Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Cat Offers 3 Tips On How To Avoid: Take Your Cat To The Vet Day #Cat2VetDay

FROM CAT CHAT WITH CAREN AND CODY: Portions of this post appeared in 2016 on Take Your Cat To The Vet Day. We liked it so much are so lazy, we wanted to repeat it this year with some modifications.  And...don't listen to Cody TOO MUCH. My husband and I are HUGE advocates for pet wellness visits and we make sure that we are not strangers at the Vet's office!! Since Cody is a senior kitty we have wellness visits TWICE a year and any other time we deem necessary. We are  blessed that we go to:

 DePorre Veterinary Hospital
here in Michigan
 which is a:

 (For a list of Cat Friendly Practices in YOUR area, click here)
Now that we made everyone feel better, read on and enjoy!!! Take it away Cody!!


Hi my furiends!!! It's Cody and as many of you already know, today is *******(Bring or Take) Your Cat to the (dreaded) Vet Day better known as Mom, Dad,  "Dr.Smiley" and his evil assistant get a good laugh day at MY expense!

******* (According to Days of the Year it is "Take Your Cat To The Vet Day",  is referring to it as "Bring Your Cat To the Vet Day" the message is the same!)

This photo is from a previous visit to Dr.Smiley's Evil Laboratory
Just for the record, Dr.Smiley and Gabby
are really NOT evil!!! 

Well, this is ONE CAT who is NOT going to the Vet today (Don't get nervous!! I AM going in September for my Wellness exam and my annual Rabies shot!!! )

Anyway kitties, if YOU want to avoid a trip to the Vet, let me tell you what I have done in the past to delay that dreaded trip! You can take these tips and apply them to your own house, or come up with better ones of your own!


One day I was minding my own business, resting on a chair during the dark and quiet wee hours of the morning trying to drown out the relentless droning of Big Brother After Dark that Mom is obsessed with. My PTU (Personal Transport Unit for those who haven't been blogging long), is always kept in the living room with BOTH doors open. I will often slink into it's cozy, furry, blanket padded depths to get some much needed slumber. That night/morning something unusual happened. The rotund one actually moved off of the couch and closed one of the doors on my PTU. I WAS ON HIGH ALERT!!!! KITTIES! THAT IS A WARNING!! THAT MEANS YOU ARE GOING TO THE VET AND THEY ARE LEAVING ONE DOOR OPEN AT THE TOP SO THEY CAN PUT THROW YOU INTO YOUR PTU AND LOCK YOU IN FOR WHAT FEELS LIKE FOREVER!!!!!! I was beginning to formulate a plan, but didn't want to act prematurely. I  decided to see what else would happen that was out of the ordinary, and if strange things continued, I would spring into action!!


Normally, every morning I am on the couch getting some  much-needed rest, (I am already fed because Dad gets up early to feed Sheltie boy and I while Mom snores away.) Mom usually says good morning to Sheltie Boy and then forgets that I exist. Well, that day, after her usual morning greeting, Mom walked over to me and started petting me and cooing. Then, I heard her start telling Dad, "I hope he stays there, this will be MUCH EASIER." ONCE AGAIN, I WAS ON HIGH ALERT!!!  "THIS WILL BE MUCH EASIER?" I KNEW WHAT THAT MEANT!!!! I strolled into the kitchen and figured if I showed Mom and Dad my ample belleh, (which they LOVE to pet), they would be so overcome with my adorableness that they would be distracted.

 More talk followed...Mom said "Oh no!! He's off of the couch! He will soon disappear and I won't find him!!" I WAS OUTTA THERE!!!!!


Find the MESSIEST closet or room in the house and GET THERE FAST!!!!!!

Observe the photo above. My hiding spot of choice is in the messy closet that is in Mom's our office, (that she never uses). That white closet door doesn't open properly for humans, which is PURRFECT for me! That pink PTU was Angel Bobo's, (why she got a pink PTU for a male cat is beyond me, but I digress....) and I love to sleep there. When I go there, I feel Angel Bobo's spirit, and I know that  I am SAFE! Mom can't fit her fat-filled arms into that tiny space to get me because the door on the PTU opens TOWARDS her. I can get in, but SHE CAN'T!!!

I waited til I heard Mom say, "I don't feel like, stressing Cody or myself out today, I can't reach him when he is in Bobo's carrier, it's much too hard.   I am going to reschedule his appointment. It's just a shot and it can wait." 


Once I heard Mom on the phone with Dr.Smiley's evil assistants saying something about "being stupid because she forgot to barricade the closet", and I heard something about  rescheduling, I waited til I noticed that  the chauffeur,  Dad,  had left to run errands. Once he was out of the house I knew I was safe!!!! That day Mom re-scheduled the appointment for the end of August, thankfully, TOTALLY forgetting that August 22nd is (Take or)  Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day! At about 8:30 am (which would have been more than enough time to stuff me into my PTU had Mom not already canceled the appointment), I   nonchalantly strolled out of the closet and went back....WHERE? Why the COUCH of course!!!


