Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Got Heat? Think SNOW!



  1. Fun video! Unfortunately, it didn't work. It's still really hot here. Triple digits hot. :P


    PS: Wordless I just can't do. It's a character flaw. LOL!

  2. And this is why you'll never hear me complain about being too hot....

  3. Ingrid I would sooooo much rather be too cold than too can always put sweaters on and drink hot chocolate and light a fireplace...nobody wants to see me in a bathing suit...frightening sight!

  4. I like the video...It has been so hot here in NY lately. Today is actually cooler then the previous days. Maybe the video actually helped. MOL!

  5. OMG Elyse that is right you are in NY where it is over 100 deg!!! Too funny that you are cooling off cause of the video! lol! 90s in Michigan again today, cooling off tomorrow (80s)...I have had bronchitis all week, not fun in the hot weather :(


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