Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cat Horoscopes-June

Summer is on the horizon with the arrival of June! And our friends at Hollywood Psychics are here to offer what these warm, sunny days ahead bring for cats, kittens, and pet parents alike.  Want to see whether your cat is bound for a lovely spot on the window sill, soaking up some summertime sun -- or whether you need to coat your couch in tinfoil? Read on and gain some cosmic insight into your favorite feline’s month ahead with these pet horoscopes for June.

Nothing but happy “tails” in the Aries cat horoscope this month as their households will be full of welcome activity and entertainment. Fueled by the positive energy of the sun working in conjunction with Uranus, your pet will embrace what’s happening around her instead of meeting it with her usual streak of stubbornness. Owners can relax and enjoy the paws-itivity that will be illuminating their homes.

Good news for Taurus kitties! The planets will be lining up to bring far more positive vibes to your cat this month, which is a welcome change from May. The full moon on June 12 brings an elevated sense of trust and sharing. In turn, the Taurus cat should show her guardian much more affection, whether it’s in the form of headbutts, extra purrs, leg rubs, or extended lap sitting. Curious how long this nice behavior will last? Check in with one of your favorite pet psychics for a sneak peek at what’s in store for you and your cat in July. 

Gemini cats will feel caught in a tug-of-war between giving their humans the attention they want vs. some quality alone time spent napping in the sun. Most may find this conflict mentally exhausting, so be sure to give your kitty some space until Mars and Uranus are no longer in cosmic opposition.

As Pluto and Venus join forces this month, your Cancer cat may be seen rallying the household into group activities, which could mean a few surprise pounces when walking past furniture as your cat invites you to play. It’s also the perfect time for a new look, so you may catch your kitty spending extra time grooming throughout the month. A striking new collar in a different color and pattern would certainly earn owners a few extra brownie points with their Cancer kitties.

Leo cats will need to remember to pull from their endless pool of optimism since Mars and Pluto will be stirring up some potential conflicts this month. Keep a close eye on your feline’s health and encourage them to get plenty of rest as the summer is shaping up to be a busy one! For more details on what exactly this summer entails, be sure to consult your cat psychic.

Though the Virgo cat is known for her fussiness and difficulty to please, owners can rejoice that a loving nod from Venus will make these kitties far less temperamental this month. Take advantage of this planetary uptick by scheduling plenty of play time with old toys and new, such as eye-catching feather wands and exciting catnip toys.  


If you’ve been planning a short trip for you and your Libra cat, June couldn’t be a better time for a getaway as your feline is all about travel this month.  Curious about where your kitty wants to travel? A few minutes chatting with your phone psychic will reveal what glorious destinations are on your horizon. However, as Mars clashes with Pluto from June 1 – 22, you may want to keep a watchful eye on your furry friend’s behavior toward other pets and people.

Luck be a kitty! Scorpio kitties will feel that the fates are on their side this month when they nab the coveted spot on the couch for an afternoon snooze or find an extra treat hidden under the bed to gobble up. Your pet pal may at first be suspicious of this change in luck, but it’s only Neptune creating these illusions of doubt. Scorpios should hold their tails high with confidence that good things are coming this month!

Mercury decides to beam positive light on Sagittarius felines in June, so don’t be surprised to see these normally freedom-loving cats spending equal amounts of quality time with everyone in your household—including the family dog.  As with Gemini pets, the Sagittarius cat may feel burnt out quickly with so much socializing; consider putting out a new cardboard box or other hiding place so kitty can retreat and recharge.

It may feel as though you and your Capricorn cat haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye lately, but progress abounds this month! Whether it’s your irritation over her continually jumping on the counter or her resentment of you constantly shooing her when she wants to drink from the kitchen faucet, you’ll both be ready to put your differences aside for a fresh start.    

With Mercury in retrograde most of the month, Aquarius cats will find it the purr-fect time for reflection. Always the innovator, expect your feline companion to spend this time curled up on the couch contemplating their next big idea, such as how to finally open the cabinet door where you keep all those tasty treats.

While May brought more stability to the Pisces cat’s mood, June will be a different story. Be on the lookout for high emotions, though most will be positive. Expect more interactive play and affection from your Pisces cat this month. Enjoy what you can now, for the tides may change come July.

Want more? Head over to Hollywood Psychics for a pet psychic chat or call a psychic right meow!

From Cat Chat With Caren and Cody:This is a sponsored post. We received compensation to feature it. Cody and I LOVE Astrology/Psychics anyway and it is our pleasure to have this as a monthly feature!


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  5. What fun! I know when Angel and Chuck were born, but not the friendly ferals. I read my own horoscope daily.

  6. We don't know when our kitties were born since we adopted them as adults from a shelter. I guess we will just have to keep on trying to guess what they will be up to ;)

  7. Sounds like our Taurus Oui Oui will have a good month but that Cancer Julie scares us - we think those pounces will have smacky paws hidden in them!

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    1. I know you were talking about your cats but that sounds like our family lol. I am a Libra (born on the cusp of Scorpio), husband is an Aquarius, Cody is an Aries and Dakota is a Pisces :)

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