Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Sleep Deprived Rant: "Sweetness" Overload and the TRUTH about Blogging Awards

Hi and happy Thursday Fursday everyone! It's Cody at the helm, and here I am again with some greatly overdue thank yous for some awards that I received!

In a purrfect world, it is always nice to be acknowledged and appreciated.  An award from my blogging buddies here and there is a GREAT and FUN thing.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy,
  if I'm feeling fuzzy I better be Furminated and quick!

But this is CODY'S WORLD, and I am known for saying what you REALLY ARE THINKING
and  what you WISH you would say, but would NEVER say, because you are TOO NICE to say it!  Guess what? I'm NOT!

How many of you secretly long to admit that after the first few of these, you suddenly feel as if you are in the movie Gremlins because they just WON'T STOP MULTIPLYING??? Just when you thought you had caught up with your thank-yous  .....BOOM! It's the ATTACK OF THE KILLER BLOGGING AWARDS! They are coming out of the woodwork! HHHEEELLLLP!!!!!!

Seriously! We all love getting 'em and we appreciate 'em but it's outta control!

You can't EAT them...


Anyway...back to my previously scheduled awards:

Technically the awards are supposed to be for Mom AND I, but since they pertain to sugar, not as in "gimme  some sugah"...but as in "ohhh you are as sweet as SUGAR",
  KNOW they are talking about MOI!  NOT! But let's pretend that they ARE referencing MOI!

The first award is super easy because I don't think it has ANY requirements other than to pass it on to five other bloggers. That award is the:

I was given this award by April over at:


I think you are pretty darned sweet too!

Sadly, the next award we received DOES come with  obligations. I must answer some questions, but first, let me tell you what the award is. It is the:


Anyway, I was honored to 
receive this award from 

Sheba of 

bet ya didn't know 
that Sheba has a kitty brother named


 Pretty darned cool!

I also received the same award from
another great blog:


This award does come with requirements:
you must link to the blog(s) that gave it to you---check!
and...answer the following questions----since I can eat nothing but rabbit, I'm gonna turn this one over to Mom. Take it away Mom!!

1) Cookies or Cake?  You baking?

2) Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla!!

3) Fave Sweet Treat? Coconut Cake

4) When do you crave sweet things?  When DON'T I?

5) If you had a SWEET nickname what would it be?  I can't even answer this one seriously because there is NO WAY that ANYTHING describing me would have a "sweet" connotation.  Let's go with:


Now, on to the last requirement. I am supposed to pass this on to a "Baker's Dozen" bloggers.

You're nervous, aren't you?

You are scanning the list praying your name isn't here, but at the same time, if it really isn't here you're gonna wonder why, right? Of COURSE I'm right!

Well, it's your lucky day! There is NO LIST!

Do I really want to torment you like that and make YOU jump through hoops?

Of course not! I'm "Sweet", remember?

Now hurry and get outta here while you still have a chance before I change my mind!

Love, Cody 


  1. Ha!Ha! Congrats on your awards and thanks for not passing them on! LOL!

  2. MOL! Concatulations on your awards, Cody! I hate it the most when the award asks you to hand it out to a ridiculous amount of bloggers, like 15 - do the math, and you know that the first time it is given out, the whole blogging community you belong to is pretty well covered!

  3. congrats on your awards Cody,you are one cool cat!xx Speedy

  4. we just stop by to give you a little lick.

    Emma and Buster

  5. Hahaha! Congratulations on your awards. We did have a good laugh at your post. Thanks!

  6. "You are scanning the list praying your name isn't here, but at the same time, if it really isn't here you're gonna wonder why, right? Of COURSE I'm right!"

    Hee, hee. Nailed it.

  7. MOL, someone in an ornery mood? congratulations on your awards anyway!

  8. Well said Cody.
    Are you sure those awards aren't edible? We think we see a mouse in the first one and he looks really tasty.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  9. Awwwww yay for your lovely awards!!!! Enjoy!! Take care

  10. Well done on all those lovely awards. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. Congrats on the awards! ;)

  12. well done on all your awards!!

  13. I love getting awards too but sometimes after receiving the same award for the tenth time, it's OVERLOAD-mania! Anyway, concatulations on your newest awards - I assume those are catnip cupcakes Cody????? YUM!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  14. LOL! Love your picture Cody! Also love the answer to question number one haha. Concatulations guys.

  15. For the first couple of years we were blogging, awards were fun. But now...well, our mom cringes the rare times someone passes one on to us. Not because she's unappreciative, but because of the obligations.

    For the record, we only followed the rules for the first few awards, then gave up, just would post them and offer them to anyone who wanted them. LOL.

  16. Hi, Cody,
    I think you've expressed the feelings most of us have about blog awards. It's a double-edge sword, I tell ya!
    Anyway, thanks for visiting ME on MY blog this morning, and leaving such a sweet comment!
    (I'm having my humom secretary type this for me, as I'm curled up sound asleep on my window seat. Ahhhh, it's a cat's life!)
    Love and purrs, Sundae

  17. I think everyone feels the same about those awards. By the way, thanks so much for not passing them on to us. We got those awards, and Mom ate all the cupcakes. Have a great day.

