Monday, April 19, 2021

Cat Lady Goodies and Fun on #NationalCatLadyDay !! #catladybox #catladyboxday

  Today is the PURRFECT day to feature some items that I purchased that all arrived within the past week (except for one item that I ran into at CatCon online which I will be featuring at a later date). I wasn't compensated in any way for this post, I purchased the items myself, and wanted to share them with you because I am so happy with them! What better day to feature them than on National Cat Lady Day!

"April 19 is National Cat Lady Day. First observed in 2017 at the annual CatCon convention in Los Angeles, the holiday is celebrated as a way to debunk the myth that cat ladies are dowdy spinsters, according to CatCon creator Susan Michals."

What fun it was (in spite of some major technical glitches that made me have to leave), to attend a few events at CatCon line Saturday, (and I am hoping to pop in today, which is Sunday, the day I am writing this post).

"CatCon® is where pop culture and cat culture converge, showcasing some of the world's top cat-centric merchandise, conversations with those at the epicenter of the cat world, incredible activations, and one of the biggest adoption lounges ever."

Due to the pandemic, it was held online. I LOVED the segment "Being A Cat Lady in 2021" which featured Heidi Gardner from SNL (the proud cat mama of 3 kitties, all rescues!!) and Georgia Hardstark of "My Favorite Murder." The segment was led by Susan Michals the creator of CatCon and National Cat Lady Day. The segment had the three debunking the "crazy cat lady" title that some have assigned to  a woman who has 3 or more cats, and it was heartfelt as well as hilarious!

Now, on to the items that I ordered and received within the past week. The first is the INCREDIBLE

I have been chomping at the bit for YEARS to get a subscription to the fantastic Cat Lady Box, which is a monthly box for cat ladies and their cats, the brainchild of a person who I have always admired and have known through blogging since about 2011 or so, Dorian Wagner.

The box is a monthly treat, it contains unique, high quality and exclusive cat lady items. You have more than likely seen this box featured NUMEROUS times on various blogs, but the blog that has featured them the most is Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries and Meows, I would sit there reading her wonderful blog wishing I could get a subscription and FINALLY I was able to sign up! (Melissa always featured them on her own without receiving compensation, just because she loves the boxes as well!)

The box contains cat-themed shirts, (the quality of these shirts are NOT cheapo T-shirt material, the ones I have received are unique and well made. The shirt in the April box was a complete delight because it had a V-neck, which isn't that common in T-shirts, especially in a subscription box! ). You could also receive jewelry, home decor, accessories, art and more, all delivered in a box that your cat will love to play with!

Here is a photo of the items I received in my April box, my FIRST one on the subscription! (I bought one other box recently and was hooked!)

The theme for April is "Neon Vibes" There is an adorable Neon Cat Umbrella, a Neon MEOW Shirt, a Neon Cat Zipper Pouch, for Roary "Rod the Lightning Catnip Toy" and the "Totally Tubular Neon Wand Toy". The darling kitty illustration was done by the featured cat lady artist: Melanie Schultz. I am beyond excited to be receiving my box monthly, there are different subscriptions available which you can check out by visiting Cat Lady Box.

The next items I ordered I discovered when I attended Cat Camp online approximately a week or so ago. 

How cute are these masks? I know, right?  The Catnip Dispensary has sooo many cute items on their site! There are toys for your kitty, (super clever ones!)  as well as the masks. (I didn't see the mask cord adjuster beads until this second and wish I had seen them before because my mask was super loose. I knotted the end of mine because I didn't know about the beads!) Check out my photo below, my eyes look completely crazed for some reason, but ignore that and focus on the mask! I wanted to look like Roary.

Ok, so I could never be as adorable as Roary, but you have to admit that mask ROCKS!!! All orders from their site ship within one to three days. I had a question when I first ordered and they responded in a timely manner.