FROM THE MOM: While Cody DID successfully sabotage a trip to the Vet that day, he was by NO MEANS out of the woods! He ended up  going to the Vet at the end of that month!!! In our house we are firm believers in "wellness visits", (going to the Vet for check-ups when all is fine, and not waiting for an illness or a crisis to present itself), and keeping up with NECESSARY vaccines, (if applicable!)

Infographic courtesy of   Cat2VetDay

Wellness visits are important because they can often detect problems that could be cropping up. By catching a potential problem EARLY it can help avoid some costly vet bills! Preventative care is important for humans and it is equally as important for our cats (and dogs!!!) 

FROM CODY: Ok, so Dr.Smiley isn't really so bad, he is quite nice really, but I am not thrilled with being called overweight and getting poked, prodded and having a shot, even if I DO know how important it is. So kitties, what have YOU done to escape going to the Vet? Share YOUR tips because I can always use a few new ones!!

Oh and my FINAL tip for today?


Love, Cody


  1. Ugh, too late - I was whisked to the vet yesterday! I needed my annual check up and health screening for my therapy cat work. My human actually picks us up with no problem for vet visits. It's never been that difficult for her. Her dad's cat needs a little advance planning (my human readies the carrier the day before), but even she's not too hard.

  2. Lol wow Cody you are really good. You outsmarted Mom that day. Good tips. I hope your fellow peeps are taking notes. Even though you don't like going to the vet, happy to know mom makes sure to have your back with your health.

  3. This is so funny because we are all going in for our yearly vet visits this morning...the three of us dogs, and the two cats. Didn't even know it is the day to take cats!

  4. Great job Cody, at least for a while. Sister Zoe is going for a check up tomorrow so she will represent us!

  5. We love your tips, Cody! Our human used to be able to trick Nicki with treats in the carrier, but not anymore--he goes too often (anal glands, etc.) to be fooled anymore!

  6. Hahaha, Cody! You were perceptive, and you caught your humans out! The Hubby is the master of cat wrangling, and Da Boyz haven't been here long enough to read the lay of the land, as you did. Angel puts up quite a squawk, but she's tiny and easy to place into the PTU.

  7. Sam loves your advice. The poor girl is at a disadvantage though, since she doesn't see well, so can't see it coming. It does make things easier for the humans though! :)

  8. I can't explain it but us kitties don't mind climbing into the PTU. In fact, we sometimes fight for it. And it doesn't matter that there are two others. it's just that when there is a kitty occupying one, it means that one must be special so we want to get in THAT one, not the others. The only time the human had a problem was when the wrong kitty was in the PTU, and he needed to be persuaded with treats to get out so that they could 'load' the right kitty! MOL.
    Yes, we're weird!

    Cody, I love your photo with the evil (not so evil) Dr Smiley and Gabby heh heh

  9. Great tips, but too late for us : Claire celebrated an early Take Your Cat To The Vet Day two weeks ago ! Purrs

  10. Great tips Cody, you are clever.XO

  11. I remember those vet visits. It was a production. How did they know it was time to go when I hadn't even gotten the carrier down. They understand everything I say that's what.

    Fund post, Cody.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥♥♥

  12. Those tips are great, Cody!
    Hehe...we are impressed that your Mom had to reschedule your visit.

  13. i love the tip about hiding in the messiest closet! Never works for Amarula but she keeps trying!!

  14. Thanks for those tips, Cody. We’re so soon as we see the mom put her shoes matter where she is going....we run!

  15. We believe in wellness visits, too. But I'll pass these tips long to the cats, which I'm sure they'll put to good use.

  16. Nice job, Cody! Although it sounds like you just delayed the inevitable. We're glad your awesome mom and dad are so diligent about making sure you have regular wellness checks. It's super important, and they do it because they love you so much. :)

  17. Good work, Cody. But what happens if, after you have taken refuge in Angel Bobo's PTU, she just shuts you in there and takes you to the evil v-e-t?

    1. That is a nice idea in theory but I KNOW that Mom would NEVER, EVER do that. She has never done a thing with Angel Bobo's PTU since the day he went to the Bridge. That is something Mom will not use for me. I found it on my own. Love, Cody

  18. Cody, why is your vet trying to strangle you?
    I've had too many vet visits this year and the other day when I thought Mom was going to take me to the vet, I ran and hid under the bed. She was only trying to pet me goodbye before running errands. She's going to have to be more stealthy next month when I go for my checkup.

    1. MOL he isn't strangling me! Awww poor baby, I hope you don't have any more visits for quite some time!

  19. I'm glad we both have humans that care about our well being and make us a priority in their lives. I managed to avoid going to the V-E-T on 'Take Your Cat to the Vet Day' just, 'cause Mom has plans to take me in for my checkup and teeth cleaning in September. I go in every 6 months to get my teeth cleaned. Thankfully, I've had fewer trips to the V-E-T than in previous years. One year I counted on my toes the 8+ times I had to go in that year! EEK!