Monday, August 22, 2022

Uah Pet Cat Treat/Food Dispenser Toy is a WINNER! Check out 15% Discount code!

 Roary and I were recently given the opportunity to try Uah Pet's Cat/Treat Food Dispensing toy. Since Roary is a rather "techie" cat (he LOVES to see how things work), I could not wait to have him try this toy out!

When you open the box you receive the toy, an instruction booklet and a charger. Charging the toy didn't take long at all, it was ready to use in no time!!!

Notice two different names of this product?
So did I! I questioned it and both are correct!


The Uah Pet Cat Treat/Food Dispenser is made of durable, eco-friendly ABS material. It's 100% safe! It will automatically turn off after 10 minutes. If you want it to start back up, just press the power button and let the fun continue!! 

  • It's NOT noisy!!! It does make a sound but nothing annoying!
  • Encourages your cat's natural prey catching instinct!
  • Keeps your kitty mentally stimulated!
  • SUPER easy to assemble! A HUGE plus for me!! 


(note: if you purchase on Amazon, please use my link and the discount code at the end of this review. You will not receive a discount if you purchase directly from the Uah Pet website)

(Please be sure to tighten the treat container lid to be sure the treats dispense properly!)

I noticed that a few times when Roary didn't catch the bug it still would dispense treats (I think this is a GOOD thing) because it would help the cat not to become frustrated when playing with it.

When you have an indoor cat (s) it's imperative to find toys/activities to keep them from becoming bored, which can lead to all sorts of unwanted mischief! As you can see in the videos I have shared, this toy will keep your cat's attention, and if your kitty is food motivated, all the better! The toy "smart bug" moves randomly imitating the way real prey would move. The cat has to use its brain to figure out how to get that bug!!! Once its prey is captured, the toy will automatically dispense a treat!

(Be sure to watch the video below to see how easy this is to put together!)


In summary, I have had a number of treat dispensing toys through the years but this one is by far my favorite! Frankly there wasn't anything I didn't like about it and that goes for Roary too!  It kept Roary busy for quite some time, (he was MUCH more focused on the little bug than he was the treats, but that is a GOOD thing!) He soooo wanted to catch that bug (which to me, looks like a mouse, but it's darling just the same.

 I am hoping that you will take advantage of our SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE BELOW and be sure to purchase using the link beneath the code!!!! (Be sure to type the code in where Amazon provides the box to do so to get your discount!)

15% Code: 15CATCHAT 

We received a Uah Pet Cat Treat/Food Dispensing Toy for free in exchange for our honest review. We are also being compensated for featuring this toy. This in no way affects our opinion of the product! 

To see more items that Uah Pet has for your babies visit their Amazon store.


  1. we are sure all kitties will love it...

  2. MOL!! That does look like a neat toy. WE cats do like our treats!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. What a fun toy for kitties. Now we need someone to come up with one for us pups too!

    1. stay tuned!! There is one coming up in September!!! xoxo (for pups!!)

  4. A really fun toy and treat dispenser. Make them work for it.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. Scritches to the boys. ♥

  5. That's a really cool toy, our Simon would probably like that one!

  6. Ditto what Millie and Walter said.

    Now if we still had cats...

  7. bookmarked!!, I really like your web site!

  8. Now that's the way to get treats! What a cool toy/dispenser.

  9. That looks like so much fun, Roary and Caren! Roary, you did a greatjob of catching that bug, but we were surprised when you did not immediately eat the treats. (We are pretty sure Ava would have taken a time out for a snack.) :)