Friday, September 27, 2019

Cat "Foodie" Friday: Tiki Cat Food & Treats

Hi dear friends! Today Cody and I would like to present some delicious products that were sent to us by Tiki Cat.

They are  delicious treats that are high in protein, low calorie  and they are crunchy! They contain pumpkin to aid with digestion, they also have salmon oil and flaxseed  to help keep a kitty's coat nice and shiny!! As you can see, if you look at the bag, they are shaped like little stars, too cute!!

Cody gobbles them right up and is one of their newest fans!

We also received:

Photo used from the Tiki Cat Website

This is a protein rich treat made with real, high-quality chicken. I like the versatility, it can be used as a topper on dry food or dry treats, which adds some flavor and moisture. I also like that they come individually wrapped so that one Stix would be the equivalent to one serving. For Cody, I used it as a topper on his current kibble and I also used it on his treats.

We also received

Tiki Cat® After Dark™

Chicken & Quail Egg

image taken from the Tiki Cat website

This contains shredded chicken, organ meat and whole quail egg in an "enticing" broth.

Tiki Cat® Puka Puka Luau™

Succulent Chicken

Tender pieces of shredded chicken in a "delightful" chicken consomme.

Why Feed Tiki Pets?



What does “real” mean? It means shredded chicken, flaked fish, whole peas and diced carrots. It’s identifiable ingredients that look like they belong in your bowl, not theirs.
  • High-Quality Protein First

    Always the #1 ingredient, the protein in Tiki Pets™ foods come from high-quality animal sources, like Alaskan salmon, chicken, lamb, egg, ahi tuna and whole prawns.
  • Superfoods

    Ultra-nutritious superfoods, like kale, spinach, pumpkin, carrots and flaxseed, give cats and small dogs a boost of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.
  • No Fillers. Nothing Fake.

    No animal by-products, corn, white potatoes, wheat, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
Whole Food For Pets

The above information was taken from the Tiki Pets website  
***To be completely candid, because Cody currently eats a different brand of wet food he has not tried either of these yet, because I didn't have the time to transition him properly. An abrupt switching of food should never take place because that can cause distress to a cat's digestive system. A change in FLAVOR within a certain brand is fine, but abruptly changing to an entirely different brand should be done gradually. (I did link to both of the foods listed above so you can read more about them).

Cody DID greatly enjoy the Tiki Cat Stix as well as the Tiki Cat Crunchers. We are certain your kitties will like them too! Thank you Tiki Cat for allowing Cody to try some of your products!

***FTC disclosure. We received the items listed in this blog post and were not compensated financially in any way.


  1. I want to try those treats! They sound yummy!

  2. Hmmm ... I got in the habit of feeding Bear different brands. I wonder if that led to his digestive problems and pancreatitis. Then again, I only feed wet food as a treat - and the kibble is always the same. I keep forgetting we have the Tiki Cat samples!

    1. you can definitely feed Bear different brands, you just should technically mix the new stuff with the old stuff for a few days before switching over completely.

  3. Our kitties have tried their products and love them too. Mom loves the packaging.

  4. We've enjoyed some Tiki foods in the past so we may have to try those crunchie things!

  5. Oh, cody, your face is purriceless :D Now, can I have some treats, they sound delicious😸Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

    1. MOL Sweet Binky! Mom actually loves that one photo too (even if it is blurry) MOL! Love, Cody

  6. The Hubby is on the hunt for an additional canned cat food, since he's decided that Da Boyz are 'bored' with one flavor that we've been buying for years. I'll mention these products to him.

  7. I'm glad you like the new food, Cody. If you like it then all the kitties will like it.

    I linked this post to Feline Friday. Cody asked me to.

    Have a purrfect day and weekend, Cody. My best to Dakota and your mom. ♥

    1. thank you so much sweet Sandee!!! I ate the treats and the chicken mousse but didn't actually eat the food (I did say that above but you might have missed it). Thanks so much, we love you!

  8. I think their packaging is very fun. We'll take a look at what Tiki has to offer!

  9. Sam was so fussy, but she liked the Tiki Cat wet food for quite a while. I know she would have loved the treats too! I like this brand.

  10. No Tiki Treats for this old gal. This all looks like I could gobble it all right up, but apparently my mild kidney issues and "special" diet won't allow such delights. Damn humans!

  11. All looks yummy and the After Dark is real catchy. Caught my eye! - Tom x

  12. That looks super yummy!!!

    The Florida Furkids