Monday, November 12, 2018

Bat-A-Rat:Our FAVORITE Pet Feeding, Foraging and Exercise Toy for Cats and Small Dogs

Hi furiends!!! The first time we featured Cody's FAVORITE "pet feeding, foraging and exercise toy" (for cats and even small dogs!), Bat-A-Rat, it was way back on January 20, 2011.

Cody used that toy virtually EVERY SINGLE DAY until a few months ago when either his Dad or myself dropped it one too many times (and trust me, we dropped it A LOT) and it finally broke. That means that Cody used it EVERY SINGLE DAY for SEVEN YEARS!!! In our opinion, that ALONE is the BEST testimonial about this toy that could EVER be given!

I tried a few things in-between and NONE of them compared to Bat-A-Rat. My husband and I knew we needed another one and since I am cheap, the creator, Brian Dotterer is from Michigan and I was lucky enough to meet he and his delightful wife, Michele when I first reviewed it,  I decided to reach out and ask if Cody could have another, and offered to feature this fabulous toy on our blog again. He said YES!! We couldn't be more grateful!!

What Is "Bat-A-Rat?"

"Bat-A-Rat™ is an innovative pet feeding toy that provides hours of stimulation while controlling the amount of food being dispensed. Designed with a cat or small dog in mind, this feeder specifically helps those pets that tend to eat too much or too fast resulting in unhealthy and unwanted consequences.

In addition to controlling how much and how fast your pet eats, food dispensing toys like Bat-A-Rat™ (also known as foraging toys) give your indoor cat something to stalk and hunt, providing a much needed outlet for their prey drive and hunting instincts."

Why "Bat-A-Rat?"

  • Designed for cats and small dogs
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, food grade plastic
  • Self-propelled; no batteries required
  • Provides hours of stimulation for your pet!

How it Works

"The innovative design wobbles and moves about the floor, forcing your pet to move and interact with the toy in order to eat. The unique food dispensing hole adjusts by rotating the two ends; allowing for different sized dry food and dispensing rates. Holes at the bottom allow trapped bits to escape. The two ends come apart for easy filling and cleaning."

See for yourself in our video below!

With the holidays rapidly approaching this would make a GREAT gift for your kitties and small dogs, you can purchase Bat-A-Rat here, also YOU CAN FOLLOW  AND PURCHASE Bat-A-Rat on Facebook  you can purchase it there  AT A DISCOUNTED RATE!!! (Be sure to tell them Caren and Cody sent you!!)

FTC DISCLOSURE: we were not compensated financially for sharing about this product. We SINCERELY ADORE IT and have used it since 2011 as mentioned above. We received a new Bat-A-Rat when we asked for one and said we would feature it on our blog again. We only feature products that we have used or that we WOULD use and that we feel would be of interest to our readers.


  1. That IS a cool toy.
    We can see why Cody loves it too. Hmmm...
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. My cat bro Bert would definitely play with that, but my sister Bailie would probable steal it and take all the food.

  3. That is a great product if it lasted 8 years.

  4. LOL with Bat a rat for a name it HAS to be fun
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. Cody, you've obviously had great fun with this product! Good show!

  6. I loved your video and that music was awesome. What a fun thing to play with.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

    1. you are sooo sweet!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Have a most pawesome evening! xoxo

  7. Looks like fun! And you get a treat too - what a good idea.

  8. This looks super fun! It reminds me of a similar toy we got for our Earl Grey when he started to pack on the pounds, called the Pipilino food toy.
    But kitties Ollie and Scout are obsessed with these types of food puzzles. Ours gets a good beating when it inevitably gets batted down a flight of stairs lol
    That's cool that the Codester used his Bat-a-rat all those years.

  9. That looks like a lot of fun Cody and I'm sure Brother Simon would like it too!

  10. that has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen!! Frodo would LOVE it!!

  11. I know that three of my five cats would love this!

  12. If that was here, Dalton would steal it from Pipo, MOL! So while we love that concept, we don't use those treat/food dispensers right now. The several we have are in storage, MOL!
    We've never seen that one though! It sure lasted a long time:)
    Glad you got another one.