The last item(s) I am just giving a shout out to, because I just met lovely Jacqueline yesterday in Zoom at CatCon online. I was drawn to the name of these unique cat scratchers called: "Scratchout Hate".  They are Cat Scratchers for Social Impact 



Scratch Out Covid?


Space Laser:

I hope to be featuring them in the near future, but you can learn more about them by visiting their website here   take advantage of the 20% off code listed above ***some may find the scratchers offensive and some, like me, did not. I am focusing on the positive message.

So there you have it, what a great way to celebrate National Cat Lady Day than by sharing these fantastic products with you! The vendors at CatCon Online were simply amazing,  be sure to check out Hauspanther and Triple T Studios (who have been featured on our blog in the past), who were vendors there as well!

Happy National Cat Lady Day to my fellow female cat lovers!! As for the guys, you will have to wait your turn!!! xoxo


  1. that is super sweet! and we love the illustrations by mrs. schultz... it is totally lovely ..

  2. Oooooooooo1 What pawsome goodies you get in the Cat Lady box!
    Mum likes the masks.
    Roary in the sink...MOL!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Looks like some fun stuff. Gramma has some cat masks as she is a cat lady. Roary is the cutest, tough, you are right!

  4. I've seen the contents of some Cat Lady boxes over the years and ALWAYS thought that the goodies contained therein were QUALITY products and also really FUN. Glad you won a subscription! I love the masks and art and EVERYTHING.

    Hugs, Pam

  5. CanCon sounds like a fun event for all our kitty loving friends. You founds some cool stuff there.

  6. Those are all lovely items, particularly the cat mask.

  7. I totally forgot about CatCon online! I would love to have watched the the segment "Being A Cat Lady in 2021" - the "crazy cat lady stereotype" unfortunately is still around as I can attest. Since I'm single with one cat I've started to be the target of some comments about being a "crazy cat lady". But I don't care. I'm a proud cat lady :)

  8. Awww, you're boy is such a photogenic cat. Love the cat mask.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week, Caren. Scritches to the boys. ♥

  9. Those are all cool cat items and I especially like the cat mask! Adorable pics of Roary too! Happy National Cat Lady Day to all!

  10. That mask on you is too adorable! 'Paw-fect!'

  11. Happy Cat Lady Day! Now our mom wants to go shopping!

  12. I was really bummed my human and I weren't able to do the CatCon online events - we had too much to do this weekend. :-(

  13. Those are awesome! Happy National Cat Lady Day.

  14. Those are all really fabulous items and you look terrific in your cat mask!

  15. Love all the goodies in the Cat Lady box!

  16. Love those scratchers. You scored with some really cool items. That mask is super cool and the nose and mouth are in the right place. We usually wait for Cat Lady Box to have past box items on sale to get our faves although the sales now aren't nearly as good as they were a few years back.

  17. What a great gift box for the cat lady, I especially love the masks. BTW - your eyes are beautiful!

    1. thank you!! They look crazed in that photo though, probably because I was trying to photograph myself lol!!

  18. Thank you for the mention, and belated Happy Cat Lady Day! CatLadyBox really is pawsome, and the masks are super cute too.'re a little doll!

  19. Happy Cat Lady Day. Love those masks. That Cat Lady Box looks quite interesting

  20. Wow, those were furbulous items!! I love that mask, and even before I red about it, I was thinking how much it made you look like your Roary! LOL!

    Cat Ladies Rule!!
    (esp the crazy ones!)

    Though the cat daddies are wonderful peeps, too...just saying!

  21. That looks like a great box. Do they have a cat man box?

  22. Cat Lady Box is always so awesome, and we love your cat mask, Caren!

  23. Well if that isn't an awesome load of loot I don't know what is! Dad says he lives with one crazy cat lady and one crazy lady cat. Whatever.

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  25. I've been subscribed to Cat Lady Box for 4 years. I've loved nearly every single box. They really do have good stuff!

  26. That Cat Lady box is fun!
    Our Mom liked the masks.
    Hopefully, next year she will catch it in time to celebrate it :)