not to have one or else my neighbours will knock at my door, LOL!!!

    Oh, Rosie is my 15 year-old girl who's studying in a boarding school in the UK. She's having her summer holidays at home now and I can tell you that the dogs just follow wherever she goes. She's their guardian angel and she loves teaching them tricks. I really think she does much better than I do. There was a video you asked whether it was my voice, yes, it was. Then there is another one about the 'leave it' video, it was Rosie doing the tricks with Eva.

  14. Priscilla Hi!
    YES you can use them for dogs! My vet had told me that. I tried it with Dakota once and he didn't quite know what to do lol. I know what you mean about the neighbors knocking on the door lol.
    I didn't know you have a daughter, you look way too young to have a 15 yr old! Rosie IS amazing with the dogs!!
    Ok would you please have a photo with YOU, Rosie and Eva so I can know who is who? lol. You look so young I thought YOU were Rosie!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, kisses to Eva!

  15. really love this, have been providing manual light shows for years, glad to see automation strikes again!!! Now we can spend more time on the important stuff, finding our "owners" better treats and digs!! -Ms.Z.

  16. You got it "Ms.Z!" Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  17. i have been curious about this product - thanks for the review! My hand gets tired with the regular laser. does it work well enough to just put it on the floor or do i have to actually do something??!! LOL!

  18. Hey T!

    From what it sounds like it sounds as if you could put it on the floor and just let it do it's thing!

    I know about the hand getting tired! Some kitties will play and play with something and wear the humans out!


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