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How to provide a balanced diet for cats

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Everyone needs a balanced diet to remain happy and healthy – and live their best life. And, whether you have two legs or four, a quality diet can make an enormous difference to your health and well-being.

As our cats are such important parts of our family, we need to give them everything they need to thrive.

In this post, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about cat nutrition and providing a balanced diet for your cat.

Food choice

Deciding what to feed your cat is the most important aspect of their lives. Unless your feline friend hunts at night, they’re dependent on you to give them the best-quality food you can afford.

We appreciate times are tough, but we strongly recommend buying the highest quality cat food you can. It will have the best balance of nutrients, fewer filler ingredients and less fat.

A balanced diet for cats starts with their food, so it is important to get it right.

It doesn’t matter so much whether it’s wet food, dry or a mixture of both. Your cat will soon express a preference in no uncertain terms, so work with that.

Portion control

Portion control has the same impact on cats as it does on humans. Eat too much and you’ll put on weight. Eat too little and you’ll be in calorie deficit.

Most cat foods will have a recommended portion size on the packet. Use that as a guide and monitor your cat’s size, weight and activity level.

If your cat always seems hungry or moves less, experiment with adding a little more to each portion. This will help them get proper nutrition and ensure they have the energy to play.

If your cat is gaining weight, reduce the portion size a little.

If you have multiple cats and one steals another’s dinner, consider using a microchip feeder. This restricts food to the cat with the correct chip and is a straightforward way to stop dinner raiding.


This may require a little experimentation as some cats love variety while others don’t.

Some cats are perfectly happy eating the same food day in and day out. Others like variety, so you’ll need to experiment a little to see what yours prefers.

If they like variety, great. You can mix it up to keep things interesting and also to provide proper cat nutrition.

Maintain high-quality food options and provide a variety of textures. This could include soft or dry foods, meat, fish or any other foods your cat enjoys.

Treating your cat

We know, it’s hard to resist your cat’s mews for treats!

While treats don’t really play a part in cat nutrition, they’re excellent training tools and another way for you to show your love.

Just like food, use quality treats wherever possible or make your own so you know exactly what’s in them.

But it’s important to use treats sparingly. They will have much more impact if they aren’t a common occurrence and will remain useful for training. Plus, too many treats and your cat could gain weight.

The importance of water

Most vets agree that cats just don’t drink enough. Water is essential for every cat – doubly so for cats on dry food diets.

A balanced diet for cats is all very well, but if they don’t drink enough, they won’t get the full benefit.

Change your cat’s water every day and keep the bowl clean and away from odours and other animals.

If your cat is reticent about drinking, use a cat water fountain. It mimics the running water they would drink in the wild and can be amazingly effective at helping them drink more.

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Making time for fun and exercise

A balanced diet for cats is only part of the picture. To live their best life, a cat should run, play and have fun.

It stimulates them both physically and mentally and should be encouraged.

Putting time aside to play with your cat is good for both of you. It lowers stress in humans and in cats and helps you bond.

Having a few cat toys around can also help. Your cat can amuse themself while you’re doing other things and can run and play.

Puzzle feeders and games can also help keep your cat stimulated.

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Feeding time

The final way you can provide a balanced diet for cats is with their feeding schedule.

Some cats prefer to graze and don’t respond well to set mealtimes. Other cats prefer set meals at set times.

Experiment with this once your cat leaves kittenhood to see which they prefer.

If your cat prefers to graze, use a quality complete dry food and make sure there is always fresh water around.

If your cat prefers mealtimes, use a clean bowl and their food of choice. Use an automatic cat feeder to maintain their schedule when you’re not around.

The importance of a balanced diet for cats

Diet and cat nutrition are pivotal to living a good life. We want our cats to be happy and healthy and live a long life. Cat nutrition plays a key role in that.

Fortunately, it’s straightforward to give your little loved one what they need in the way they prefer.

It may take a little experimentation, but the food is out there and technology has provided simple solutions to common problems.

Don’t worry about the experimentation process either. Your cat will soon let you know when you’re getting it right!


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