Friday, June 30, 2023

It's 3 Years Since You Left Us Sweet Cody


(the above photo is before the blog was Cat Chat With Caren and Cody!)

 My precious Cody, (Codester, Codalicious, Jelly Belly), my precious boy. You left us two years ago today. A life ended much too soon.

 I miss your quirky mouth and oh so handsome face. I miss holding you, cuddling you

While life may have changed since you left us precious Cody, one thing is constant. My love for you is as deep (even deeper), than it ever was. I will never, ever stop loving you and I will never, ever stop missing you.

You can rest assured that you still have my heart, and you always will.

Love, Mom


  1. Hugs and Light to you, Caren, as you remember precious Cody.

  2. What a sweet face on Cody. And of course, who does not love green eyes! Never forgotten and always loved.

    1. He truly had the most AMAZING green eyes. (Like his Mama lol)

  3. Cody was so sweet. Sending big hugs.

  4. Big healing hugs, Caren. Scritches to the boys. ♥

  5. Hugs to you Caren, I so remember that awful, awful day. One thing I know, Cody knew you loved him with all your heart and he loved you too.

  6. Sending love and hugs to you as always, but especially as you remember your beloved Cody. He is always in our hearts, too. Always. XO

  7. THat is a beautiful memorial to Cody! You were both so lucky to have found each other!

  8. We miss him too....sigh...

    (((((((((( ♥ ))))))))))