Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cat has the last laugh when the Kinn Kleanbowl Solved an On-going Problem, YOU can help THEM on Indiegogo!

Disclosure:I was NOT compensated for this review. I was sent a Kinn 8 oz Kleanbowl for Cody in exchange for my always honest review.

As pet parents we often think we know our pets inside and out. When it comes to our pets and their quirks, WE know it ALL and no one can tell us any different. That is exactly how I felt when it was time for me to try the Kinn Kleanbowl out on Cody.

Allow me to back track. I was contacted by Kinn, as were a number of other bloggers to see if I would help them promote their campaign on Indiegogo and in exchange, I could try out their Kleanbowls on MY "boys."

I had read about the Kleanbowls before, and was mostly excited to try the bowl out for Dakota. So much so that I hesitated asking for one for Cody. Why? BECAUSE CODY WILL ONLY DRINK WATER OUT OF DAKOTA'S BOWL. (Or so I thought. I have been trying to break Cody of this habit for NINE YEARS.  NOTHING WORKED...until the Kleanbowl.)

Cody received the Kinn 8 oz Kleanbowl. I decided to bring the bowl into the room and let Cody check it out before I added water to the Biodegradable Nourish-Pet Refill, (The Kinn Kleanbowls comes  with 7 Nourish Pet Refill bowls for your convenience) I figured Cody would never use it anyway, so what the heck.

After trying misc. bowls, fountains, etc. for the past NINE years, I KNEW Cody would NOT drink out of ANY bowl but Dakota's. I was so concerned about Cody not using the Kleanbowl, that I tried to wiggle out of him featuring the bowl on his blog. I emailed my contact and said "don't expect to see photos of Cody drinking out of the bowl. More than likely he WON'T." He proved me wrong, and I could NOT be happier!! I think the Kinn Kleanbowl FINALLY solved my problem!

Product Details

The average pet bowl has more than 1,000,000 dangerous germs that can harm pets, and take years off their life. In addition, when pets drink water from the average pet bowl, bacteria forms a biofilm around the bowl that cannot simply be washed away, water fountain carbon filters and paper food trays spread germs around rather than eliminate them, and dishwashers do not get hot enough to kill all germs. What’s more, these germs create odors that deter pets from eating or drinking from their bowl, and can make pets sick. Pets smell and taste the Kleanbowl germ-free health advantages, and prefer to drink and eat from a Kleanbowl vs. their ordinary pet bowl and water fountain, as you can see at the Kleanbowl Challenge and see Cody's video below (please ignore the dirt on our baseboards, OMG!)  

Meet Kleanbowl The Healthier Pet Bowl

"Experience Healthier, Guilt-Free Convenience"

The Kleanbowl features a germ-resistant stainless steel rim with an anti-skid rubber ring on the bottom to prevent moving and spilling, and secures the biodegradable Nourish-Pet Refill in place. The Nourish-Pet Refills are made from sugar cane fiber, so after each use, pet parents can recycle the biodegradable and soak-proof refill, and replace with a new one to ensure pets are drinking clean water for more effective hydration, as well as enjoy healthier meals.

The Kinn Kleanbowl has many germ-free health advantages including healthier hydration, nutrition and quality of life. Also, independent third-party research from Sterling Consulting and the Pet Sustainability Coalition show that using the Kleanbowl can help reduce consumers’ carbon footprint by reducing the use of electricity by 32%, reducing the use of water by 21% and reducing Greenhouse gases by 43% vs. washing ordinary pet bowls.

Kinn® Announces Indiegogo Campaign
 for the New 32-Ounce Kinn Kleanbowl

Healthier Pets Create Stronger Bonds

Kinn, Inc. recently  launched an Indiegogo campaign (November 1st)  that will allow consumers to support the Kinn mission of creating a healthier, happier world for pets with the widespread production of a germ-free and eco-friendly 32-ounce Kinn Kleanbowl. By supporting the Kinn Indiegogo Page, consumers will help bring the 32-ounce Kleanbowl to retail stores, so pets of all sizes can enjoy the health benefits the Kleanbowl provides.

Kinn believes that Healthier Pets Create Stronger Bonds, and has a vision of a healthier world where all pets and their people have strong relationships. Kinn has been developing products in collaboration with veterinarians for more than 5 years, and has served over 600,000 healthier bowls of food and water to pets around the country with their signature line of 8, 16 and 24-ounce Kleanbowls. The new 32oz Kleanbowl addresses the need for a larger bowl for homes with large pets and multiple pets.

