Monday, May 13, 2019

Introducing the PetVibe Travel Portal! TRAVEL. SAVE MONEY. MAKE A DIFFERENCE

The PetVibe Foundation has taken a significant step in bringing together world-class pet rescue and animal welfare organizations to create a one-of-a-kind charitable program that supports animals in need while making a difference in the lives of the members. If you love helping animals and traveling, then this may be the program for you!

Everything from metropolitan humane societies to worldwide charitable foundations to help for the fallen military service members through service dogs has been combined into an ambitious and impressive roster of beneficiaries, and the best part is members need only book their next vacation through the PetVibe Travel program to make the magic happen! 
Here's how it works:
When a member books travel through the PetVibe Travel program, not only do they get below-market rates on flights, hotels (pet-friendly filter available) and car rentals, but a contribution is also generated to support one of the organization's partner pet charities. Members can choose to support their favorite organization or select the PetVibe Foundation itself and have their contributions evenly distributed to all the participating organizations. Thousands of hotel chains, airlines and car rental companies are already a part of this awesome program!

PetVibe Travel Members can save as much as 60%
 at hotels like the Westin or Marriott across North America 
while raising funds for animal welfare!

One needs to spend only a few minutes browsing social media, and especially the various video sites to see changing the lives of pets and the people who adopt them is an increasingly high priority throughout society. An encouraging development in the past five to ten years has been a renewed focus on the plight of shelter pets, rescue organizations and various not-for-profit initiatives established to care for animals in difficult circumstances. funds for animal welfare!

There can be no reasonable doubt that nearly everyone would do more to help if there were an easy and effective way to do so. Despite the fact most of our charitable initiatives have been streamlined to one degree or another, the pressures of everyday tasks and family commitments sometimes make it difficult to devote the necessary time to what all agree is a worthy cause. The power of PetVibe Travel is that members can raise funds for animal-welfare organizations without making any changes to their usual routines, it's as simple as booking your regular travel and the rest is taken care of. It takes only 1,000 people to book travel through PetVibe to generate as much as $70,000/year for their organization of choice!  PetVibe Travel is a real way to create long-term impact for the organizations that are working to help animals in need!

The organizations that can benefit from this new campaign are as varied as they are worthy. What better way to make a difference in the lives of pets and their future owners than to get yourself some time off and save money while contributing to a great cause? One hundred percent of all contributions go directly to help PetVibe's nonprofit partner organizations, and you'll be happy to know these organizations are among the world's best at helping where help is needed most.

Join us today, take a trip, enjoy the scenery and be secure in the knowledge you've changed a deserving animal's life.

To learn more, please visit
This program is free to participate in and includes 24/7 travel support. One hundred percent of the funds generated through this program go to the selected organization, PetVibe takes no fees.

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Get started free:

1.      Download the free PetVibe App from the App Store or Google Play 
2.      Click on the "Foundation" icon from the main App Menu
3.      Select the organization that you would like to support (Love them all? Select the PetVibe Foundation and we will distribute 100% of the generated funds equally)
4.      Start booking and saving!

FTC DISCLOSURE: we received no compensation for sharing this information. We thought it was interesting when we were contacted and will always share things of interest with our readers.


  1. That is a terrific idea and a clever way to raise fund for those in need!

  2. Raising fund the easy way. I like this.

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    Have a fabulous day and week, Caren. Scritches to the boys. ♥

  3. Wow, this sounds like a great way to help rescue pets!

  4. I usually say that I don't really go anywhere, but at least once a year, I travel somewhere with friends! I've already made my plans for this year (going away this week!), but I'll use this app in the future!

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  11. What a great idea! We'll be sure to check it out!

  12. what an amazing program!! I have travelled with a lot of cats (like when I brought Amarula back from South Africa to Canada) so this is wonderful to know about!

  13. What a wonderful idea, and with so many folks actively travelling these days it sounds a must do for travel plans for folks with pets, who can utilise the hotels etc that participate.

  14. I don't go anywhere, but if I did, I'd look into this. Maybe this would be a good way to encourage the housekeeper to take a travel break! - Tom x