Thursday, September 26, 2019

Our Hearts and Our Candles are Shining for Orphan Pets #RememberMeThursday

Hi every furry and human! It's Cody, and I am here to tell you that today is a most impawtant day. It is the day when we honor the millions of pets who lost their lives without the benefit of a loving home, and shine a light on the millions of healthy pets who are still awaiting adoption. Mom and I are proud to have participated in this impawtant day for the past five years.

Remember Me Thursday® is a global awareness campaign that was created by the Helen Woodward Animal Center,  that unites individuals and pet adoption organizations around the world.  The combined influence creates  an unstoppable, integrated voice for orphan pets to live in forever homes and to not die waiting for them.

I am a rescue kitty

My litter mates and I were blessed to have had an amazing foster mother and I was adopted by my current Mom when I was only 10 weeks old. My Mom adopted me two weeks after her beloved kitty, Bobo, passed, whom she lived with for 18 beautiful years.  Bobo was rescued from the streets when he was about six months old. When Mom adopted me she had a broken heart.

Adopting ME Helped Heal Mom's Broken Heart

Adopting ME helped Mom in many ways. Mom always tells me adopting me was one of the most special days in her life.

I am a Lucky Kitty

 Things could have been different.

I never roamed the streets looking for warmth, water, food or shelter.

I wake up every day to a family who loves me. I have a full belly, sunny perches to sit on, toys to play with, warm beds to snuggle and sleep on. I have regular Veterinary care.

I am loved and I give love

My Mom and Dad love me with all of their heart. I try to repay that every day by showing them my ample belly so that they may rub it. I sit with my Mom every night when she watches TV. I "talk" to my Dad at every meal. My Mom and Dad gave me a home where I am loved, I bring them laughs, love, cuddles and kitty kisses in return.

Today I want to acknowledge animals who weren't as lucky as me and pray for those who are still waiting to be adopted.

Animal lovers across the planet will honor these loving babies
 by lighting candles on the exact same day.

Help get the entire world talking about pet adoption!

 Tweet, tag, post and share the beauty and life-saving significance of pet adoption on social media. Let’s honor the lost pets who ran out of time and bring awareness to the pets we can still help by working together and using our voices.


"Light Up the World For Orphan Pets"


If you don't have a pet,
or are interested in adopting another,
Visit our Petfinder widget
that permanently "lives"
on the sidebar of our blog

I want every kitty and doggy to be 
as lucky and as loved as I am.
Love, Cody

"Every animal deserves love,
Every animal deserves a forever home"


  1. Well I hope I write to save a life or two every now and then if only to make people want kitties.!

  2. Cody, we hope all the shelter animals out there could end up in such a loving home as you. ♥♥♥

  3. Cody, we adopted Da Boyz shortly after our Chucky left us; it wasn't planned, but we are so very glad for their antics and love!
    Spay, neuter, and rescue!

  4. I wish there was a home for every animal in shelters and on the streets.

  5. I too wish there were no homeless pups or kitties. We've always gotten our family members from the shelter. They need us the most.

    Have a fabulous day, Caren. Big hug to you and extra scritches to the boys. ♥

  6. Such a wonderful post Cody, we sure are the lucky ones. We all need to step up our game a bit more to help all of those waiting sweeties.

  7. Cody, your mom and dad are so lucky to have a thoughtful kitty like you. You definitely brightened up their lives. Thanks for joining our blog hop and shining a light on pet adoption. P.s. the widget works appropriately for some and not others. We can't figure it out.

  8. Cody, this is such a beautiful post!

    I am a lucky rescue too. Like you I have found a great mum who gives me so much love and I love her back lots. I wish all kitties could have that too xx

  9. Beautiful post, I love that we are all being part of the solution and not the problem and spreading the word - it's so important!

  10. You are lucky, Cody, you never roamed the mean streets. I did and met all kinds of evil humans which is why I'm not a trusting cat even after so many years. I am lucky I found peeps who still love me. As a rescue kitty, Remember Me Thursday is the most important day of the year.

  11. Beautiful post, Cody. This is one of the most important days of the year for us as animal advocates.

  12. Its so cool that everyone is supporting this awesome day! You and your mom are so fortunate to have found each other, Cody!

  13. What a beautiful post. That video made me cry. I "specialize" in rescuing ferals. All of my cats are either retired ferals or the offspring of ferals. This day is so important. My local shelter is having an open house tomorrow so I hope to visit.

    1. thank you Andrea! The video made me cry too. Hope you were able to make it to your shelter's open house. I love that you "specialize" in rescuing ferals and that all of your kitties were either feral or offspring of ferals! Fabulous!

  14. Thank you for shining a light on the importance of pet adoption all year round!

  15. Oh Cody I always love hearing your rescue story. Although I always wondered what you looked like as a wee kitten! (hint hint, kitten pics please?) So nice that you comforted your Mom when she lost precious Bobo.

    You're a lucky kitty to not have roamed the streets. Mr. Jack also came from a family who had him as a kitten but then he was given up for adoption because of allergies. All the other kitties here were found on the streets, except our old lady Bengal Sarabi :)

    1. Oh Mom has posted kitten photos of me! Maybe she will post them again this Tuesday just for you!!! xoxo Love, Cody

  16. Beautiful post. I wish all kitties were as lucky as you. XO