Kinn has completed an initial production run of the 32-ounce Kleanbowl and with the funding of the Indiegogo campaign, Kinn will bring the new product to retail so pets everywhere can enjoy healthier lives and relationships.

 Visit the Kinn Facebook Page

About Kinn™, Inc.

Kinn™ supports an active lifestyle by focusing on the health, wellness and happiness of dogs and cats with products that offer people the ability to personalize and customize how they interact and care for their pets. With a commitment to premium product design and innovation, Kinn creates easy-to-use products that beautifully re-invent how people nurture their companion animals. For additional information on the company and products, please visit kinninc.com

The Impact

Your contribution will uniquely enable you to help make more pets healthier, while strengthening their bonds with other pets and their people.


  1. Wow, that is pretty amazing that Cody liked it!

  2. Well that sounds like a good deal, especially for Cody. We all drink water pretty good around here.

  3. That sounds cool! It must be good if it meets with Cody's approval :)

  4. Hooray to you, Cody! And hooray to the Kleanbowl! It sure does sound and look like a great idea. And it already has Cody's seal of approval!

  5. When I change the water every morning in our cat's bowls, I have to wash it good because I can feel the thin coat of slime on the inside.

    1. I know exactly what you are talking about. This bowl (with the liners) solves that problem!

  6. Interesting bowl. Mommy and Petsitter are forever changing our water
    Lily & Edward

  7. That sure is unique and we've not heard of it until now.

  8. Interesting idea. Mom washes our bowls all the time.

  9. Hmm, this is a great idea! Gonna show it to The Hubby; he's chief cook-and-bottle-washer around here.

  10. Clean says it all. When Little Bit was still with us I cleaned her bowls several times a week. The water bowl every single day and sometimes more than once. When it was hot out I got the water out of the fridge because it was cold. She liked that a lot.

    Have a purrfect day Cody. My best to your mom. xoxo ♥♥♥

  11. We've reviewed this bowl awhile back and really liked that the water bowl is always clean. Great review Cody! We think the 32 oz bowl should be filled with foods, do you agree? :)

  12. dood...thanx a mazillion for sharin thiz post; we iz gonna chex thiz out for dai$y who we haz never seen drink frum any bowl, ever, in her 13 yeerz oh life......cod's trooth ~~~~~~~~ hope ewe N yur hole familee haza sooooper grate non burd all ewe can eat pie day on thurzday ~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  13. Sorry to be a negative Nelly, but I can't imagine a use for this. It's great marketing and it will appeal to some, but we all survive the normal bacteria that are on our dishes after washing them with soap and water.

  14. Great review and interesting product. We have so many water bowls around the house, we would have to get several!

  15. What an extraordinary water bowl.
    I drink everywhere, but my favorites are the kitchen faucet, the swimming pool and ... the deer's water.
    I like to drink from the swimming pool, it drives my human crazy... so funny !

  16. Great review ! What a smart idea ! Purrs

  17. Enjoyed your review. That's a great idea for a bowl. We may ask our human to try it as we are dissatisfied with our current system!

  18. We had heard about this bowl and was wondering if it was good. Thanks for such a thorough review. We may have to check it out now. Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. wow! That's one keep the water clean, bowl!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving...

    Noodle and crew

  20. Whoa! TW says anything is better than washing! MOL! That bowl sounds wonderful. I wonder how much the refills will sell for.

  21. We're so glad Cody has his own bowl now! I've seen that yucky film on the pet dishes, and I'm not always great about washing them as often as I should. This sounds great for someone lazy like me. :)

  22. Thanks for your for good thoughts about the fires. We are out of danger but the smoke is still in the air from other fires. Been a crazy few weeks.

  23. Loved watching you drink, Cody!

    Athena drinks out a mug that used to be mine but she claimed it for herself. I try and clean it well as I'm quite a germ phobe. This bowl sounds like a great idea.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  24. Wising you a blessed and happy Thanksgiving! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  25. Great review and interesting product.

  26. What amazing beings our kitties can be! Like make liars out of us, MOL! That was great!
    Minko once had an infected chin from a plastic bowl...those have got to be the worst...