Saturday, October 29, 2016

Today is National Cat Day, but Cat Lovers Know That It Is Really EVERY DAY!

 NationalCat Day was founded in 2005 by Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and also to encourage cat lovers to celebrate the cat(s) in their lives for the unconditional love and companionship they bestow upon us.  


Find out if Cody had a good National Cat Day on Monday!!!! When you see his Halloween costume, I think you will have the answer!!!!!

Have a great weekend kitties and humans!!!


  1. We are happy to report that we are loved each and evfurry day, 24/7/365!!

    There was a kitty discussion the other day among some friends of petcretary...and they were surprised that Minko was still being fed by hand...and how much that all involves and the $$ for meds and food, etc...
    Well, duh! He's part of our family...and we have no intention of quitting anytime soon.

    They all, you *do* love your kitty:)

    Happy National Cat Day!!

  2. We agree with you, Cody, Cat Day happens every day and is international ! Purrs

  3. Oh indeed EVERY day is Cat Day and my Mom thankfully celebrates it every day with ME ME ME! Hope your day is extra special too!

    Love, Sammy

  4. Yes, every day is cat day around here! I can't wait to see your Halloween costume, Cody :)

  5. Oh boy, the world really is going to the felines! I'm not doing anything special for my cats, but it would be nice if they learned to leave my beds alone so I could sleep in them. Happy National Cat Day!

  6. Isn't every day National Cat Day? M says I'm only one cat, but I get everything I want and even some things I don't want! he he

  7. Everyday around here is cat day with 21 cats wanting food and attention. They are the very best company anyone would want.

  8. We agree too, National Cat Day is every single day! Oh Cody, we can't wait to see you on Monday!

  9. Happy National Cat Day Cody. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥♥♥

  10. Happy National Cat Day, Cody and Caren! And we agree ... every day is Cat Day here. :)

  11. Every day is cat's day.
    Happy National Cat Day Cody.

  12. Every day should be International Cat Day.

  13. Great to read your blog - i am sure at your house every day is cat day!

    1. Thank you and great to read yours too!!! Yep, it pretty much is and I am sure it is at your home ;)

  14. The only thing different about today, is that I can wish you a Happy National Cat Day! Otherwise it's like every other Cat Day...
    I LOVE that paw in hand photograph.
    Maggie, Mickey Mouser, and Rufus the Red

  15. We agree...every day is Cat Day! Something tells us you may not have had a great one, Cody. Can't wait to see your costume.

  16. Happy Cat Day!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  17. I'm sorry I missed this post. It's wonderful.

  18. What a touching picture, Cody :) We have to schedule this day, because this is another day that we don't have in our Country. I think I have a mission...Double Pawkisses for a wonderful cat day...every day :) <3


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