  18. You pretty much summed up how we feel about those awards, too! BOL!


  19. You are funny Cody! Have a great day!

  20. HAHAHA!!!
    This has GOT to be one of the best award posts we've read!
    Now if Glogirly would just stop trying to lick the frosting off or her computer screen.
    ; ) Katie

  21. I gotta say... I STILL LOVE GETTING 'EM! I love the bling. Bling, bling, bling! If lots of cats already have the award, I don't pass it along to as many as required but that only makes sense, right? But still... I LOVE GETTING 'EM! But I understand how you feel, buddy. Guess I just haven't received as many of 'em as you... YET! purrs

    1. Nerissa...give it a few more are in the "honeymoon" will remember AND appreciate this post one day! MOL!

  22. Ha! Ha! ha! Caren, Cody, me has to agree!
    That's why me started to make a photo post out of the awards me gets. AND me has a awards page, which me hopes peoples and pets looks at before they sends them to me. Me loves to gets them and even if me has had them before as it means they thinks enough of me to send them.
    And yous guys deserves a award for making me laugh! Maybe me should goes and creates that one....

  23. We never mind when friends think of us...but we hardly ever follow rules...yep!

  24. Congrats on all your awards - you deserve them dears! We loves you and miss you dearly...

    Jaime, Max, Tater, Sasha

  25. MOL, so funny, especially after my award ceromony today..We never follow the rules. No the top award doesn't have any rules, Me, Alfie made that one because we never got the cupcake award. Then we got 10 of them..MOL..Oh have a great day..xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  26. We always forget to post our awards, then feel bad because we remember that someone gave us one but then we can't remember who or where... The intention is always good!

  27. Hahaha!!! Well I did threaten to create the "Totally Confused" Award and you did say OH YES!!!! We've tried very hard to be graceful in receipt and we almost made it as we really are very chuffed that people think of us, but you are PUSHING AGAINST AN OPEN DOOR here Cody ;) Thanks for the laugh ....... xx

    1. Now the "Totally Confused" Award I wouldn't mind! Bring it on!!!

      Dakota was thrilled to get the "ASS" award...ohhhh we had FUN with that!

  28. Cody, you have summed it up perfectly for us. Scanning the list of names with trepidation is exactly what our mum does.If it is not there she doesn't think "why not" she just breathes a sigh of relief.We have several to catch up on and even have a post in draft from about 2 months back that we still haven't finished. One day....

    1. Eric and Flynn: tell your mom that yes...I "breathe a sigh of relief too" :)

  29. TO EVERYONE: THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU for making ME smile with your comments. I truly expected someone to tell me off, but so far, NOBODY has!
    Please don't get me wrong, I AM GRATEFUL for each and EVERY ONE OF YOU who take the time to read this blog that Cody and I pour our hearts and souls into, as all of the rest of you do who also blog.
    We ARE HONORED to be thought of, acknowledged, appreciated and remembered and don't want to appear smug and unappreciative. WE DO APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!

    Your visits and your comments are enough of an AWARD for us! THAT is what makes it all worthwhile.


  30. Haha, you got that last part right. Pop always says these are more like chain letters than awards. I used to really make fun of them like you did but then I stopped getting them and started to feel that no one liked me. Guess it all depends on whether I need blogging material that week.

  31. Howling at Alfie's post - he got 10 of them!!

  32. ummmm...Cody and Miss Caren...I think we had this meow in my early days of blogging...and mostly, I have followed your lead...and usually post the receipt but then just give the award to everyone. The award take so much time to post, especially if we have to give them to others, and by the time I get it posted, half of the bloggers I pass it to already have, even twice! and that is within 24 hours. I am new to paw blogs, not sure how this all got started...but it does take away a bit from what I want to try to write about...yet as with CK...if I chuff at them, then I won't get any and then I stop getting visitors...hmmmmm...maybe that is a statement about my whole blog and its content...gosh...maybe it's , well...never mind...not going there...thanks Miss Caren and Cody...paw hugs twice over...Savannah

    1. Savannah, if people stop coming because you don't enjoy posting about awards (doesn't mean you don't like receiving them, it just means they are BEYOND annoying to post about), then they were never coming around for the RIGHT reasons to begin with.

      There are MANY bloggers out there who prefer not to receive them.

      I have visited many blogs that either never post about them or blatantly post that they are "Award-free" and it would never prevent me from reading.

      Sparkles comment also pretty much sums it up. There are some I have received over 5 isn't that they aren't is what is attached to them that isn't :)

  33. Loving it, Cody!!!
    Sorry that we came late as my mom was busy socializing lately; she is a social butterfly lately and didn't help me much on blogging.
    Congratulations on your beautiful awards, they are as sweet as honey; they look pretty yummy too.
    Thanks for not having the list too as I knew my name would definitely be on top of the list if there ever was one. :)


  34. BOL! You are right. Awards are lovely thoughts butt...
    Mom says she's gonna put up a notice sayin thanks butt no thanks to them ;P

    Waggin at ya,

  35. Yup, the day after my surgery! I'm surprised I didn't hear you at my dad's, but I guess that is because I was still a little groggy. MOL. I'll probably forget & give you another one sometime down the road. Just ignore me.

    1. lol!!!!! Thanks for the laugh! I would NEVER ignore you! I would be extremely flattered. Might not post about it but I would be EXTREMELY FLATTERED!!

  36. Cody you made me laugh! Yes I think you are good at telling it how it is! Meow! Morris.