Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Cat Days Of Summer" Update, Wordless Wednesday, (well, sort of)

"Precious" the "Pet Supplies Plus" store cat was the official greeter  at
 the "Cat Days Of Summer" event held July 9th, 10th & 11th at the
 "Pet Supplies Plus" stores located in Bloomfield Hills
 and White Lake, in Oakland County, Michigan.

These kittens are so adorable that if I were permitted to have more than 2 pets at our condo I would have had to have adopted the Tabby who is staring so prettily.

This is Addy Shattuck, a "Pet Supplies Plus" store owner.
All in all the event was a success!
 61 Cats and Kittens found "furever" homes!!!
There are still many cats/kittens that need homes throughout the country.
 Please contact your local cat rescue/shelter today and adopt a new "furever" friend!!


  1. Wow! 61 cats and kittens were adopted in 3 days? That's great Caren! I know it barely puts a dent in things, but hearing about adoptions always makes me happy!

  2. Kurt I was thinking the same thing at first that it "barely put a dent in things" but that's 61 cats/kittens that now have homes that didn't before this started! Not too bad........
    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

  3. That is a lot of cats and kittens with new homes i such a short time. So happy they will now have homes of their own. I have 4 feral cats that live in my yard ok 3 the other one lives down the block but likes his food so comes over to see what I am offering.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

  4. How wonderful that such a large amount of cats found homes in as little as 3 days! You must've done a lot of footwork (or should I say "paw" work) to get the word out about this event!
    I would've loved to see Precious at the cash register! I just love seeing cats who are allowed to roam around and greet guests!
    I featured your blog as part of my THANKFUL FUR THREE THURSDAY blog post today. For the past 2 Thursday's I've been hosting a blog hop so that bloggers can meet other bloggers and I also feature 3 of my newest blog friends and you are one of them! So, hopefully, you will meet some new cat lovers soon!

  5. Hi Felissa, Davinia and Indiana! How nice of you to stop by! Yep 61 isn't too bad (but they had 200 to start I believe) but still it was great!
    I never knew you feed the ferals in your yard! That is so nice of you! It is also kind of funny that the other 3 come over to see what is being served lol.
    Thanks so much for commenting!

  6. Hi "Teacher's Pets"! Well I can't take any credit. I did 3 blogs about it and the paper ran an article once and I know they were doing promotion of the event so 61 isn't too bad. Wish it had been more!
    Thanks so much for spreading the word about my blog, that is sooooo nice of you!!!
    I participate in the Saturday blog hop and I am following at least one of your blogs already (maybe both, I have to check). I didn't know about a Thursday blog hop. Do you have the link?
    Thanks so very much!

  7. HI!!!!! Nice to meet you!!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my Furbaby blog!!!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG and PICTURES and am having fun reading your post!!! I'm looking forward to reading more!!! ~Hugs~ Lauren, Sharky, ET & Duchess