Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Father's Day to our Pawsome Dad!!!

 ROARY: So, I hear that today is a special holiday!

LEVI: What holiday would that be? National Giant Sheltie Day?

ROARY: No "All looks and no brains", today is a day where everyone is supposed to honor their Fathers or the Father figures in their lives. It is a day to be grateful for all that Fathers/Father figures do and for their love and guidance.

LEVI: but my Father lives in Ohio. His name is Rambo. That's a really cool name isn't it?

ROARY: that's your BIRTH Father you furry fluff head, and no one cares who your birth father is! Definitely not ME!  You have your other Father that you LIVE with! Who do you think feeds you and picks up your poop and puts up with your bulldozer, manic and foolish actions? Certainly NOT Mom and I. Since I'm older than you, I will go first.

"Dear Dad, I thank you for coming  to meet me at Petsmart two days before I was adopted, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be living with you, Mom and Levi. (Wait, the more I think about that, maybe I shouldn't be thanking you, living with Levi isn't the best you know). Also, you have to learn to give ME more attention. I'm older, better behaved and less aggravating, if I do say so myself! I am the one who LOVES to sit and cuddle with you!!  I  love you Dad, never forget that! Love, Roary"

LEVI: That was just great (NOT!!) now it's MY TURN!!

"Dear Dad, thanks for allowing me to jump like a kangaroo all over you, thank you for taking me on 5000 walks a day, (most of which I choose to just stand and let the wind blow my luxurious mane). Thank you for tolerating my incredibly deep and loud barking. Thank you for the seemingly never-ending supply of treats that you give me on a regular basis, (for pretty much doing NOTHING but sitting when I'm told to). Thank you for putting up with me when I lose my mind when I see the neighbors. Thank you for thinking that I am DEFINITELY YOUR FAVORITE! You have good taste! Sending Love, bites, barks and LOTS OF JUMPING, your FAVORITE, Levi."

ROARY: Well, I may not agree with a word of what you wrote in your greeting, but I think we can BOTH agree that we have the BEST DAD EVER!!! Thanks for all that you do, and all you put up with! Love from BOTH OF US!!

Roary and Levi

Happy Father's Day to all of

 you great Dads out here!!!!!! 


  1. Happy Fathers Day to your dad and all the dads!

  2. Awww. Rambo is a great name.

    Happy Fathers Day to your great dad.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the boys and a hug to mom. ♥

  3. You two crack us up! Happy Father's Day to your very patient and loving dad! :-)

  4. You two sure love your dad and we can see why. Happy Father's Day to your special dad.

  5. Oh you two, those were just the sweetest messages to your Dad and the photos sure made us smile, big time! Happy Father's Day to your most special Daddy!!!

  6. Happy Father’s Day to your special dad!

  7. Happy Father's Day to your wonderful hubby!

  8. Happy Father's Day to Dad Lenny! He most certainly is a super awesome and special dad! XO

  9. You boys definitely have a FABULOUS Dad.....he loves both of you with all his heart (so does Mom of course!). We just know you made sure he had great Father's Day!

    Hugs, Teddy

  10. Hope you two spoiled your dad rotten for Father's Day!

  11. Ahahaha Happy Fathers' Day to your Dad from the kitties and I, too!

  12. LOL, those furry funny conversations!!
    You two do have the bestest of Dads! Come to think of it, so do we:)

    We are about as crazy as you are, Levi...and equally not so well behaved, but um...well our peeps and our Pawppy love us anyways.
    We think that is the same thing at your den, for both of you!
    Loving Dad's and daddy figures are the best, each and every day!

  13. Aww... beautiful photos! Happy Father's Day (sorry it's a bit late).

  14. WOW! I am way way late, but WOW, what beautiful photos of Lenny and Roary, Lenny and Levi ... I am overwhelmed by the love shown between dad and his furry ones in each and every image.

  15. Happy Belated Father's Day to your awesome dad!

  16. you guys are indeed lucky to have such a great dad!