Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"The Poetic Mews: Cats and Their Poets" by Elizabeth Wager (Proceeds to support International Cat Care (iCatCare) Guest Post

A brand-new poetry book 'The Poetic Mews: Cats and Their Poets' written by Elizabeth Wager, is being sold in support of the charity International Cat Care (iCatCare). 
Courtesy of iCatCare

Perfect for the literary cat lover, this beautifully illustrated poetry book, is a wonderful collection of poems which tell the story of some of history's literary giants through their cats, written in their own singular literary style. The resulting collection of 20 beautiful and highly entertaining poems, takes the reader on a historical romp from Beowulf to Dylan Thomas via the likes of Shakespeare and Milton. 

The book's author, Elizabeth Wager, is definitely not your usual kind of feline poet! She is a science writer with her own publications consultancy and has a self-confessed obsession with the English Language. And while cat poetry as a genre can occasionally lean towards sentimentality, Elizabeth's work stands out as stylish and witty, infused with both historical scholarship and a breathtaking mastery of poetry.  
Elizabeth-Wager at launch
Photo Courtesy of iCatCare

As you'd expect, Elizabeth is a serious cat fan. Her love for cats is not only evident from her poems, but she has also very generously decided to donate the proceeds from the sale of the new collection to International Cat Care, a charity that supports owned and unowned cats worldwide.

Elizabeth said: “I’m thrilled to be publishing this book in aid of iCatCare. I’ve been writing these poems for many years and sort of wondered if they might be publishable but, until now, always dismissed the idea. But seeing them in print is really exciting, especially with Gloria Cavicchioli’s lovely illustrations. And knowing the money will go to such a good cause makes the feeling even sweeter.”

On Thursday 18th October, Elizabeth joined International Cat Care and poetry fans at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in Shoreditch to launch the book. There was also a launch at The Dukes Wine Bar in Elizabeth's home town of Prince's Risborough.

The book is available for £9.50 (UK price), from the International Cat Care online shop:

 FROM CAT CHAT WITH CAREN AND CODY: We are trying to get iCatCare to send US  a copy to review...stay tuned!


  1. This sounds like a wonderful book, and I love that she is donating the proceeds of the sales!

  2. Well needless to say this is right up our alley since we do a Poetic Thursday post every week. Thanks for the review/info!! Love the cover of that book.......

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. That sure sounds terrific and sue a wonderful thing to do!

  4. Oh, what a great and giving thing to do with one’s talent! Gives mama reasons to keep drawing us kitties and maybe do something with the art...hmmm.

  5. Donating the proceeds is the best part of all.

    Have a purrfect day, Cody. My best to your peeps and Dakota. ♥

  6. Sounds like a great book and how kind to donate the proceeds.

  7. Sounds like a great book!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  8. The book has an interesting theme. I like books with illustrations as well.

  9. Cannot say that I've heard of a cat poetry book before! Coolio!

  10. This sounds like a great book. And I love that she’s donating to International Cat Care.

  11. Sounds like a really good book to read. I would like to read and review it.

  12. Interesting and cares for cats. What more could us cat lovers want?


  13. Kitty poetry! Score! For the kitties and those who love and care for them. I hope she gets much $$ to help her cause.