Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trip To The Vet-Semi "Wordless" Wednesday!

"Something is up, why is THIS out?"

"I am gonna sit here and not budge, then she can't get me in there"

"I got it figured out,
 she throws the food in,
 I eat it then make my break for it!"

"You ok in there? She got ya!"

"Who do you think you are and where are you taking us?"

"Oh sure you are smiling Sheltie Boy! You are gonna be shampooed & blown dry, I am gonna get a shot!"

"That wasn't so bad after all! I love my Vet! But he did tell me I need to go on a diet....pffftttttt to that!"


  1. Our vet taught us a great way to get a cat into a carrier.
    1. Wrap cat in bath towel or blanket.
    2. Stuff towel into cat carrier.
    3. Pull out towel.
    4. Bingo!

    This method really works! Our part-Siamese would brace her paws on each side of the carrier doorway.

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
    When you do that doesn't the cat get pulled out WITH the towel?
    I only had a problem today because I started to use the flimsy carrier (at the top of the photos)....I switched to Cody's old carrier that I don't have a problem getting him into. I just stuff him in lol.
    When I put him in the flimsy one today he got out 4 times! That is because you have to zip it and as you are zipping he has time to get out!

  3. We finally bought a new carrier when we started with all the toothie problems. It loads from the top. So much easier. Don't know why we didn't get one years ago. That ended all the struggling.

  4. I likes to sleep in my carrier, as sometimes mum just leave it around. I goes in da car a couple of times a week, so thats no problemo. I fink Iz only been to the pokey place once.

  5. Glad all went well at the vets :)

  6. Hi Mario!
    What kind of carrier is that?
    I don't have trouble with the blue one with the door that I switched to yesterday, it is the yellow one that is soooo cute but too flimsy and gives too much time for a kitty to escape!

  7. Yep Priscilla both of my boys were perfect gentlemen yesterday! The groomer always says how much she enjoys grooming Dakota! :)

  8. Kokoro my mom leaves the carriers out all of the time too! Sometimes she puts treats in them for me to go and find! :)