Friday, April 4, 2014

Cat Horoscopes - April 2014 from Hollywood Psychics

This month's Cat Horoscopes from Hollywood Psychics is EXTRA special to me because it is Cody's birthday month! For those who might have missed it, his birthday was April 1st!

The beauty of astrology is that it lets us take a brief glimpse into what lies ahead by peering up at the sky. If you’re as curious as your pet cat, you may also be interested in what each month holds for him as the cosmic wheel turns. Find out what’s in store for your pet this month and what you two can look forward to in April!

Aries cats are all about taking risks this month. Whether it’s making a mad leap for the kitchen counter to doubling down on the catnip, their motto for the month is “YOLO” -- even though they have nine lives. These cats can live “dangerously” this month, but should take care around April 15th, the date of the lunar eclipse.

Taurus cats will be the unwitting victim of a planetary power struggle between Neptune, Venus, and Mars around the 6th, causing even the best-laid plans of (toy) mice and men to go awry. These normally lazy, loving felines will feel as if they can’t do anything right around the 6th and will be in need of gentle reassurance -- and maybe a few extra treats to perk them up.

This month, cats born under the sign of Gemini will attempt to play problem-solver to everyone in the household. Whether it’s taking the lead and brokering a truce between other household cats and dogs, or cheering up humans after a hard day, these charismatic cats will channel their charm in particularly sweet ways in April.

April brings more showers than flowers for Cancer kitties. Like the shifting tides affected by their ruling planetary influence, the moon, Cancer’s confidence will ebb and recede -- starting strong at the start of the month and then shrinking back just a few days before the lunar eclipse. All will finally be right with Cancerian cats’ worlds come June, however.

Like Katy Perry -- or her beloved catty companion, Kitty Purry -- you’re going to hear Leo cats roar this month. These cats will feel invincible, thanks to the Uranus squaring Pluto and bringing about a great awakening. However, pet parents should be sure not to let this sudden surge go to their feline friends’ heads, lest it get them in trouble.

This April, Virgo cats are eager to find new experiences and new friends to share them with. Don’t be surprised to find your four-legged friend scoping out a new window or perch to soak up some springtime sunshine. And don’t be even more surprised if you see your cat eyeing squirrels, birds, and other outdoor critters. This may have less to do with prey instinct than general curiosity and pondering potential friendships.

Normally-social Libra cats will seek out solitude this month, preferring to retire in tucked away places -- under the bed or even camouflaged on a well-stocked book shelf. When she comes out of hiding, however, she’ll be eager to stay by her favorite human’s side, seeking out a warm lap or laptop to occupy until after the lunar eclipse on the 15th.

This April, Scorpio kitties are feeling particularly footloose and fancy-free. Spring is in the air and these loveable Lotharios of the feline species will attempt to cozy up to other kitties -- or end tables. (If your pet isn’t spayed, April may be an ideal month to consider a trip to the vet!)

Look for some extra pep in your fiery Sagittarius’s step this April. Even the floppiest of Ragdolls will be game for a spirited round of laser-chasing or playfully pouncing on playmates, reliving her kittenhood. Foster this newfound burst of enthusiasm and exercise by surprising your kitty with a new toy to play with.

Spring may see the earth turning up flowers, but this April, Capricorn cats will attempt to turn up clues to mysteries only they seem to understand. To others in their household orbit, these four-legged sleuths will seem out of their gourd. However, patient and pragmatic Capricorn cats are on a mission and determined to solve something they perceive as unexplainable. Just sit back, indulge him, and stay out of his way!

Aquarius typically marches to the beat of her own drum, however, in April she will try especially hard to impress others. With it, spring brings Aquarian kitties the desire to turn over a new leaf. Your cat will be in the process of giving herself a mini-makeover this month, grooming herself to perfection and fluffing her tail to look extra purr-dy. Be sure to pay her a few compliments this month and the household harmony will flow!

Pisces cats will be especially talkative this month, eager to communicate their plans, dreams, hopes, and schemes. Expect a flurry of gentle purrs, chirps, and soft meows from your kitty companion as she follows you from room to room. This newfound confidence may baffle other (two-legged and four-legged) family members, but pet parents should encourage others to keep Pisces on-track for success during this beautiful new renaissance period this month.

Want to find out what lies within the stars for you and your cat? Get in touch with a Hollywood Psychics pet psychic to get a reading today!

From Cat Chat With Caren and Cody:This is a sponsored post. We received compensation to feature it. Cody and I LOVE Astrology/Psychics anyway and it is our pleasure to now have this as a monthly feature!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this monthly feature. Really original and fun.

    1. thanks so much Vanessa, there are some bloggers who were doing this occasionally, but I thank you!

  2. Nice one Cody. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. It's really cool pal and I agree with Vanessa I like reading it too! We kitties have a problem here though none of us really know our birthdays except through some good guessing!

  4. That is great fun reading all the different horoscopes. Although, like a lot of kitties, who knows when our birthday really happened. But we have a general idea.
    Hope you have a fantastic day.

    1. thank you Marg! We think it is fun too!!! You have a fantastic day and a fantastic weekend!!

  5. Oh I just love these kitty horoscopes!!!! So cool! We have a ton of bdays in April. My own, my daughters, my mother, my aunt AND Koda turn 1 year this month as well!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Jenna, since Cody is born in April that is EXTRA SPECIAL!! Love you have so many April birthdays!!!! xoxo

  6. Thanks for putting up our horoscope.... And we love the photo of Cody at the beginning.


  7. Mommy is only sure of the horoscope for Coco, Felix and Tutu. She has to guess for the rest of us. :)

  8. How fun! It's times like these when we wish we knew when our kitties were born. Alas, they were all adopted as older adults, so all we can do is imagine. :)

  9. As a Gemini Cat, I just want to clarify something...
    I'm ALWAYS the problem solver.
    And a certain Virgo Cat is the problem MAKER!
    ; ) Katie

  10. This is so much fun! We love it! xxx Roxy & Tigerlino

  11. Looks like an interesting month for most of us!

  12. That's cool you're getting paid to post. Monthly horoscopes for humans or pets is fun entertainment. Astrology is a useful tool when we have an actual chart to work with. Btw, tell Aries boy Cody, my post for Aries cats at Catster is late but up soon.

  13. fun post,look forward to future ones,xx Rachel

  14. Pawsome post series Cody, we like it a lot! Most of our fur kids were born in April!!!!

  15. Well, we are not exactly sure when Rosie and my birthdays are, but my mom is an Aries so maybe I'll go with that!

  16. I really enjoy the cat horoscopes. Have a great weekend.
    Sue B

  17. Hi human, Caren and the cat, Cody,

    Cat horoscopes are most revealing. Yours in pawsitivity, "Mystic Mutt!"

    Penny, the pawsitive host of the Alphabark Challenge, 2014! :)

    1. I sooooooooooo LOVED your "Alphabark Challenge 2014" and shared it!

  18. Hmmm.... since Zoey is an Aries, that explains why she has been jumping on the counter... it was in the stars for her!! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  19. Hmmm, since I was a feral boy I don't zacklee know my real birfday but we think I must be a Gemini--so I am supposed to bring joy to my Human? Well, okay, I think I do that just by being here and letting her feed me and brush me and take care of me, right? Good, I thought so! XOXOXO

  20. What fun! Neytiri's Pisces horoscope sounds very interesting!

  21. Yeah yeah. I'm a Sagittarian and I'm looking out for a new toy! Heh!


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